By Carlos Pacheco

Carlos Pacheco, graduate student in Photography + Integrated Media at Ohio University, will exhibit his work titled Collective at the Ohio University. The exhibition is a new media installation that invites the viewer to witness the formation of a single, collective memory. Pacheco makes books and videos using images made from live webcams overlooking culturally significant locations around the world, like Times Square, Dealey Plaza, and Abbey Road. This narrative investigates our use of photography in an increasingly digital and interconnected world, at the same time bridging the gap between the seemingly unrelated events that unfold at these sites. The show opens Tuesday March 11th and closes March 14th with a reception Friday March 14th from 6pm – 8pm. Can’t be there in-person? View the live stream at carlosrenepacheco.com Carlos Pacheco is an artist and photographer from Tucson, Arizona. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in Photography from the University of Arizona. A former Astronomy student, Pacheco’s work has been described as equal parts magic and science. A reconciliation of his questioning of the photographic medium and his passion for scientific exploration, Pacheco’s work offers a subtle twist of the viewer’s expectations and feelings of familiarity. Carlos Pacheco “Collective” at Ohio University Art Gallery Ohio University Art Gallery at Seigfred Hall, Athens, Ohio, March 11th-15th, 2014 Gallery hours: Monday through Saturday 10 am to 4pm, and Thursday 10am-8pm. The event is free and open to the public. For more information please visit carlosrenepacheco.com or contact Petra Kralickova at the Kennedy Museum of Art, Athens, Ohio, 45701, (740)...


By Elizabeth Held

This was my first time using film in a commercial sense. The majority of my experience is in photography and documentary style short videos. In this piece, I worked in a studio, used lighting set ups, and directed a model. These things were very new to me. I wanted to do something that challenged my skill level. Never focusing on commercial before, I decided I wanted to simulate a fragrance commercial. I created a brand and character and wanted something high energy. The idea of breaking the cologne bottle and mirroring that with a model violently jumping and editing techniques came to me pretty quickly. It seemed doable as well as providing unknown territory which was an appealing mix. I shot with my personal Nikon D800 with my 24mm-70mm and 70mm-200mm lenses. The light for the majority of the film is a single Broncolor LED. During the sequences with the model on seamless paper, two harsh studio lights were being used. I edited the entire thing in Final Cut Pro X in the Create_Space. I used transitions and effects to my advantage and ended up with the final...


By Carlos Pacheco

Obstructed is a series of live abstractions recorded from live webcams in which various environmental factors and the camera’s own mechanisms disrupt the camera’s function as a tool that aids in global voyeurism. http://www.carlosrenepacheco.com/obstructed.html  

Documentary Research


A fellow film MFA classmate and I attended the F*ckrapeculture rally on Fri., Nov. 1st. The group calls on students and university administration to actively change the social culture surrounding sexual violence in Athens. We documented this rally in hopes of understanding the student collective and leadership of F*ckrapeculture with the potential to create a documentary about it.


By Carlos Pacheco

Corrupted, is a series of distorted photo albums. With the advent of digital technology came a de-materialization not only of ourselves but of the photographic medium. The photo album, which in the past was exclusively a physical object shared among friends and family, has been mostly replaced by virtual means of sharing through social media and online photo-streams. The physical albums in this series, all specifically purchased through online auction sites are relics of a pre-virtual era filtered through this digital realm. Obtaining these memories no longer requires physical human interaction; they are obtained anonymously under the guise of a screen name. There is no physical transaction, no physical monies traded for these objects. A few clicks of a mouse and these objects are sent and received not unlike digital files via the internet. . In their final state, these new constructions, though they mirror their original form teeter between a state of physicality and virtuality. They exist as physical objects, but their contents have been Corrupted and their ability to pass on information has been cauterized. Corrupted Brag Book, will be on display from Sept. 17-Nov. 16, 2013 as part of the “Tangibles: Beauty and Purpose in the Art of the Book” at the Northern Arizona University Art Museum....

Prospective Student Video – Ohio University Geography Department

By Dylan Dyer

Geared towards prospective students interested in studying geography at Ohio University, this short web video highlights the strengths of the Geography Department and provides an overview of its programs’ offerings. After working closely with current faculty, staff, and students, I was able to design a video that accurately reflected departmental strengths and interests from a variety of viewpoints. I used @Lab equipment to shoot class sessions, faculty advising, research projects, etc. in the department, which I supplemented with stock footage obtained from the Geography Department and Ohio University Communications and Marketing. The video will be editing using @Lab facilities and will be posted to the Geography website in early fall of this year....


By Justin Cattran

On April 16, this project will be featured in the 2013 Undergraduate Graphic Design thesis exhibition, “Out of Line.” The aim of this thesis project is to reveal the commonalities found when a graphic designer creates an identity for a client and a tattoo artist creates a body image (identity) for an individual. To better support this theory being developed, I am currently documenting the process of a case study.  


By Carlos Pacheco

Transmission, is an installation that employs the viewers own curiosity in an exploration of self-awareness and the viral transfer of information via the act of sending information from one location to another by means of a wireless broadcast, but also through the control of information, a transference of power, in the form of sight, through a simple, hand-to-hand transaction. Currently on display in the Ohio Univeristy Art Gallery, on the 5th floor of Seigfred Hall, in Athens, Ohio as part of the second year graduate exhibition, Merges and Dissolves.  


By Stephanie St.Aubin

In an effort to explore the notions of privacy that are embedded in domestic space, I would like to make a project that will undermine the utility of an exterior wall in my single apartment. In this ‘efficiency style’ room, I have two windows, which face towards a sidewalk just outside of the wall. I often think about how many people pass by each day, and how they cannot peer in at me although I can see them on their daily journey. By inviting the viewer into a reproduction of my private space, I am simultaneously exposing myself and creating a false personal structure. Thanks goes to Nathan for loaning me a projector for this experiment. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkN2kHhVc0k&w=555]  ...

Para Bellum


Artist: Unknown Standing: Graduate Student Abstract: Solutions Canine is hosting its first annual adoption drive for the Athens County Dog Shelter: OPERATION: PUPPY PUSH. Sooter Solutions Global bypasses the puppy mills by giving unwanted puppies a future as service dogs. These dogs are heroes working in support of our men and women deployed in the service of insuring democracy globally. Some puppies have a loving nature that make them incompatible with the rigors of service duty, but Solution Canine welcomes the opportunity to find loving family homes for thsoe of our four-legged friends unsuited to life in environments of active engagement in support of our human operatives. It is up to us as loyal Americans to sacrifice our own needs in support of these brace heroes risking life and limb to ensure out future security: man, woman and best friend. Sooter Solutions Global’s exemplary employees aim to provide a caliber of performance beyond compare....

Shaving & Lotion


Artist: Todd & Andrea Standing: Graduate...

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