The interpretation of my dream


The concept of my work has not been changed and is still exploring and elaborating dreams. According to my previous research, the psychologist Cain (2013) mentioned that there is no clear boundary between dreams and reality. However, at the end of the term, when I looked back to the work, I made constant changes to the artistic performance practices and details. Though the creation of my work, I did several experiments on how to present my dreams. I started with simple illustration using software combination and then I started to explore some materials and media,which might bring new inspiration of grain such as, I tried to explore different textures brought by some new materials as well as enriched and strengthened the connotation of the work itself. I tried to carve pictures on cardboard, both positive and negative sides, and draw with paint spraying instead of paintings using this...

Headshots, Locations and Let’s Plays


I’m very guilty (as many of us are) of becoming stagnant and lazy over breaks. I think that one of the most important things we can do as creatives is to keep making things. The only way I’ve learned anything is by completing work. It doesn’t have to be the best. I think that, for me, it is simply a matter of making things consistently. I worked on a number of projects over winter break, using a Blackmagic Pocket, some Zeiss lenses and a Shure mic. 1) BTS for location scouting I’m currently in pre-production for a short film and I visited a few locations (Catholic cathedrals, apartments, coffee shops) with my crew. I took some b-roll of our trip, both because we can use it later and because I wanted some good footage to practice color correcting. 2) Helping out some friends I helped set up and light portrait stills for a friend who needed headshots for Theater....

Talking Heads: Two Men, A Missing Woman, A Town and a Movie


A young woman is missing. Correction: A woman is missing. She’s been missing for an undetermined amount of time. Two filmmakers and their small crew visit a small Appalachian town to document her disappearance. Or so they claim. They interview several of the town folk, who knew the missing woman. They are no closer to the truth, when strange things begin to happen. The movie ends. Talking Heads: Two Men, A Missing Woman, A Town and A Movie is a mockumentary about a documentary or a documentary about a mockumentary. There and thereabouts.. This unscripted, improvised, horrifying, comedic take on the true crime genre, film making, small towns, the movie Jaws, and pretty much everything in between is not written or directed by Vinay Choudary. It was filmed over the winter break in December 2015 in Athens, Ohio, by by John Kerfoot, Wenting Deng and Kramer Ditty. It features two very...

Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools (MAGS) Excellence in Teaching Award Nomination Video


I am a doctoral student in Interdisciplinary Arts at Ohio University and my department has nominated me for the Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools (MAGS) Excellence in Teaching Award. As part of my portfolio submission I am required to create a teaching video of myself in action. These stills are from the video that was shot on Wednesday, December 2, 2015 during a final examination review for the class I teach, which is Interdisciplinary Arts 1180: Objects and Events. For this project, I borrowed two Panasonic AG-AF100 cameras and two Manfrotto tripods and enlisted the help of my friend, who also happens to be an excellent videographer.      

A Space to Call My Own


My recent work tends to focus on the anxieties and uncomfortability of space with regard to both architecture and to other bodies. “A Space to Call My Own” served as an exploration into the physicality my own personal space. This piece, shown in the second year graduate student exhibition earlier this fall, existed as a video of the sculpture’s creation, and the finished sculpture itself. The hour long video was meant to show myself measuring the structure in comparison to my own body; the physical space surrounding myself that I could actually reach. From there, I began to thread a webbing around the structure, guiding the web around my personal space within that structure; a barrier of the space that other people could contain before I became uncomfortable. The video played alongside the actual completed, webbed structure. Viewers could then walk into the webbing and...

Little Mermaid Redux


This project is a reinterpretation of the song “Part of Your World” as performed by the character Ariel in Disney’s 1989 film, The Little Mermaid. Working with Brian MacNeel, a first year film graduate student, along with Daniel Manion, a print and film undergraduate student, we filmed these videos of a staged recitation of the lyrics from the song. Using costumes that I fabricated and the setting of my rental house here in Athens, Brian and Daniel helped me to capture a sense that this character(s) were engaged in a type of interview within a domestic setting. These video experimentations relate to themes of childhood, remembrance, and longing for what becomes lost as a person grows older- all subjects that remain present in my sculptural work. One or both of these videos will be present in my upcoming thesis exhibition, titled ‘Object Permanence’ and...

Thinking Through

By Jena Seiler

On November 21st, I had a show at Louise O’Rourke’s gallery Kitchen Table in Philadelphia. The show title was “Thinking Through” and was compilation of artworks. To differing degrees all of the works dealt with our engagement with media, media conceptualized broadly, and the limits of media in capturing a place, a moment, or a process. With the help of the CREATE_space I was able to print one of the largest pieces of the show. I also borrowed crucial video and audio equipment from the CREATE_space, without which I would not have been able to realized specific artworks. The following images are documentations of the show and were taking by gallery owner Louise O’Rourke.            

