Quidditch World Cup


I am a proud member of the OU Quidditch team and last fall we qualified in regionals to travel to Columbia, South Carolina in April for the US Quidditch Cup. Since it was the first year that we were able to qualify on our own, and because I thought it would be fun, I decided to document our trip by bringing down a few cameras. As I only owned one DSLR, I turned to CREATE_space for another camera as well as a tripod that could steady some of the video. I captured over 75 min of footage including the trip down, a few of our games and our interactions off field. I will be happy to share once it’s been completed!        

Uninformed Anonymous


For the last few months my classmates and I have been working on a campaign for the Columbus Dispatch, Columbus’ local newspaper. The Dispatch wants people our age to start caring about and reading the news. We went through a long process of defining the problem, doing our research and finally forming an insight. We then began coming up with our creative ideas; the physical solution to the problem. Uninformed Anonymous is our solution. The campaign follows a group of slightly informed individuals who meet every week to talk about the problems that arise in their lives when they don’t read the news. It follows a cast of characters, like Stephen, a former salesman whose life spiraled out of control once he discovered that all he ever knew about was selling plumbing, and Robert, who’s been informed for six months, although he has his vices. This is the first websiode, in...



As part of The Game Show, which ran from February 26th to April 9th, at EASE gallery in Columbus, Ohio, writers Kristin Distel and Wendy McVicker, visual artist Melissa Neiderhiser, and myself created a multimedia installation. The piece entitled “weathered-world” was a collaborative exploration into the division between air and ground. Bringing together video, writing, and textile we sought to explore a layered sense of being in the world.        


By Raymond Perez

As a young black man, growing up in a predominantly white suburb, I was immersed in an environment that exposed racial bias and discrimination on a personal and communal level. Fruition is a body of work made up of sculpture, installation, and time-based media that documents the “post racial” world around me; as a way to get a better understanding of a culture that I am apart of, but was not raised in. At the same time, the work speaks to something larger, calling for societal reflection as a whole. Using the reference of a school setting, this work is a reflection of the way education shaped my perceptions of race. The American educational system serves as an institution where our children are taught of their history and core values that shapes their path to adulthood; they also function as ground zero for the stereotyping of African-American men as troublemakers, criminals and thugs....

Narcissus Now


This semester I used CREATE_space equipment to produce and exhibit several short video art pieces. I recorded myself (with the help of a friend) outdoors with a Panasonic video camera from the lab and used iMovie to edit the footage together. The project works in tandem with my paintings, which have recently involved simulating digital inversion, and using those inverted colors to spark a discussion on the myth of Narcissus (and Narcissism) and the nature of Classical painting. Video is like a modern art form, and it’s much more accessible than painting to most people. Working in both mediums has allowed me to experiment with my own artistic style, which is incredibly important. I presented all of these projects at the Student Expo, where I used tablets and a project from the CREATE_space to bring my creations to life!        ...

Atlas of Athens: A Visual Literacy of Place

By Misty Thomas-Trout

“Atlas of Athens: A Visual Literacy of Place” is a case-study that visualizes the network of people working together in Athens. “Atlas of Athens” came about through the recognition of how I changed my own behaviors due to the interaction with the people and the culture of this place. This research project is an effort to convey the connections that strengthen the economic health of this community and how place affects the individual. It suggests the value of strengthening the relationship between design, humanity, people and the environment. The results of this research demonstrate that support for direct, first-hand relationships and local economic networks and how they affect human patterns of behavior and foster positive change in small communities such as Athens. More importantly, this research is showing how people connect with one another and how they...

Open Inbox – Westside

By Barry O'Keefe

I used CREATE_space resources to document one of 5 public sculptures produced for my MFA thesis exhibition Open Inbox. This box was designed for and installed in Athens’ Westside, with permission. Documentation of the box and its use by the community was included in the thesis exhibition, alongside 4 other sculptures designed for different neighborhoods. Premise: Open Inbox is a series of five public sculptures, designed for five different neighborhoods. These sculptures are designed to function both as reverent monuments to neighborhood history and identity, and as functional community message boards and meeting points. At a time in our culture when traditional models of community are under threat, these sculptures provide neighbors a way to connect, communicate and construct shared identity. Rationale: In 2013 my neighbor was killed in the alley behind my brother’s house...

Hearing Color

By Kelsey Hanson

Hearing Color is an interactive installation about humanity’s perception of color and its effect on the tone quality produced by the voice in choral music. I produced this piece for my senior graphic design thesis show, which ran from March 29 to April 2, 2016 in the Ohio University Art Gallery. Color has inherent meaning. Mark Rothko and Wassily Kandinsky made this connection in their work. They saw color as a spiritual experience for humanity and believed that color alone could reach an audience both physically and emotionally. After these discoveries, it is curious as to why color is often an afterthought or the last step in the design process. Color can be a tool for understanding, but I see it being taken for granted. This is why I felt the need to create an experience that will allow the viewer to attain a deeper understanding of color and to realize his or her humanity in the...

