How can we discern the exact point in time during which one moment transitions into the next? The philosopher Zeno of Elea developed four paradoxes querying the contradictory nature of space and time. If one moment can be broken down infinitely, how is transition possible? This is Zeno at its core: straddling the boundary between motion and stillness, between existence and nonexistence. Zeno combines an inaccessible, large-scale world with its microscopic counterpart, available solely through the representation of a past moment. Although the viewer’s visual access to the objects is limited he or she can nevertheless change how they are seen simply by observing them. By referencing the human body in this interaction, Zeno asks, “How does the act of observation change how we view ourselves and others?”          ...

Quidditch World Cup


I am a proud member of the OU Quidditch team and last fall we qualified in regionals to travel to Columbia, South Carolina in April for the US Quidditch Cup. Since it was the first year that we were able to qualify on our own, and because I thought it would be fun, I decided to document our trip by bringing down a few cameras. As I only owned one DSLR, I turned to CREATE_space for another camera as well as a tripod that could steady some of the video. I captured over 75 min of footage including the trip down, a few of our games and our interactions off field. I will be happy to share once it’s been completed!        



As part of The Game Show, which ran from February 26th to April 9th, at EASE gallery in Columbus, Ohio, writers Kristin Distel and Wendy McVicker, visual artist Melissa Neiderhiser, and myself created a multimedia installation. The piece entitled “weathered-world” was a collaborative exploration into the division between air and ground. Bringing together video, writing, and textile we sought to explore a layered sense of being in the world.        


By Raymond Perez

As a young black man, growing up in a predominantly white suburb, I was immersed in an environment that exposed racial bias and discrimination on a personal and communal level. Fruition is a body of work made up of sculpture, installation, and time-based media that documents the “post racial” world around me; as a way to get a better understanding of a culture that I am apart of, but was not raised in. At the same time, the work speaks to something larger, calling for societal reflection as a whole. Using the reference of a school setting, this work is a reflection of the way education shaped my perceptions of race. The American educational system serves as an institution where our children are taught of their history and core values that shapes their path to adulthood; they also function as ground zero for the stereotyping of African-American men as troublemakers, criminals and thugs....

Narcissus Now


This semester I used CREATE_space equipment to produce and exhibit several short video art pieces. I recorded myself (with the help of a friend) outdoors with a Panasonic video camera from the lab and used iMovie to edit the footage together. The project works in tandem with my paintings, which have recently involved simulating digital inversion, and using those inverted colors to spark a discussion on the myth of Narcissus (and Narcissism) and the nature of Classical painting. Video is like a modern art form, and it’s much more accessible than painting to most people. Working in both mediums has allowed me to experiment with my own artistic style, which is incredibly important. I presented all of these projects at the Student Expo, where I used tablets and a project from the CREATE_space to bring my creations to life!        ...

Grace Anatomy


I wanted to showcase the delicate, floating, and graceful movement of ballet and the momentum of gymnastics. It goes from physical, the dancers and gymnasts performing, to digital, the video clips, to physical once more, the flip book. To achieve this, I took the video clips and took several consecutive freeze frames throughout the performance and saved them as jpeg files. I marked where each freeze frame was taken on the clip. Using Photoshop, I edited the jpegs to png files by editing out the background leaving the person’s figure behind. I inserted each png file onto the video clips in order of appearance lessening the opacity. By adding a dissolving transition to each png file, they fade away creating the illusion of leaving a trace of the image behind briefly. For the flip book I took the png files and converted them to pdf files and had them spiral bound and printed at Minuteman...

Second Shift


Second Shift is an exploration into the idea of sustainable innovation through the use and subversion of preexisting materials. These types of materials were used to invent a solution to the time-consuming, analogue technique of stippling. Inspired by homemade tattoo machines, the resulting machine was jerry-rigged using various secondhand components such as a marker tube, roofing nails, and a tablespoon. This machine was then integrated into the development of a large-scale, ink illustration. The values reflected in the illustration stem from concerns regarding environmental exploitation that results from Man’s constant harvesting and manufacturing of new materials and resources. The use of this machine in the illustration is merely one example of how the repurposing of preexisting materials can benefit the development toward a more sustainable future. My research was recorded and...

