Dump Bucket Aquarium

By Sarah Dahlinger

Dump Bucket Aquarium is a multi-media work in progress that immerses the viewer into the interior of a bar’s drink dump bucket as it fills to the brim. The splashing landscape of fruit garnishes, straws and ice cubes transforms into an underwater oceanic oasis. The video is projected on a shaped projection screen that references an aquarium tunnel. Such architectural innovations enable the magical experience of walking underwater–surrounded by whale bellies and bottom feeders. The attraction and repulsion of the video underscores the duality of indulgence itself as the playful, tranquil, landscape becomes progressively indecipherable and ominous.  

Suspended Communication


This project, a hanging wood-and-wire sculpture onto which I projected words.  I ideated and constructed it in response to a multifaceted prompt that included demonstrating a concept I had learned, assembling cosmetic features of our pieces–patterns, segments, media, etc.–into groups of three or six. Here, the projector displays a looping .GIF over my structure so that the content of the iMessage-like text bubbles would cycle rapidly through visual examples of communication (e.g. a clipping from an ASL learner’s manual, a video of smoke signals from the Vatican).  



Lately I have been exploring the idea of sensory deprivation and sensory overload. A common experience in a sensory deprived or over stimulated situation is that your mind compensates. I am interested in the reactions that individuals have to a situation that both isolates and overloads. By recording and editing a simple sound I hope to create the sensation of a happening inside of the viewers head.   http://www.aesthetictechnologies.org/atlab/wp-content/uploads/tdomf/9983/expectation%20shorten.mp3...

Reactionary Movements


This is an exploration of reaction and perspective, through tracking the strain of the back in reaction to the physical strain of the front. The mind and the body are able to adapt to copious amounts of stress and unpredictable actions. My interests lie within the moment that object and person become overwhelmed. The chemical construction of the body interacts in the same manner that people do. On a basic level an exchange is made. I am interested in the unforeseen outcomes of basic exchanges, while simultaneously confronting my audience with the possibility of disorder through exertion.

The Eyes

By Hannah Cameron

In my most recent work, I arrange seemingly disparate objects and materials hoping to inspire a psychological reaction in the viewer. With the use of photography I am able to curate exactly how the viewer is to look at these objects. The white back ground in my photographs serves an informative purpose; it is clinical, clean and straight forward, presenting the subject with no outside distraction. Using the Create Space technology, I am able to make a drastic shift in scale. These images were printed at 18 x 24.”

Heads and Tales


My installation is a womb-like tent in which people are seduced into due to the projected imagery and colored lights. However, once inside, one is trapped by the hanging cloth and thread.

Non-Archival Decay & Reaction To Process


Non-archival Decay: This is an exploration of the decay of a medium, specifically a non-archival one. I used the GoPro as a means to capture the evolving decay of dried out unfired clay as I used the car jack to put strain on it. The three stills were compiled to show the sequential downfall of the form when confronted with time and force of action. In other works I deal with found materials that are also subject to these forces and will eventually show their own wear and decay. Reaction to Process: In the beginning of this exploration I wanted to use the GoPro to capture my hands as they were tying knots in the rubber. I had done many sessions of tying the knots which had chapped and hurt my hands. I was interested in capturing actions that my hands were taking in comparison with the abuse they were getting. In the end I became mush more interested in the movement of my back in...



Hello! I am an OU senior studying sculpture. Currently, I am working on stop motion animation & performance video art. My thesis show is in the spring, so I am in much need of technological guidance. I am grateful to Nathan Berger, for lending me camera equipment and a projector. I have started to explore a sort of personal narrative style of filming, one I hope to refine for my thesis show. In Bravery/Hero, my most recent piece, I am breaking down formal associations within Western culture by montaging together stop motion animation, found footage, and personal footage. In my work, a frequent theme is the exploring the female experience. The installation, Bravery/Hero, was located in Seigfred Hall, room 123. Objects that appeared in the video were featured alongside the projection,casting shadow onto the moving image. Thus oscillating between the virtual in the real and the real...

