Using Flying Camera and Genie Syrp

By Hà Kin

For my second year movie project. I have this idea of having the movie title coming out from a shot which is filmed from the flying camera. The story is taken in the late winter. Jack, the main character has a very depressing job. He starts his day by driving his car on a road where everything looks cold and dead. I wanted a wide image of the whole winter scenery with his lonely car winding through. The best way to shoot this scene would be from a flying camera. Since I have no license to fly the camera, I had Nathan from the Create Space to help out. The day was so windy and it was cold. We were worried earlier about the weather, if it is too cold, the battery may die out quickly and if it is too windy it will be very difficult and even dangerous for the camera to fly. Also, in order to perform the flying camera (besides the licenses, we must ask for permission from the city to shoot...

Bloomberg Trading Room


The school of Business has many resources to offer students. We wanted to make a video to display how the trading room effects students in a positive manner. We have interviews from many students telling why and how the trading room has helped with their studies. The dean of students also speaks out to show his appreciation. The goal of this video is to produce a compelling video (approx. 3 minutes) that tells the story of Ohio University’s passion to have a trading lab on campus. The trading room will enrich Ohio University’s College of Business as it strives to be ranked among the top 25 public business schools in the country. The facility will provide students with a classroom experience that will allow them to engage in a more project-based curriculum and to graduate more career ready.        

Getting Better

By Julia Leiby

I made a video for my Capstone Class, which is the final photojournalism class that seniors take. The video is about mental illness in college-age people, and my two subjects both live in Athens, OH. My first subject was Dylan Barnes-Trout, a 24-year-old man who has schizophrenia and was diagnosed in 2011. I used a zoom microphone, and a tripod to interview Dylan about his experiences with the illness, for example his lowest points and how he copes. He is a musician who plays primarily heavy metal and I filmed him in the studio, playing music with friends, and playing music at home. I also focused on Haley Shaw, a 5th year student at OU, and interviewed her about her struggles with anxiety and her experiences receiving help for that. I filmed her at home with her roommate Kat and at the Music and Dance Library in Glidden where she works.      

Duck Video


I created a floatable sculpture cast in urethane resin. The sculpture was taken on an adventure, floating down rivers, chasing migratory geese, and waterskiing behind a canoe. The single channel video reveals a visual narrative- simultaneously absurd, poetic, and ambiguous. In this work I am using a culturally bound version of animal imagery as a stand in for the human condition as we sometimes float, hit bumps, or dragged in the rain. I use cultural and autobiographical imagery that seeks access to a collective knowledge.      



Baggage is the first step in the development of my thesis exhibition scheduled for late Spring. For the last two years, I have been exploring the idea of the existence of an “authentic” black male experience. That is to say, what truly makes an African-American male, a man under today’s social codes. Through my research and study of the topic, I have found evidence to suggest that the criminalization and “othering” of African Americans, specifically young boys, can start as early as age 5-7. This coincides with the time that children begin to regularly attend school (kindergarten, first grade); coupled with other evidence that suggest the existence of the School-to-Prison Pipeline, the work seeks to plainly show the struggles of African American male youth in a system that not only cripples them, but also blames them for their second class status. As part...

A2Z Productions


As a media student I’ve always had the dream to create and run my own television show. That is really hard to do when you’re a poor college student who can’t afford proper equipment or even a decent camera. However, thanks to the Create Space we were able to get high quality equipment. I teamed up with my friend, Abdalah, and we created a web series called “From A to Z: With Abdalah and Zak”. We don’t want to just produce comedic skits or reviews, we want to dip our toe in everything, from A-Z. With all the proper equipment the only thing that stood in our way was our imagination. There’s definitely a learning curve and I’m learning a lot. In previous classes, I was never allowed to do anything; the experienced people did what they were best at. The person who has been capturing audio for 3 years captured audio, and the person who set up camera shots since middle school set up camera...

Splat: A Video Compositing Nightmare


I am a senior HTC Film Student working on a thesis film. The story revolves around a mutant Puddle Person that has crashed to Earth. The project requires a lot of video compositing, an area that proves me to be an amateur. As a test, I used the Black Magic Pocket Camera to record my friend’s facial expressions and some boiling textures. Here is a video of the preliminary results!      



Starbound is a sci-fi drama that follows the life of Rick Riley through flashbacks to explain why he’s sitting on the surface of the moon watching the smoldering remains of planet earth and just how he became the last human being. More specifically we see his relationship with Sarah, the girl he fell in love with. Through all the pain and despair of being the last human and losing everything the human condition endures and makes Rick and stronger person. Starbound is basically your not so average love story in space. Our project has been a long time in the making. We began pre-production in April of 2015 when I was brought in as the producer with the sole purpose of budgeting and planning a very ambitious student film at the absolute cheapest without sacrificing any of the quality. It was quite a tall order. I spent my summer researching locations, talent, and equipment and...

