Untitled (bobraushenbergsamerica installation)


This project was done to support the production of “bobrasuchenbergsamerica” performed by the OU Theatre department at the RTV Building. It was available for viewing from Oct. 2 through 13, 2014. When something has a familiar linguistic label (such as a “play”), we have certain expectations about that experience that come with that label. The idea was to change the manner in which the viewer experienced and engaged in – this case – the play. To accomplish this, I formed a set of rules – using sentences from the play’s script as discreet events – to encode the play through visualization and sonification. From there, the audio-visual installation unfolded according to those rules. Lines of text reflect the dynamics that occur throughout the play visually, with each representing a unique character and key themes related to that character. The installation space was...

Cutrual filters


During my research about the Yao people ceremonial collections, I am thinking it is important to let others understand the difference and similarity between the Yao and their own culture. So I made this installation and try to discuss how the culture shapes us in my sculpture class. I think all the cultures functionally are the same. The cut papers in the middle represented the physical forces which structure our lives. The projected images on the papers and wall represented the ideologies. The projected images are composed by the sacred symbols in the Yao people ceremonial collections. The viewers which are my classmates they could learn the ideas through discussing this work.        



Shadowbox is a short film that seeks to explore the loneliness and emotional ebb of a woman, surrounded by her family and the boundless beauty of nature. The film was shot during two days on Fisher Road, Athens. A beautiful place full of cornfields and wide open spaces. The first cut will be ready by the end of November. The final film will be around 6 minutes long, and will be screened next year at the Athena Theater, together with other short films produced at The Ohio University School of Film. The film was written and directed by Viviana Goelkel, and produced with the collaboration of her production team Another Camel Production, whose members are all MFA in film students at Ohio University.    

Athens Brew Week Photography

By Elana Caple

In Athens, toward the middle of this July was Ohio Brew Week. In 2014 it also served to showcase local talent. From Honey of the Heart on Central Venue to the College Green, a parade of huge puppets quickly made its way there and back to a marching tune performed onstage by Shouts & Whispers. Despite all the draw of these fun activities, without the invitation and encouragement of the late Bob Winters, I would have been home in bed. A series of fortunate events transpired in the invitation to an exclusive group of talented OU-Com graduates, in a theater photography course, which was an offering of the heart from Bob. He truly enjoyed working with the many decades of the students who received training and support from him. As an individual with a serious medical issue, the treatment I receive is very tiring. Without special effort, or investment in my cause; to live, learn, and be...

Use of Apps to Maintain Good Levels of Psychiatric Health

By Elana Caple

As an individual with bipolar disorder, I find that digital logging and Apple products in particular aid in the management of my illness. Using an app called ‘MoodLog’ available at the iTunes store, I was able to submit the results of interactive logging and discuss my issues more fully with my team of healthcare professionals. During this time, I began a new medication and it is easy to see the improvement in mood and activity level. I also find a schedule easier to maintain and find room for more social activities. I look forward to using another app, ‘MyFitnessPal,’ to communicate with another healthcare professional I recently began seeing. For someone with limited access to technology and a living situation not allowing for internet access, the iPad connects me to my community on a level which has truly had positive effects on my personal mental health and...

In the Forest

By Gregory Hatch and Connaught Cullen

A digital puppet show created for the 2014 Athens’ Nuit Blanche Festival held on October 4th. This is a playful piece that plays with narrative, pop culture, TV programing, and entertainment. A puppet show is acted out in front of a blue screen. The footage is then uploaded and heavily modified to get the final product. In the Forest is an exploration of common narratives where the storyline is compelled forward with the use of popular music as the soundtrack. Lending itself to a camp aesthetic, the work becomes an exploration of taste and a reference to how information and concepts are conveyed to younger and wider audiences.        ...

Tutorial project 1

By Lauren Jensen

I was inspired by Mariel Clayton’s Barbie photography, which uses a lot of fake blood and such to highlight societal norms and oddities. I chose to reenact the Ohio University Megan Marzec “blood bucket” incident because of the extreme amount of importance all of the attention has given it. I did not intend to make any sort of political statement with this photo, but rather an anti-statement. I wanted to use the miniature scale to explore the event from a detached and outside view, rather than looking at it as a major political statement. The final product did not turn out the way I originally intended, but I am still happy with the result. I used brown watercolor paints to make Barbie’s hair brown, I used a sock and magic marker to recreate Megan’s shirt, and I used Halloween fake blood for the “blood bucket.”  ...

