Spitting Image

By on Apr 23, 2014

Liz Conway’s solo work, “Spitting Image”, fuses live and video dance. Yielding to the containment of her 8’ by 8’ square, her subtle yet decisive movements show a juxtaposed relationship between the real and virtual images. Through these accessible limitations she creates a cohesive exploration of an alternate universe.      

Haffa’s Records

By on Apr 16, 2014

Haffa’s is an ongoing short documentary film project about Haffa’s Records in Athens. I have been filming the store on various days since November and the project is nearly finished. My process was originally to go into the store and record anything that I could, intending to shape the film in the edit. As I began to edit each day’s footage, I began to notice patterns in the types of images I was interested in recording. These first few days in the store yielded little in terms of interesting footage, but contributed a blueprint for how I wanted to shape the rest of the project. The project focuses on the specific aspects of the store that define the space, from the building’s structural idiosyncrasies to the store’s customers and employees. Through postproduction, the aim of the finished film will be to shape individual details of the record store into a...

Sidekick and Genre Blending with Fantasy

By on Apr 14, 2014

I’ve been spending the year working on a short film titled Sidekick and an accompanying paper exploring genre blending and fantasy films. I wrote about Sidekick earlier this year here on the site. When I first started exploring the fantasy film genre it seemed so restrictive. Audiences have so many ideas about what a fantasy film should be. However what I’ve discovered that to deliver on the fantasy film promise a filmmaker only has to incorporate magic, creatures, make-believe, or supernatural events. Once the filmmaker incorporates one of those elements the filmmaker can then go anywhere and do anything with the story from there. This makes fantasy one of the most flexible film genres allowing other genres to easily play into the story.  

Graduate Candidacy Review Presentation

By on Apr 14, 2014

Recently I had and passed my Candidacy Review which allows me to continue in the program. The review consisted of me presenting work that I have done since being at OU. The images attached is a few of the images that I presented. The presentation as well gave me an opportunity for me to inform my review committee how I have developed my concepts and the kind of research I have done to this point. Also attached is an audio recording that is part of the Babel of Roselawn & Reading – second video of the Babel series.  ...

Babel of Roselawn & Reading

By Ryan Davis on Apr 14, 2014

Babel of Roselawn & Reading is my second video of the Babel series. My agenda with these videos is to create a space visually and sonically that breaks down the social constructs of identity built around what is exceptional and what is not as well to establish the notion that exceptionality is based in the basic nature of existing.

Spatial Topologies

By Astrid Kaemmerling on Apr 3, 2014

Our show at The Majestic Galleries Spatial Topologies, was a collaborative exhibition bringing together four multi-disciplinary artists. Brian Harnetty, a sound artist from Ohio, Astrid Kaemmerling, a painter and installation artist from North Rhine Westfalia, Germany, Josh Ottum, a musician from California, and Jena Seiler, a video artist from New Mexico. What brought us together is our particular interest in collaborative interdisciplinary activity. With emphases on process and site-specific renderings, we aimed to explore (de)generative characteristics of spatial experience(s). Viewers were invited to immerse themselves in our production and exploration of place. The experiments manifested themselves in visual depictions of urban intersections, aural documentation of the area, and physical transformations of the gallery space itself.

8080 – BFA Thesis Exhibition

By Drew Michael on Apr 1, 2014

“The first video games consisted of a joystick and one or two buttons. They created a competitive frenzy to achieve the highest score, and immersed the player in a virtual world filled with colored pixels. The games emerged from huge machines in local arcades and had no 3-Dimensional graphics. Now these games that are more complex and colorful, can fit into our pockets traveling wherever we go.” This piece was created to show the evolution in technology. I reanimated old video games and projected them over wood burnings of abstract circuit boards. These burnings were cut to match the screen sizes of modern portable devices, i.e. phones, tablets, and laptops. The video games were animated so they seem like they are playing by themselves and do not make mistakes. I feel that this gives the viewer a strange feeling because they might want to be able to control them and make different...

The Water Skater

By Ian Campbell on Mar 31, 2014

The Water Skater is a short film inspired by Howard Mallison, my grandma’s uncle. The original footage was shot on Super 8, transferred to digital video, and then edited at the Create Space. It will be playing at the Athens International Film and Video Festival on Sunday, April 13, 3pm (in “Memory Games”). A sneak peek is available here, and on vimeo:     All I had to go on when reconstructing the life of Uncle Howard were the biographical fragments passed on by my grandma (in her inimitably elliptical storytelling style), a few photographs, and a bayonet Howard brought back from World War 1. This bayonet, which weaves its way through the film, is a relic: an object dislocated from its original traumatic context. In The Water Skater history is inaccessible but ever present. As the film slowly wraps itself around the take-up reel of the projector, there is the sense that...