Cooling Tower

By Jena Seiler

On March 16th, 2016 our Sensory Ethnography class visited the Gavin Power Plant in Southeast Ohio. The plant was shut down due to low demand, this provided a rare opportunity to go into the cooling tower. The following tiny film was created in collaboration with Tijah Bumgarner. The footage was captured using Tijah iPhone and a phone lens, that we borrowed from the CREATE_space.        

Cake Video Shoot


During spring break, the production crew of Cake Inc. attempted to create a short video based on popcorn selling brothers in the late 1800’s. Through this, we found out the importance of location planning and other pre-production necessities. Because it was spring break, there weren’t a lot of people on main campus, so we were able to shoot there. We used the 35mm lens from the Create Space in order to enhance our video, discovering the flexibility a lens with that focal length provides.        



The idea for the ciuals stemmed from interviews set between a few classmates and I. After a series of questions the overarching theme that seemed to continually resurface was the feeling of relief. As a part of a larger series I decided to shoot the process I go through seeking this sense of relief, in the literal term. I was able to experiment here and there with the black magic pocket camera prior to my interviews so once the idea came about I knew it would allow me to get the shots and look the video needed to successfully represent the feeling I wanted to portray.        

The Creative Process


Three directors and a cinematographer. All at different points in our lives, a recent graduate of film school, a graduate student in Mathematics, a barista and nighttime writer/director, and a hospital clerk working noon to eight each day. The connective tissue between us was our undergraduate alma mater and a desire to make films. We all have different styles, different tastes, and different aesthetics, but we wanted to see where this led us. We found the time during Spring break of 2016 to bunker in to a two-floor apartment in Pittsburgh with the hopes of making a documentary and a narrative film. Going into the project, we only discussed technical aspects, such as lighting, room arrangement, sleeping arrangements and schedules. We didn’t want any preproduction, because we wanted to document our creative process. In our modern age, where post-graduate creative life has to occur...

Goat&Bee, videography

By Sula Medovoy

I am currently imagining and branding an eatery titled “Goat&Bee” which specializes in fresh appetizers and small plates, utilizing local goat cheeses and honey. As part of the branding effort, there will be two food-as-landscape movies. I used a Canon EF 100mm Lens to film a knife spreading around a healthy amount of soft goat cheese, creating pillowy and cloud-like landscapes that will serve as a backdrop for looping animations of one of the “mascots” of this eatery, the goat.          

The New Moon Party (Short film)


The New Moon Party is a short film adapted from T.C. Boyle’s short story of the same name. The story is a satire about a man named George who runs for president under a campaign that promises to build an artificial moon in the sky. Eventually, George wins the American presidency and begins the process of building the satellite in the sky. With public support, his goal is accomplished and the new moon is revealed to the world. However, the people reject the constructed moon because of its bright, pervasive glow. In response to the chaos, the moon is destroyed and George is left feeling deflated as he ends his term having had no impact on the world. Our production is part of MDIA: 4719, a class that produces and shoots a film over the course of a school year. Last weekend, we began principal photography by filming an outside scene in Logan, Ohio. This is a climatic scene where...

Thesis show research


I used a Jambox speaker and media player to research and troubleshoot how to best present two videos and one audio file during my thesis exhibition March 8-12th, 2016 in the 5th Floor Seigfred Gallery. I am attempting to display a video on an old Sanyo tube television, presumably from the early 2000s. As evidenced by the attached video footage, I am having some trouble with the formatting between the media player and the television- something I need to work out in the next few weeks. The Jambox will play a file of a mourning dove call in the part of my exhibition (titled Belonging of Objects) that represents a backyard scene from my childhood, particularly my grandparents’ backyard on the south side of Chicago. Through this trial, I know I need to do quite a bit of work still with the display of these audio and video pieces. Until next time…    ...

Night Turkey- Short Film


During Fall 2016, my production company and I looked to further expand our filmmaking knowledge by taking on our longest project to this date, a 15 minute Thanksgiving themed comedy piece entitled “Night Turkey.” This project was a 20 page script that I wrote and directed and served as an homage to my favorite director Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Hot Fuzz). The equipment we utilized was the Black Magic Cinema Camera, Elation TV 2000 LED Lights, Zeis Lenses, Mafroto Tripod, and their editing facilities. This was my first experience utilizing the Black Magic Cinema Camera and was good experience shooting with a camera that shot so flat. This called for more care and time to be put in post production, but allowed for a beautiful 4K picture quality. The LED lights utilized were also unique as they had warmness/harshness settings and a dimmer,...

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