Creative Relationship Series


My goal of this series is to order the 8 images so that they may tell a story. But when the order is changed it may tell a different story using the same characters. This series depicts a relationship between a man and women at the point when their relationship takes a turn for the worse. The images can be reordered to change the story for better or worse. With eight individual images, multiple story lines may unfold. This was without a doubt the most difficult project I have ever completed. Being in charge of not only the conceptual aspect but the technical execution as well became a logistical nightmare for a two-week project. But I was very passionate about this project as it is the largest scale production I have ever directed. One valuable lesson that I learned from this project is that if I want to organize a large scale production like this again I will either need a team of at...

Brick City Brass


Brick City Brass is a brass quintet composed of undergraduate music students from the School of Music. Elise Armstrong and Ranga Munasinghe are the Trumpets, Zach Spivey on Horn, Dylan Chase on Trombone, and Joan Engel on Tuba. They meet twice a week to rehearse and their coach is the new Trombone professor Lucas Regos Borges. Their recital will be November 15 at 2pm in Glidden recital hall. The recital is in collaboration with Joan Engel. Joan will be playing solo on one half and the quintet will be on the other half. Brick City Brass contacted me asking to take pictures to help promote their upcoming concert and future concerts.I have not done much with incorporating themes in photography so Joan and I thought it would be a great idea to use the bricks located in Memorial Auditorium and along College Green to accent their name “ Brick City Brass”. The pictures turned out very...

The Use of Outdoor Lighting


I created this project because I have been thinking about changing my major to photography and integrated media. I have quite a bit of experience with photography and I know that outdoor lighting was one of the things I wanted to improve on. Therefore, I asked a couple of my friends if they would be interested in modeling for me and they said they’d love to. First, my friend Becca and I walked around campus one day and I took individual pictures of her. I chose places that would be perfect to work with outdoor lighting. We stayed on East Green and took photos on the stairs behind Lincoln Hall, on the road towards Shively and outside of Putnam. The second time I used outdoor lighting, I was with my friends Becca, Chrissy, and Barrett. We took a trip to the Ridges on a sunny day; I took them into the woods to a few spots where the sun was shining through the trees. I decided to paint...



This project began as a conversation between two objects in two images. Each of the two framing pieces have one object being depicted, and although the objects are on different planes, a representation of the disorienting organization of the play, they are able to express the idea that, one can move their eye, in fluid motion, between two images on different planes, if the images are placed correctly. The dialogue between these images conveyed the idea of connectivity based on the placement of objects. This is something that can be seen in Rauschenberg’s work and in the play, bobrauschenbergamerica. According to charlesmee.org, the play is a “collage of people and places and music and dancing…and the sheer exhilaration of living in the country where people make up their lives as they go”. This work, in its ability to create communication between two objects, almost embodies the collage...

Post Black: Trezon Dancy

By Ryan Davis

The term Post-Black is a new development in contemporary art. If you’ve followed my post at all you will notice that this is something I have been exploring since Spring semester of the 2013-14 school yr in various formats. Most recently I have started a series of paintings. At this point in the project I am still collecting reference images for paintings. I photographed Trezon Dancy. I am using him along with others as a way to portray the diversity of Black identity through portraiture. This photoshoot was taken plan on October 17th at the photography lab in Seigfred Hall which has been a consistent place for me to do portrait photography. These photographs will inevitably be used as references for paintings. If you are engaged with my project and would like to follow my progress you can also view my website and my website blog www.ryandavistheartist.com...

Tutorial project 1

By Lauren Jensen

I was inspired by Mariel Clayton’s Barbie photography, which uses a lot of fake blood and such to highlight societal norms and oddities. I chose to reenact the Ohio University Megan Marzec “blood bucket” incident because of the extreme amount of importance all of the attention has given it. I did not intend to make any sort of political statement with this photo, but rather an anti-statement. I wanted to use the miniature scale to explore the event from a detached and outside view, rather than looking at it as a major political statement. The final product did not turn out the way I originally intended, but I am still happy with the result. I used brown watercolor paints to make Barbie’s hair brown, I used a sock and magic marker to recreate Megan’s shirt, and I used Halloween fake blood for the “blood bucket.”  ...

Advertisement Exploration


How society views and stereotypes women, grasps my attention and leads to critical thinking and demonstration through art form. I am using these photographs to manifest the visual representation society has actuated to women. I find we are directly affected by the images that surround us on a daily basis. The way women are presented in advertising is strongly opposite then in men ads. I found a fashion ad for Kohls that was in Elle magazine and I tried to recreate it using a male model. In the original ad the girl is in a very vulnerable pose, which is common in fashion ads. When men are put in these same poses they come off as awkward. Men are always shown in strong assertive poses while women are are portrayed as vulnerable and child like. This project explores how gender stereotypes are portrayed in advertisement.        