Architecture Embodies – The Meet and Greet

By on Mar 26, 2014

The environment around us shapes us, just as we shape it. We are not given a blank slate on which to build our houses, cities, and communities. Much is beyond our control. Often our own needs and desires conflict with those of other people and compete with one another. This constitutes an imperfect landscape on which to build, a foundation to which we adapt in order to build off of. When I first arrived in Athens, I was struck by the cobbled together aesthetic of much of its architecture. These structures and the necessities that shaped them express a kind of poetry, for if you take the time to read them, buildings tell stories. I am particularly interested in the ways in which the built environment reflects those moments where needs, resources, and circumstances merge into tactics. The traces left by these moments are inscribed on the physical landscape as well as our individual and...


By on Mar 24, 2014

For Binge, my goal was to bring attention to the rise in alcoholism among Hispanic Americans in the United States over the last two decades. I implemented the use of projection to alter the appearance of a small space and over stimulate the view with statistical data and, in contrast, video of actual inebriated Hispanic people. This juxtaposition of concrete statistics and personal experiences elevated the sense of over stimulation and put the information into a digestible context. My goals are to continue expanding on these ideas and present my work on a national level and bring this issue to the forefront of mainstream America.

The Residue of Everyday Action (working Title)

By on Mar 21, 2014

By using processes that reference various tasks necessary for the upkeep of a home, and materials used in the structure of a home, my work addresses the binary within social and familial expectations. This stop motion video is part of a larger body of work that examines the ways in which the surfaces in homes are affected by our daily lives, and our memories and experiences leave their mark. Drywall is cut down to fit a wall that will never exist, and then painted and stained, washed and repainted so a history constructed by the artist becomes apparent. Cleaning, removing, destroying, and then building back up are actions utilized to reference the domestic cycle. By performing these actions in a studio setting as opposed to a home setting, their practical value becomes nonexistent. Within this specific piece, a stain that has been washed off and painted over surfaces again and then...

Houseboat, The Water Project for Soul of Athens

By Brooke Herbert Hayes on Mar 21, 2014

This piece, roughly titled Houseboat, is part of the 2014 installment for The Soul of Athens, an online collaborative multimedia project exploring the Southeast Ohio region through in-depth stories. This year’s theme is water. Houseboat is a video collaboration between myself, an MA student in photojournalism and Emily Harger, a junior in photojournalism at VisCom. We are documenting a couple in Gallipolis, Ohio who are living on a houseboat they built by hand. We rented a GoPro Hero 2 to get some underwater shots for our piece. We can’t wait to show a finished project when we launch Soul of Athens!

Babel Series #1

By Ryan Davis on Mar 19, 2014

For my experimental project series “Babel” I am exploring identity and exceptionality. Particularly I am interested in how how views on these two components alter based on social constructs – that being the ways we label other to allow ourselves to most identify someone(s). In the image you see I am conducting an interview which is the first step of the process. Inevitably this one of several interviews will be merged together creating tension in sound and visual that will exclude the audience from comprehending what is being said or seen. Only when I isolate a sound will the audience have context to what is being said. As the project progresses I will have more photo examples for this series.


By Carlos Pacheco on Mar 13, 2014

Carlos Pacheco, graduate student in Photography + Integrated Media at Ohio University, will exhibit his work titled Collective at the Ohio University. The exhibition is a new media installation that invites the viewer to witness the formation of a single, collective memory. Pacheco makes books and videos using images made from live webcams overlooking culturally significant locations around the world, like Times Square, Dealey Plaza, and Abbey Road. This narrative investigates our use of photography in an increasingly digital and interconnected world, at the same time bridging the gap between the seemingly unrelated events that unfold at these sites. The show opens Tuesday March 11th and closes March 14th with a reception Friday March 14th from 6pm – 8pm. Can’t be there in-person? View the live stream at carlosrenepacheco.com Carlos Pacheco is an artist and photographer from...


By James McGee-Moore on Mar 5, 2014

I am a Sculpture major working on four video-works for my upcoming Thesis Art Exhibition. My theme for the videos is The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. For the video War I rented out the CREATE_space blue screen room. In the video I play the character of Wonder Woman parodying the 1800s French painting of Liberty Leading the People; an image in which a sexualized female figure embodying the victory of the French army leads them to glory on the battlefield. The concept in this video is that the most socially acceptable form of female power is sex. The Wonder Woman figure is meant to represent the American embodiment of female power. By speaking about gaining power through the use of the sexualized body I hope to point out that it is a faulty social system and women should be able to hold positions of power and respect regardless of how much skin they are showing.  ...