Projections Design for Elbows Off the Table


The projections design for Ohio University Division of Theatre’s production Elbows off the Table (written/directed by Rebecca VerNooy) was an interesting challenge. The play is set up as a movement/devised style of piece, which meant that the projections had to follow the story in a different way. Where the projections were going was often more important than specifically what the projections were displaying. For example, this design often involved displaying moving color on the actors themselves while at the same time keeping the projection off any visible surface on the set—in essence, dynamic color toning of the actors themselves without interacting with the set. In other scenes, what was projecting on the stage floor was equally important to the defined images on the back wall. This is where the Create Space equipment came in handy. I needed two smaller projectors in addition to...

Rashomon Effect Filming

By Nathan Davis

I picked up a GoPro Hero 3 camera and a tripod to aid me in the process of filming a tree line tracking shot to be incorporated into the projections for Ohio University Department of Theatre’s upcoming production of Rashomon. The inspiration for this sequence was from the woodcutter scene in the Rashomon film by Akira Kurosawa (http://youtu.be/wFUBzOvN6fk). Steady tracking shots are difficult to pull off in the best of circumstances as keeping the camera steady and stable while maintaining the shot angle (on the x, y, and z axes). My approach to mitigate these issues was to carefully secure the tripod and camera setup to the roof rack of a vehicle. The next consideration for the project was the speed of the vehicle and frame rate. The goal was to give the impression that the shot was made at a walking pace, however, the cruse control on the vehicle would only engage at a minimum of 10...

Meta-Art: Self-Constructed Projections


For this project I was interested in exploring identity and creation using repeated forms of technology. The first step in creating this work involved stringing a web with red yarn, which I then climbed over. During this action, I was projecting an image of a single photograph (created from layers of photographs) and recording my climbing. The next step consisted of me projecting this video (of climbing) onto a plastic screen and then walking behind the screen and mirroring my previous movements. This step was also recorded, and can be seen in the linked video. The effect is confusion; which person is real? How are these repeated technologies (projections, videos) confusing...

Swimming In The Shallows


Swimming In The Shallows is the most recent production staged by Ohio University’s Division of Theater. This script focuses on love and relationship dynamics in the modern world. A focal point of the production was the use of Projections for many scenes. In the context of the play love even exists between a man and a mako shark. Several scenes take place in an aquarium, which is where the kindling of love between man and shark begins. As the Projection Designer and Director of Photography my biggest challenge was conveying the Aquarium and The Shark character in a realistic way. Using Create Space’s GoPro Hero 3 I was able to capture the footage I needed to convey The Shark (played by actor Alex Nicosia) who is both on screen and on stage. Filming took place in a rock quarry located in Circleville, OH. I chose to film here because the murkiness and visibility of the water...

Projections for Assassins

By Chet Miller

Ohio Universities second main stage this season was the show Assassins. Sondheim has the play structured to build up to the killing of Kennedy by Ozwald. Traditionally, the Zapruder film is shown at this moment. Our set was designed to show the fil on the back window of the book depository. I wanted to explore the moment as a frozen moment in time. The zapruder film actually loops in the background, as commentary about the cyclical nature of tragedy. On the floor and the wall, Walter Kronkite announcing that the president has been shot is projected. The floor projection is the primary way that Ozwald is lit in this section. Finally the floor projection and the windo projection shift to be scenes of Ozwald being paraded up and down the halls of the Dallas Police station. The @Lab provided both of the projectors used in this project. The window is a rear projection using one of the wide...

Snowboarding PSA

By Sam Binnig

A short video done for Projections class that was shot on cellphones and flip cameras that shows the importance of responsible drinking especially during athletic events. Video can be found at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46FLcUVgkpE I keep getting an error that says “TDOMF: No Form ID found” when trying to upload video.  


By Chet Miller

Here in the School of Theatre, for our first show, Mr. Marmalade, the director desired to have the titles of the scenes projected during the transition. To accomplish this, we used the standard front projection spot, which has been a go to in that space (We have had projections in that position for all the shows in the last two years) and again worked for us in this show. Since the world we’re inhabiting is imaginary, the set was a popup book. For the projection surface, we would fly in a chalk board and project the white text onto it to look like chalk writing. All the slides were built in Illustrator and exported as png images for the transparent background. The @lab’s 6k panasonic projector is absolutely amazing in live theatre. It’s actually punchy enough to work in a surprising amount of situations. One of my favourite aspects is the fact we can use the internal...

in progress experiments

By Daniel King

Mechanical recordings combined with marks made by hand on top of a projected image and re-photographed. A way to obscure and confuse as well as frame the way we look at images. Mostly though I’m thinking of how to put this visual translation to use across a range of images dealing with time.


By Chet Miller

For the first mainstage of the season, the OU School of Theatre performed Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl. The @Lab was essential for all aspects of the projection design. At one point, the title character falls down a flight of stairs, tumbling all the way to the underworld. This was filmed in the Ohio University Pool, edited in the @Lab and then projected onto plastic drops all over the stage during the performance. A few of the other projections are the high rise apartment of the Nasty Interesting Man and the falling petals of Eurydice’s wedding.

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