Go Away Everywhere

By Jacob Koestler

There is almost never an investigation when a fly on the wall disappears. He’s assumed to be out who knows where or just gone away who cares where. No one stops for the guy on the berm with his back to the road; it’s probably a wet dog or something else half domesticated. A year of moving tired with open eyes ends where the rust belt meets Appalachia—where everybody’s forgotten and no one is looking. This dead heart of industry is tucked in a series of lobbed-off mountains, blanketed by overgrown invasive species and reduced to orange currents flowing out along the creek beds. Shrouded in off-air static, this is a place to disappear, fall out, stay inside and grow blurry in a scarred and confusing landscape.


By Eric Tiu

“Confused?” is a children’s educational television show that is distributed over the internet and aired locally on WOUBII. The show is produced entirely by students under the blanket organization AVW Productions. Each episode consists of separate segments all pertaining to an overarching theme. These segments are broken up by banter performed by our three hosts. Early in the semester we came up with the idea of doing a live show for our latest episode, which was all about how people predict the weather. The banter would be performed by our hosts live on stage in front of the audience, while the pre-recorded segments would play on a screen in between the banter. The ambition of doing such a project was nearly unparalleled in AVW history, especially considering how small our crew is compared to other AVW shows. After weeks of brainstorming and negotiating, we received...

Cue Cards

By Todd Irwin

Thinking about the ways in which media shapes our cultural perceptions and identity, I filmed a group of non-actors reading an assortment of television cues appropriated from aired material over the past twenty-five years. Fragmented in nature, the video hints at societal cues which have helped shape a generation.

Three Documents

By Jacob Koestler

A document on screen is always fiction: Bigfoot is found to be a more dedicated journalist disguised as the crytid and seen first-person through the amateur lens. The projection screen (within the screen) catches fire and one myth is set ablaze. The camera pulls focus to a television screen littered with Appalachian detritus set against a foggy mystic sunrise along a gravel road. The tracking is adjusted, and the landscape disappears into the static void.    

Vortex in Orange

By Jacob Koestler

This video loop utilizes visual feedback and antiquated equipment in a conversation about media and physical distortion of the Appalachian region: a mountain top pop off, black gold collection, sediment settles still tucked in. When they leave it hollow, the grass returns and a new geography is accepted. Turn the century and through a peephole at the base the stream bleeds out orange. Repeat. Rerun. Off-air. On.  

The Helen Hatch Half-Hour!


Based on locally produced television programming, The Helen Hatch Half-Hour! looks to explore the efforts of the amateur in the creative and domestic realm. This first segment has Helen reading from Betty Crocker’s Easy Entertaining. This work looks at gender and social expectations through two created persona, Betty Crocker and Helen Hatch. The work uses humor to explore gender expectations that do still linger today.  

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