Advanced Cinema Camera Demonstration


As a TA of MDIA 4904: Lighting for Film and Video, I was asked by Professor Brian Plow to put a lecture together on cameras. In this class, we teach students the ins and outs of lighting a scene – how to use lighting not only technically but as an emotional tool. While a large part of our job is to set up lighting situations, we also need to understand how that light is being recorded and what is happening to it. That’s why it is imperative for us to understand cameras in a very in-depth sense. The class gathered in RTV’s Studio C, where I asked the students to set up a portrait situation with three lights and one subject sitting in a chair. In front of them sat 3 different cameras: a Canon Rebel t3i, a Blackmagic Cinema Camera and a Blackmagic Pocket Camera. Most students shoot on a Canon t* series DSLR. They’re affordable, extremely versatile and a good...

Water Witch music video


Using the GoPro Hero 3, Velbon Tripod, Davis & Stanford Steady Stick, Lumix 14-140 Lens, and Blackmagic Pocket Camera, I am filming a music video to the song ‘White Noise’ by the band Water Witches. The video is the story of how the cult Water Witches was born, starting with the band hatching out of mystical eggs. We begin with a witch in the woods casting a spell. Her spell beckons avian goddess’s, who dance around two giant eggs to psychically hatch them. There, the band hatches from the eggs cover in ectoplasmic goo and yolk. After being cleaned by the avian goddess’s the band begins their spiritual journey into the woods where they gain a cult following. They hypnotize a group of white robe wearing freaks, with their melodic tunes and intense visuals. Below is a few pictures of the beginning of the giant egg, costume ideas, and visual inspiration.  ...

Total Limbo


Collective Springboard (Danny Crump, Sarah Dalhinger, Micah Snyder, and Steph Wadman) bounce back from their day jobs as serious artists. They do so by creating collaborative and improvisational art, with a sharp eye for rando stuff salvaged from the appalachian landscape. In a full scale transformation of the Dairy Barn Art Center, Total Limbo imagines a space between worlds. Participants are immersed in audio, visual and physical dreamscape, including a modernist gridlock maze, a soft environment, a spaceship, and a strobe light fueled infinity room. Alongside the installation was a triple channel video projection, a shifting audio soundscape, and interactive sculptures such as a human slingshot, and a teepee made from plastic shopping bags. Participants choose their own path, level of engagement, and are encouraged to connect with their own liminal space of discovery. In the spirit...

ISU’s Space Humanities Project – The lost Astronaut


This short video was submitted as a final project of the International Space University Space Studies Program 2015 Space Humanities Department. (ISU SSP15 HUM) Held at Ohio University in Athens. The project aim was to create a short space movie to engage the public. We effectively had 3 days for shooting and post production editing. (While being busy with other activities as well) The story tells the adventures of a lost astronaut who crashes near Athens, Ohio and tries to connect with society again (and to find a way back to Houston) We filmed on a Saturday mostly in Athens and engaged the public with our (somewhat cheesy) astronaut. Crew: Minkang Chen, Ryan Clement & Reinhard Tlustos    ...

The Retiree


This film was working with a budget of about $5,000. It was raised through an IndieGoGo campaign as well as a letter writing campaign to friends and family. Using the Create Space saved us about $1,000 in camera equipment rentals, as we were able to get lenses, LED lights, and a mattebox all through this resource. We had to rent a wider lens for one weekend which we could not get through the Create Space, which totaled to around $100 for a 3 day rental.        

The Ticklemonster Battle in the Sky VS. Duane “The Committee Chair” McDiarmid

By Broooks Wenzel

“First he had to face his arch nemesis, Clowny, on land and in the sky. Now he’s going after his makers. And it ain’t gonna tickle.” The Ticklemonster is calling out his adult male role models in a no gravity barred brawl in the sky. Wielding horse heads on-a-stick he will unleash a lashing worthy of the depths of a well fostered imagination. This is a very serious and masculine challenge to those who shaped his development. Whatever, he can totally beat them up. The results will be useful and definitive as The Ticklemonster conquers the law of gravity, and shows his mentors who the bigger man is. Video documentation to follow… Special thanks to collaborators: Duane McDiarmid Daniel King Michael Rutushin LJ The Bell Ringer The Dairy Barn Art Center Lydia McDonald Shane West      ...

Transcribing Light & Motion


How do we recognize the reality of physical phenomena that we cannot touch? Light and motion are two such experiences, elusive in our understanding of them. The following project is a twofold creative examination of physical concepts. The first component concerns motion: how does our motion through physical spaces hold continued presence, even after the motion has passed? Why are certain motions repeated by certain people to create unique patterns of action? How do our bodies relate to nature and physical phenomena? To address these questions, I created a video of myself dancing, one of my favorite types of motion, past 3 lines. The lines follow one after the other, related by the golden ratio. This relationship was chosen because of its mysterious connection to repetition in nature. I recorded each part of my body as it passed a line. Obviously the motions of my body differed each...

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