Rotten Apples

By James McGee-Moore

Hi! James here. Let’s start off with a little background on me so you can understand my project. I’m a fifth year, which means I was a senior last year and got de-railed by the change to semesters. I’m a sculpture major and I’m gearing up for my thesis exhibition at the end of next semester (it’s a big deal art show I have to finish to graduate). I’m supposed to be making art that develops my “Body” of work, which just means I need to stop floating around and start making works that all fall under a unified idea or theme. I’ve defined myself as a video artist (you may be thinking “Video’s not sculpture” and who knows, you may be right, but we’re all crazy and jumbled up over here in art world, so sculpture is where I ended up) and I tend to make feminist themed works about personal and human issues. Since...

Now We’re Sharing the Same Dream

By Andy Sloan Jackson

“Now We’re Sharing the Same Dream” is the thesis exhibit for my MFA in Ceramics at Ohio University. This six-channel piece includes large and small scale sculpture, video loops, and fiber sculptures. It would never have been possible without the resources of the @Lab and the incredible help of Nathaniel Berger. Thank you. I explore how objects function on multiple, simultaneous, and contradictory levels. We engage the world of objects with every action, taking comfort in those that surround and adore our homes. These objects include plates commemorating a special event, souvenirs from vacations long ago, or figurines linked to an emotion or rite of passage. How do these objects navigate a tenuous boundary between meaning and obscurity? What power do they still hold as a souvenir not only of a vacation, but of a memory, of an event. In my work I create tableaus that...


By Haylee Ebersole

My MFA Thesis Exhibition, POROUS SEDIMENTS, featured an array of sculptural objects, graphite drawings, monotype prints, and digital media. To produce this work, I utilized the services and equipment from the @Lab and received technical feedback from Nathan, who is awesome. The following text is the artist statement from the exhibition. POROUS SEDIMENTS is a series of works comprised of residual traces. While the term porous describes the material nature of this work, it also embodies a particular way of thinking and making. In my practice, each process is permeable where the actions and residuals from one become the generative premise for the next. THINGS SMELL The sculptural objects in this show, altogether, consist of 100 pounds of dehydrated gelatin. Gelatin, a substance literally made up of body—collagen extracted from animal skins, bones, and connective tissues—provides the...

Self-Help Sardines

By Hannah Cameron

I am a sculptor who works with clay and mixed media to portray bizarre narratives in which partial figures, both animal and human, act as surrogates for human emotions, relationships and psychological states. I am particularly inspired by Surrealist black and white photography and by fiction, both in film and literature. I draw inspiration from the narratives of dreams, because they often deal with human wants and desires as well as vulnerabilities, fears and frustrations. I have a great interest in sleep, as it is a time and space for susceptibility as well as for fantasy and great imagination. I have recently become interested in photography and incorporating photography into my work. The first piece I worked on at the Create Space was Self-Help Sardines, 2013. I created a ceramic shark jaw, which was then photographed and printed out at the same scale. I use photography in this...

‘Macrorganism- A Nomadic Social Sculpture”


Materials: Heat Shield, Humans, Wind Locations: Athens and Cleveland, OH This piece encourages social interaction through the intervention of a private space in the public sphere. The ephemeral form of the sculpture depends on the structure of its’ inhabitants. The structure itself occupies public space; yet the interior demands privacy and avoids surveillance from the public eye. While inside of the sculpture, strangers get the chance to become acquaintances. The goal of this piece is to pass through public space as a social entity-when people step inside their individual forms become one. The next step I will be taking with this piece involves the projection of movies, images and abstract/experimental films onto the sculpture. The reversal of traditional cinema adds a new level to the piece. The images projected onto the exterior will be perfectly visible to the participants...



A captured sliver of an individual space-time experience.    

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