Registration: A Collection of Digital Footprints

By Euzhan Shabazz

By definition, there are two classifications for digital footprinting: active and passive. Active digital footprinting is created when personal data is released deliberately by the user, whereas, passive digital footprinting is created when personal data is collected without the user realizing. In regards to technology, everything you say and do has the potential of leaving a digital footprint–showing where you’ve been, and where you are now. Examples of passive digital footprinting can be seen when one visits a website. The web server logs your IP address, which identifies your Internet service provider and your approximate location. A more personal facet of passive digital footprinting could be one’s browsing history, which is saved by some search engines while logged in. As for active digital footprinting, examples of this can be anything from publishing a blog, sending an email, or...



For my foundations art course (Function), I decided to convert a flower (analog) into a 3-D printed model through 3-D modeling software and the advantages of the CREATE_space (digital). I thought it would be interesting to have something living, natural, and organic juxtaposing the inorganic and plastic geometric structure of that same flower. I chose the magnolia for its symbolism of beauty and also because the flower is in season and growing on campus.   After sketching my design, I went to the CREATE_space and showed Nathan what I wanted the 3-D model to look like so we searched online for a similar looking idea. Once we found that sample, I began editing and adjusting the scale, thickness, and arrangement of the petals using the Blender software application. I also had to delete a lot of the petals because the original sample did not accurately represent the number of petals...

Moon Tunnel


Moon Tunnel is a reading series hosted by and comprised of the Ohio University’s English Department’s Creative Writing graduate students. This first series offered five open-to-the-public events throughout the 2015-2016 academic year, with the final reading on March 25, 2016, held on the main stage of Arts/West in Athens, Ohio. While the readings usually offer a mix of Master’s and Doctorate student work, the readers for the final event were: Jason Jordan (PhD Fiction), Brad Modlin (PhD Nonfiction), Patrick Swaney (PhD Poetry), and Wes Roj (PhD Nonfiction). Approximately 30-50 people attended, many of them faculty, staff, or students from the English Department. I photographed the event using one of OU Create_space’s Canon 5D mark ii cameras with the 24-105mm zoom lens. The professional capabilities of the camera and lens allowed me to take clear and detailed...

Athens, An Issue of Space


  A year ago, I had this idea to put a park on the top floor of Athen’s uptown parking garage. I thought it could change the way we approached parking, and the issues that stem from it. That idea has become a small part of a larger project that documents and discusses the issues of space we experience in cities everyday. Issues like parking, overcrowding, lack of civic space and the misuse of space. The project ranges from modern day Athens to the suburb boom after WWI 100 years ago. We go to Dubai for its awkward displays of wealth, and New York to understand the importance of parks. I tell Charlene’s story; an often stigmatized, but kind, parking enforcement officer who’s been patrolling the streets of Athens for 30 years. And I talk to Paul Logue, Athens’ city planner who believes that self driving cars will change the way cities are built. The project combines traditional text...

The Chronicles of Pizza Boy


There’s a new film crew in town. MTC, or the Media Theater Collaborative, is a new club at OU that gives media kids a chance to make more short films and theater kids a chance to act in more films. We recently did our first project, a funny short about a pizza delivery boy and all the crazy things he runs into during his shift. I was the producer on this project so my job mostly consisted of allocating resources for the crew. In the span of only a few short weeks we wrote a script, cast the film, produced, filmed, and edited it. It all came together very smoothly for our first project and we’re looking forward to making many more in the future.        

Thread for Filth


I make drag queen felt dolls. They vary in size but are generally about twelve inches tall. They’re based on real drag queens who have participated in the show Rupaul’s Drag Race. If you’re unfamiliar with the show, it’s a combination of Project Runway, America’s Next Top Model, and American Idol where drag queens compete to be crowned America’s next drag super star. After I finished my first doll, I did what any millennial would do, and I posted a picture of it on the internet. Almost immediately it received a comment from someone asking about me making one for her. So I made her one, and she sent me a picture of her nine year old niece, who she requested the doll for, holding the doll and smiling. Coming from the background that I do (catholic) I was stunned that there exists a little girl who loves and is allowed to love drag queens. Well, it doesn’t surprise me that a little girl...

Splat! Flying Camera


In this section of my thesis film, a frustrated Puddle Person has started boiling. The boiling surface creates Bubble People who fly into the sky. This video (linked below) is a rough assemblage of what the Flying Into the Sky shot would look like. Lots of cleaning up is in store to eliminate the propellers in the corners of the screen. The thesis project, “Splat!”, largely revolves around video compositing to tell the story. This entails layering video on top of each other to create new connections and an alternate world. In order to capture these types of images, we had to go to the Aquatics Center and record from the highest diving board, and used the Create Space’s Flying Camera to get a shot of the sky and sun. I really like how the sun lines up with the Flying Bubble Person’s head, creating an ora. It is extremely important that you provide an abstract of...

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