Summer Stock Audition Submission


As a professional actor I have recently returned to Ohio University to pursue my MFA. I am hoping to spend these three years enhancing skill sets, broadening my experience across multiple performance mediums, and expand my possibilities for work after grad-school! While being in classes for nine months of the year, we’re looking for ways to find work in the summer months, and in Athens, OH are a bit removed from the large hiring markets of Chicago and New York. As such, technology now allows for submission videos to be sent in lieu of an initial audition, and that is what I worked on the end of October to send to summer stock hiring companies. I recorded three monologues and one song in Kantner 306, using camera and speaker equipment from The Create Space. It was higher quality audio and video than I otherwise had access to, and allowed me to play accompaniment tracks from my...

Food For Thought


In order to continue my work of social engagement and conversation through food, I set up a table outside United Campus Ministry and literally offered food for thought. It is an interesting mix of people who walk on that streets, many students but also community members. My question was simple: “What are some words of wisdom we can live our lives by?” Asking for advice this way led to surprising results. Many people were serious and personal, while others offered common truisms. However everyone took the question seriously and gave their best answer. I was glad not only to collect the responses, but also to give them a space to have their voices heard. “Don’t follow leaders, watch your parking meters.” -Pat McGee      


By Sula Medovoy

For my Graphic Design thesis, I am imagining and branding an eatery titled “Goat&Bee” which specializes in fresh appetizers and small plates, including local goat cheeses and honey. As part of the branding effort, I will be creating two high definition abstract food-as-landscape movies, shot in macro, to play in a loop as part of the presentation. I used a Canon EF 100mm Lens to shoot some initial tests.  

Video Compositing Experiments


Recently, I have been interested in the possibilities Green Screen technology can provide.  When on a wall, a green screen becomes a surface that you get rid of or replace immediately upon editing the footage.  Keying out a green screen isolates objects in space and removes their context.  This allows the editor to reimagine their visual environment.  My research began when that green screen was placed on a human (with a green screen suit).  Interesting things happen!  First, I found that the green screen cuts a hole into the environment (attached photo, the person in white and black).  We can peak into a different world through the movement of the figure across the visual plane (like a moving keyhole revealing a new space behind a door). The project immediately pushed through this ‘hole in the wall’ analogy into the imaginative space behind the door.  This required...

Using Flying Camera and Genie Syrp

By Hà Kin

For my second year movie project. I have this idea of having the movie title coming out from a shot which is filmed from the flying camera. The story is taken in the late winter. Jack, the main character has a very depressing job. He starts his day by driving his car on a road where everything looks cold and dead. I wanted a wide image of the whole winter scenery with his lonely car winding through. The best way to shoot this scene would be from a flying camera. Since I have no license to fly the camera, I had Nathan from the Create Space to help out. The day was so windy and it was cold. We were worried earlier about the weather, if it is too cold, the battery may die out quickly and if it is too windy it will be very difficult and even dangerous for the camera to fly. Also, in order to perform the flying camera (besides the licenses, we must ask for permission from the city to shoot...

Bloomberg Trading Room


The school of Business has many resources to offer students. We wanted to make a video to display how the trading room effects students in a positive manner. We have interviews from many students telling why and how the trading room has helped with their studies. The dean of students also speaks out to show his appreciation. The goal of this video is to produce a compelling video (approx. 3 minutes) that tells the story of Ohio University’s passion to have a trading lab on campus. The trading room will enrich Ohio University’s College of Business as it strives to be ranked among the top 25 public business schools in the country. The facility will provide students with a classroom experience that will allow them to engage in a more project-based curriculum and to graduate more career ready.        

Getting Better

By Julia Leiby

I made a video for my Capstone Class, which is the final photojournalism class that seniors take. The video is about mental illness in college-age people, and my two subjects both live in Athens, OH. My first subject was Dylan Barnes-Trout, a 24-year-old man who has schizophrenia and was diagnosed in 2011. I used a zoom microphone, and a tripod to interview Dylan about his experiences with the illness, for example his lowest points and how he copes. He is a musician who plays primarily heavy metal and I filmed him in the studio, playing music with friends, and playing music at home. I also focused on Haley Shaw, a 5th year student at OU, and interviewed her about her struggles with anxiety and her experiences receiving help for that. I filmed her at home with her roommate Kat and at the Music and Dance Library in Glidden where she works.      

Duck Video


I created a floatable sculpture cast in urethane resin. The sculpture was taken on an adventure, floating down rivers, chasing migratory geese, and waterskiing behind a canoe. The single channel video reveals a visual narrative- simultaneously absurd, poetic, and ambiguous. In this work I am using a culturally bound version of animal imagery as a stand in for the human condition as we sometimes float, hit bumps, or dragged in the rain. I use cultural and autobiographical imagery that seeks access to a collective knowledge.      

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