Linger Longer


This project uses the lobby of 31 S. Court St to explore the aesthetics of waiting. The nondescript furniture of waiting rooms, extreme volumes of doorways being slammed shut, and the comforting tones of background music will be used as tools to explore what it means to purposefully linger in these transitional zones. This theme is investigated through a quilting of musical pieces playing with and against each other, a free six-page pamphlet exploring the benefits of background music and its history (with special sections dedicated to listening and exercises to further one’s sense of well-being), and two exotic light sculptures to stir the imagination. Participants are invited to attend to the aesthetics of waiting through active mind/body immersion. The crystallized participatory experience opens room to ask questions like: What can be learned from staring at mass-produced,...

Photos for Thesis Reference


“If You See Something…” is foremost a project about domestic violence, but it is also a project about the ways that we process and respond to the mediated images of violence and inhumanity that we routinely experience. This project takes the form of a collision between genre painting and theater, where a single narrative is broken up into 8 separate “scenes”, to exist in its final form as 8 large format paintings and prints exhibited in a single space. The stage set and actors depicted in it are myself and my home as I seek to represent the ways that we internalize our role as witness to violence of all kinds, the ways that we attempt to impose order and control over these and other internalized experiences, and the ways in which this same need for control is embedded in the cycle of abuse. It is my belief that the distance between abused and abuser is...

BobRauschenbergAmericana Theater-Video Art


This figure with the strange and unusual face refers to a part of the play that ALLEN express his love to CARL and he says: “I look at you and I think you’re good-natured! CARL: Oh, good-natured!” When I read this play, I immediately noticed the strong connection between the play and Bob Rauschenberg’s work. The accent of the writer in the play is so sharp and choppy, just like many of Rauschenberg’s collages. Also, the frankness of the dialogue reminds me of the bitterness and sadness in his work when he criticizes contemporary society. I decided to create a theatric atmosphere for this piece, and the result became the animated illustration you are witnessing. The elements are symbolic of the complexity of our modern world. When they are in motion, it suggests that our world is a challenging and unpredictable place. So many conversations about the future bring up fear and...

Totem pole


Standing in the view of food religion and track back history of graphic design letting me realised design was born by industry revolution that satisfied with people demand. So this piece of work kindly likes attempt that relies on traditional religious form with contemporary food evolution. Plus I was trying to convert the idea that food circle system which is human being, ground, plants as well.    

FILM 1 – F5


When researching the best way to shoot my first film at my MFA in Film making, we encounter a problem. We needed several handheld camera movements. Me and my DP tried a few options, but they didn’t give us the right natural movement we were looking for. We got in contact with students that used the Redrock Micro Shoulder Rig. We got the equipment tested and had a great result. We shot with the Arri-S, a 16mm camera, and we were able to shoot several handheld scenes. We were able to shot the scenes the way we imagined on the script.    

Advertisement Exploration


How society views and stereotypes women, grasps my attention and leads to critical thinking and demonstration through art form. I am using these photographs to manifest the visual representation society has actuated to women. I find we are directly affected by the images that surround us on a daily basis. The way women are presented in advertising is strongly opposite then in men ads. I found a fashion ad for Kohls that was in Elle magazine and I tried to recreate it using a male model. In the original ad the girl is in a very vulnerable pose, which is common in fashion ads. When men are put in these same poses they come off as awkward. Men are always shown in strong assertive poses while women are are portrayed as vulnerable and child like. This project explores how gender stereotypes are portrayed in advertisement.        

Blackness and Postmodernism


What I am exploring in my creative research is the image of what represents Blackness. What you see in the image is step one of this process – not including the reading and writing research. The next step is to paint these images. The background in the painting will be altered from the photograph to appear black. I will be using a range of colors to create dark color that looks black but will not actually be black. My intent in doing this is to portray the idea that Black is not Black but a range of colors representing diversity, that is embodied in Black.      

Decontextualized Yao ceremonial masks

By Qing Wang

This project is about the visual study of the Yao ceremonial artifacts collection in Alden Library: http://www.seas.ohio.edu/Library/Yao_ceremonial.html I engaged myself in the Yao ceremonial artifacts collection as audience, researcher, and graphic designer. Through the visual analysis of five Yao ceremonial masks, I generated two different sets of images which I felt from an outsider’s perspective. Then I printed one set on the folder by silkscreen, and another one was drawn by plotter. Through juxtaposing the twin-folders, I try to create a dialogue between the past time and the present day.        

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