Polyvocal Mixtape: Painting


If for whatever reason you have kept up with my research entries on the Create Space website then you understand or at least know what I am engaging with. This is no different. For this part of the Polyvocal Mixtape Series (a title constantly changing but I think I’ve settled more or less) I am painting two people from a series of interviews I conducted exploring the contemporary context of Blackness. This interview took place summer of this year however I have not begun painting until two weeks ago. With the item I checked out at the Create Space, the projector, I projected my image onto a 70 x 70 in stretched canvas. The first image attached to this documentation is the drawing and the second is the first layer of paint I place onto the canvas after the drawing has been completed. This process is the most time efficient way I have developed thus far to create my paintings. Include the five W’s: Who, What, When, Where, & Why. You can enhance your message by including links and/or embeds of your research into this box from Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Facebook, or Twitter. Put any of these on their own line, with a space above & below. Note: Your submission will be reviewed for posterity’s sake, and if found insufficient, may have an impact on future resource access.    ...

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