The Ticklemonster Battle in the Sky VS. Duane “The Committee Chair” McDiarmid

By Broooks Wenzel

“First he had to face his arch nemesis, Clowny, on land and in the sky. Now he’s going after his makers. And it ain’t gonna tickle.” The Ticklemonster is calling out his adult male role models in a no gravity barred brawl in the sky. Wielding horse heads on-a-stick he will unleash a lashing worthy of the depths of a well fostered imagination. This is a very serious and masculine challenge to those who shaped his development. Whatever, he can totally beat them up. The results will be useful and definitive as The Ticklemonster conquers the law of gravity, and shows his mentors who the bigger man is. Video documentation to follow… Special thanks to collaborators: Duane McDiarmid Daniel King Michael Rutushin LJ The Bell Ringer The Dairy Barn Art Center Lydia McDonald Shane West      ...

Thesis: Camp Out!


My work primarily looks at queer identity and personal identity and their connection to a rural or blue collar setting. For my thesis I am looking at different manifestations of queer performance, from the mundane, to the campy, and to the private. It is all set around the idea of a wooded area and summer camp. For this section of the installation I am creating video pieces as the persona of the Queer. This persona/creature is constructed faux folk legend that personifies many of the campier or effeminate mannerism stereotypical attributed to gay men. The work is hoping to show how all levels of performance are a coping and survival method that are born from natural tendencies and the culture we live in.      

Circle Dance: A Full Moon Ritual Performance


This documentation is of my performance for a Title Project in Description (Foundation Art Course). I chose the title “Circle Dance” and from that seized the coincidence of class being on the same day as the full moon (November 6th, 2014). As a practicing Pagan, the title circle dance reminded me of Pagan, public rituals in which dancing around the fire to musical instruments and voice is a part of the experience with nature. As a public ritual, i had my classmates, teacher, and teaching assistant participate in the performance. The ritual consisted of cleansing the space (first video), setting up the space for the ritual (first picture), giving some background information about the full moon, respect, and logistics, calling on the gods and elements, casting the circle for the sacred space (outlined by the candles in the picture), having everyone clear their minds with a meditation, writing something to let go off in theme with the morning moon, lighting by a candle and dipping their hands in the blessed water. Seasonal food was passed (pomegranate and pumpkin seeds and apple cider) and then we “danced” in a circle to “Under the Moonlight”. Then I thanked the goddess, elements, and gods for their presence and lifted the circle. I chose to perform the ritual inside due to the low temperature outdoors and to show the portability and modern take of rituals. Opening one’s mind to a new, maybe uncomfortable experience can lend to a greater understanding for the world around us....

In the Forest

By Gregory Hatch and Connaught Cullen

A digital puppet show created for the 2014 Athens’ Nuit Blanche Festival held on October 4th. This is a playful piece that plays with narrative, pop culture, TV programing, and entertainment. A puppet show is acted out in front of a blue screen. The footage is then uploaded and heavily modified to get the final product. In the Forest is an exploration of common narratives where the storyline is compelled forward with the use of popular music as the soundtrack. Lending itself to a camp aesthetic, the work becomes an exploration of taste and a reference to how information and concepts are conveyed to younger and wider audiences.        ...

Evaporation Walks

By Lori Esposito

I want to tell you about the walks I have been taking. They help me be in my body where my experiences of the world are more direct. During these walks, my feet press firmly against the ground and I become increasingly aware of my environment. My breath connects to the pace of my walking — slow and steady. My hands carry well utilized dinner plates of pigmented water through vast and unpopulated fields, urban streets, country roads and highway ditches. The color rhythmically sways like waves on a shore until evaporated. All of existence and its complexities are reduced to a quiet task, carried out with a single intention. Presence. Evaporation Walking is a practice I began in 2012 as a means for letting go of grief. In collaboration with place and time, the process of evaporation sets the duration for each walk. The gesture of carrying evaporating water is a metaphor for carrying a body transitioning from life to death. Along the way, perceived boundaries between body and space are softened. Prior to walking with plates in the environment, I began walking in the studio. I practiced establishing strength and balance while walking with sealed vessels of water. I wove together plastic bags and tied them to the lids of empty juice containers.They swung like pendulums on each side of my body pulling me forward in short gentle bursts. If I broke the rhythm by rushing, stopping, or getting distracted the vessels would bounce against my legs awkwardly and interrupt the flow. I began this process blindfolded because I found the vessels entrancing and wanted to focus on the movement. At times it felt like I was dancing with a silent partner. This was a comforting sensation. Prior to this life changing loss, my former studio work was extremely solitary and still. I would spend countless hours hunched over a drawing or painting. This activity had a numbing effect on my anxiety. However, when I attempted to retreat to my studio after my sister passed I could not concentrate. The past would encircle me like a tornado of emotions blocking any clarity on the present and future. I cannot recall exactly how the plate found its way to my hand. How the water came to rest in the plate, or when I decided to walk out of my studio. A blog for this practice can be visited at http://evaporationwalks.wordpress.com/    ...

One Square Meal


This collaborative performance was an investigation into re-contextualizing the notion of sexual simulation. Myself and my collaborator, Kristina Stefanovski, kneeled in a 40×40″ wooden box, and ate a piece of cantaloupe simultaneously. The audio from the actions was projected outward toward to the audience, forcing them to interact with what they were hearing, rather than what they could or could not see.   [youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cau71BW08XE]  

Puppetry Sound Design


In studying a form of southeast asian performance, “Wayang Kulit,” our class was tasked to put on a shadow puppetry performance, imbued with a modern technological element. Our shows would use traditional Balinese or Javanese puppets, made from dyed leather, and we learned techniques to manipulate them. The modern technological element I included in my performance was an elaborate sound design, including music and sound effects, most of which I built or modified myself. I used a program called QLab to assemble and organize my sound cues.        