Illustrations for the novel “One Hundred Years of Solitude”

By Kateryna Tolmachova

This project is showing magical realism of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s novel “One Hundred Years of Solitude” by digital photo-collaging. I made 11 illustrations total – 80×60 cm. All of them are black and white with tone of old paper and some coloring added, which imitates the way photo-editors of 19-th century made black and white photos colored.        


By Kyle Kresge

#Homecoming is a continuation of a body of work that deals with my response to visiting my hometown after a nine-year absence. This research furthers my understanding of the cultural and economic demographic of my childhood of lower middle class suburbia. Photographing locations in and around my hometown has evoked memories which helps contextualize my understanding of self within society and of where I came from. The title of this piece is a play on the slogan from the university of my hometown, one that conveys a collective mentality yet a miscommunication of a larger conversation.        


By Carlos Pacheco

Carlos Pacheco, graduate student in Photography + Integrated Media at Ohio University, will exhibit his work titled Collective at the Ohio University. The exhibition is a new media installation that invites the viewer to witness the formation of a single, collective memory. Pacheco makes books and videos using images made from live webcams overlooking culturally significant locations around the world, like Times Square, Dealey Plaza, and Abbey Road. This narrative investigates our use of photography in an increasingly digital and interconnected world, at the same time bridging the gap between the seemingly unrelated events that unfold at these sites. The show opens Tuesday March 11th and closes March 14th with a reception Friday March 14th from 6pm – 8pm. Can’t be there in-person? View the live stream at carlosrenepacheco.com Carlos Pacheco is an artist and photographer from...

Black Bodies

By Jacob Koestler

Over the last two years, I have been working on a collection of videos and photographs called Black Bodies. Since the work has culminated in several different installations, CREATE_space has supplied a variety of tools ranging from field recorders, video cameras and projectors. This equipment is imperative in every step, as each finished piece is comprised of multiple digital and analog processes, distortions and re-recordings. Recently, I was able to show five new photographs and videos at this year’s Image OHIO at the Shot Tower Gallery in Columbus, OH. The annual exhibition is hosted by ROY G BIV Gallery, also in Columbus. CREATE_space’s short-throw projector allowed for a full-wall sized viewing of Black Body (single-channel video projection, 7m 19s,...

Body Heat // Temporary Marks: testing the thermographic

By Daniel King

In preparation for an artist residency project, I spent an afternoon experimenting with a Thermographic camera array in order to wrap my head around just how it translates visual elements like light, form, and movement. I discovered an opportunity to bring forth the visual marks of the heat signatures all around us. Laying a heated body upon any cool surface will leave a temporary heat signature which dissipates over time. These heat signatures are invisible to our human eye – but are used by industrial commerce, intelligence, and military entities to register the positions and movements of heated bodies through the landscape. I’m interested in applying this super human vision toward a consideration of the infrastructure of the highway and human movement through landscape.

The Eyes

By Hannah Cameron

In my most recent work, I arrange seemingly disparate objects and materials hoping to inspire a psychological reaction in the viewer. With the use of photography I am able to curate exactly how the viewer is to look at these objects. The white back ground in my photographs serves an informative purpose; it is clinical, clean and straight forward, presenting the subject with no outside distraction. Using the Create Space technology, I am able to make a drastic shift in scale. These images were printed at 18 x 24.”

The Heights

By Kyle Kresge

“The Heights” which is on Cleveland’s east side, is a project of exploration into the ramifications of the subprime mortgage crisis from 2008 that is still prevalent within the community. I am interested in the remnants that are left behind from the undoing of economic standing of families living within the Cleveland Heights area. Understanding the relationship of building structures from one neighborhood to another depicts the demographic of each neighborhood in regards to the greater understanding of Cleveland Heights.


By Ian Campbell

This series is part of my ongoing investigation of photographic abstraction. The impetus for this project occurred while I was scanning a bunch of negatives I had shot with a cheap plastic “Instamatic” camera. At the end of each roll of Instamatic 110 film there is a registration hole—a circular punch that serves some function (don’t ask me what) in the development process. The flatbed scanner translates this puncture into a perfectly black circle. This striking formal element contrasts the amorphous, psychedelic color fields created by accidents of light and chemistry on these remnants of film. I chose to treat these “non-images” as found objects of a sort. They certainly resemble something astronomical or cosmological: black holes or black planets, telescopic or microscopic views. These mundane relics may have sublime aspirations which belie their humble origins. The entire series...

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