The Process of Sewing on Beanies (Ohio Connect Projection)

By Elijah Justice

Elijah Justice created this video to display the craftsmanship that goes into sewing on knit textiles. He gave a presentation Thursday February 4th, at the #OHIOConnect Networking Mixer and projected this video as a visual aid of the process. Elijah has been trying to improve his sewing skills. He decided to take on an independent study at Ohio University that specializes in sewing. There’s something about a hand crafted product that appeals to him. This creates a more unique item for his supporters. Each beanie has a custom label, designed by Elijah, sewed on to it. While this is a time-consuming process, Elijah finds a great reward in hand crafting items for supporters. The beanies are then packaged and sealed for shipment. This process and video is important to Elijah because this is a direction he plans to go with his interest in apparel. Creating a garment from scratch is...

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