Spitting Image


Liz Conway’s solo work, “Spitting Image”, fuses live and video dance. Yielding to the containment of her 8’ by 8’ square, her subtle yet decisive movements show a juxtaposed relationship between the real and virtual images. Through these accessible limitations she creates a cohesive exploration of an alternate universe.   [youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCQQyjGN698]    

Tracing thoughts: Capturing processes of (anti)academic artistic research 

By Astrid Kaemmerling

Thought to speech to text to action, ideas spilled out upon surfaces, extended conversation, writing about speaking, recording language, stopping time, finding sound, taping voices, between art and research, research and art; technically speaking, poetically writing, breaking ground; reflecting, collecting, creating, materials exchanging; stimulation, simulation, extending experience, wished-for- collaborations, unpredictable structures, systems without rules, spirit appreciated, exile, nostalgia, history, tradition, fascination, education, experimentation, emotion, united, ratio; art-based research behavior; participation, pinning papers to snakes, inheriting spaces, sonic waves of interference, thought exchange, performative action, exploration, sound cognition, artistic scholarship; writers, musicians; seeking art adventure; space reshaped, audio-visual, propulsive sonic movement, continuation, leaving traces. —- Four artists, Mark Bloch from New York City, Jonathan C. Creasy from Ireland, Astrid Kaemmerling from Germany, and Danielle Wyckhoff from Michigan, craft a multi-media, cross-disciplinary experience, inviting audience members to immerse themselves in the work. The process is the product, which is in coming together. Bridging shared interests in language, writing, sound, composition, and narration, the installation-performance investigates the space between academic and artistic research. Tracing thoughts in imagined spaces, it is the artists’ attempt to document collaborative research processes by transforming findings into a site-specific, temporal-spatial experience.   Rehappening, Black Mountain College, Asheville, NC, 4-6 April 2014...

MLK Skiing


For one of my most recent projects I conducted and performed a performance piece based around the Martin Luther King Day and Skiing. Apparently MLK Day is a big day for skiing. There is no irony or coincidence to this, just simply intrigue on why this is the case and it is somewhat laughable. So for my performance I performed an acoustic guitar version of the song “Sunday Bloody Sunday” by John Lennon but I changed the words to say “Monday Bloody Monday” since MLK Day is on Monday. I also had projection of text while I performed stating “Black people do ski too.”

Between Us

By Joey Behrens

A house reduced in size and made fragile, dependent on the two bodies that work together to carry it between them. The interior becomes the exterior as the private negotiations of roommates are acted out publicly through a one-mile walk, up Richland Avenue and Court Street. The house becomes the point of contact, of physical touch and communication, between the two people holding it between them. They hold it by fitting their arms into impressions of those arms—from shoulder to finger tip—cast into the paper skin on either side of the house. A go-pro camera was inserted inside the house to record the walk from the point of view of the object at its center. The audio is a clip from the longer recording that became the main record of the walk and necessary communication between my roommate and I. The image you see is a photograph taken towards the end of the walk.  


By Suits Artist Group

It didn’t go off without a hitch, but our tight group managed to pull together and overcome the obstacles in our way. The end result? A solid performance that 50+ unsuspecting Faire-goers of all ages got to experience, each leaving with their own unique reaction to what we created. One nervous participant, unaware of what to expect, was affected so greatly by the atmosphere of our performance that he asked, with a scared crack in his voice, to leave in the middle of it. Suits is the collaborative effort of Sculpture and Expanded Practices MFA candidates, Basil Masri Zada and Kathleen Williams, and Photography and Integrated Media MFA candidate, Carlos Pacheco. A Syrian Fulbright recipient, an Ohio-based mixed media artist, and an Arizona-born photographer- Masri Zada, Williams, and Pacheco utilize their collective and varied experiences to create conceptually-based, interactive and performative works of art....

In Process- Investigations of Futiltiy and Possibility #2


This work displays my endeavors to construct a cocoon-like structure out of plastic wrap that eventually sustains my body weight. Functioning as a metaphor for the ways we continuously construct and deconstruct barriers in our everyday lives, this work communicates struggle, the difficulty of change, and also reveals that potential and possibility may emerge in unexpected ways.    

In Process- Investigations of Futiltiy and Possibility


This work explores structures of self-containment, body, and transformation. In the video, I use my body to physically and metaphorically construct and deconstruct a self-imposed barrier until a transformative state is achieved. At times, the task seems fruitless as change happens slowly and is physically and psychologically enduring. As a result the work becomes a literal endeavor in change, continuously shifting between realms of futility and possibility.    

Action Vs Reaction

By Natalie Preston

No matter how small, every action has weight in the world. My most recent project is an investigation of how to get people to reflect on the complex ways in which our actions effect each other. As a society our interactions are becoming more and more mediated through technologies like the internet. The public is placed in a position to make a mark (or to take an action), but not told what mark to make. Many of the participants make crude, inappropriate or childish marks, only to go into the next room to see their marks projected onto my body. There is an enlightening moment when it becomes revealed to them that they were being watched, resulting in a sense of vulnerability that perhaps causes the participants to consider what they would have done differently had they known about the implications of their actions.  

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