Hello! I am an OU senior studying sculpture. Currently, I am working on stop motion animation & performance video art. My thesis show is in the spring, so I am in much need of technological guidance. I am grateful to Nathan Berger, for lending me camera equipment and a projector. I have started to explore a sort of personal narrative style of filming, one I hope to refine for my thesis show. In Bravery/Hero, my most recent piece, I am breaking down formal associations within Western culture by montaging together stop motion animation, found footage, and personal footage. In my work, a frequent theme is the exploring the female experience. The installation, Bravery/Hero, was located in Seigfred Hall, room 123. Objects that appeared in the video were featured alongside the projection,casting shadow onto the moving image. Thus oscillating between the virtual in the real and the real...

Introversion: Cultural Considerations

By Ryan Lewis

These sketches use stop animation and typography to explore preferences for certain personality types within an international cultural context.    

Nite Sweat

By Andrea Otto

So my work on a 2-3 min short stop motion animation continues on. I have ten days to go till I will premier (June 5th at Baker Theater). Nite Sweat is done! With lots of work and sleepless nights ahead of me I wanted to take a moment to step back and see how things were cutting together. Here is a test sequence I wanted to share — Keep in mind this is completely a test and is still very rough. To lead into the clip, Harold has just jumped back in fright and dropped his remote – while also accidentally changing the channel. [vimeo¬†24805504]  

Nite Sweat

By Andrea Otto

Nite Sweat is a stop motion animation short that shows what happens when a TV-watching man, whose glory days have long since passed him by, inadvertently tunes into a surprisingly persuasive informercial that convinces him to get up on his feet and get back some of that glory. This year, we have also started a workshop with eleven students who were interested in learning about stop motion animation. Most of them had no previous knowledge of this type of production so we have worked with them over the past quarter to not only create a foundation of knowledge but also to create multiple micro-shorts to be housed within our short. These new students created the material that will make up the different channels playing on the television in our story. Shorts within a short, if you will! Here’s a snippet of animation of the fitness video which our character, Harold, will...

Toothbrush Love

By Courtney Kessel

“Toothbrush Love” is the first attempt at stop motion animation in my work. The concept originated in 1996 when I was living in Rome, Italy with a number of Italian students of the university. When any one of us was away, we knew by the missing toothbrush. Since then, I’ve thought differently of the intimacy of a toothbrush; who we share it with, who’s brush it touches or is near, etc. There are few things that serve us as a utilitarian object AND carry with it such an intimate value. “Toothbrush Love” can be viewed on youtube with the link attached. Thank you @lab!  

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