Akron/Family – Silly Bears – OU

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We help students create & document their creative research. Explore their work:

We help students create & document their creative research.

Explore our creative research.

DJ Workshops

DJ Workshops Presenter:  Patrick Giguere Dates: March 4th & 12th Times: 1:30 – 4:30pm Location: 227 Putnam Hall Synopsis: Over the past 4 decades DJing has evolved from simply playing records over the airwaves to an internationally recognized art form. From Turntablism (using a turntable as an instrument by manipulating records in a way that creates percussive elements and other sounds not present on the record) to creating mash-ups (i.e. Girl Talk) this practicum will give students the opportunity to learn about the cultural history of DJing while providing a hands-on environment to learn the essential skills of Djing. From set-up and signal flow to scratching and mixing, we will cover and practice all the various types of DJing elements. Some of the equipment and programs used will be Turntables, mixers, CD tables, Kaoss pad,  Traktor, Reason and Ableton Live. Come...

We help students create & document their creative research. Explore their work:

We help students create & document their creative research.

Explore our creative research.

Mobile Recording and Experimentation

By Eric Ruhl on Apr 17, 2014

My creative research was for a final project for one of my Music Production classes. Unfortunately, the same day my band was all set to make the trip down to record, the studio at the RTV building was shut down due to a problem. With this news I frantically began searching for an alternative means to make this project happen. Upon learning the news, two of the band members decided not to make the trip down, so I was left with another producer and the drummer of the band. Due to being unable to find a large enough space to record on such short notice, we decided to get experimental in our approach. My personal bedroom studio was used in order to create new sounds, and explore the possibilities of recorded sounds. We stayed up all night looking for anything we could around the house in order to create music with. From the bell of my toaster oven to the gong-like sound of a wok lid, if it...

Haffa’s Records

By on Apr 16, 2014

Haffa’s is an ongoing short documentary film project about Haffa’s Records in Athens. I have been filming the store on various days since November and the project is nearly finished. My process was originally to go into the store and record anything that I could, intending to shape the film in the edit. As I began to edit each day’s footage, I began to notice patterns in the types of images I was interested in recording. These first few days in the store yielded little in terms of interesting footage, but contributed a blueprint for how I wanted to shape the rest of the project. The project focuses on the specific aspects of the store that define the space, from the building’s structural idiosyncrasies to the store’s customers and employees. Through postproduction, the aim of the finished film will be to shape individual details of the record store into a...

Brass Quartet Recording at St. Paul’s Church

By on Apr 8, 2014

In any sort of music recording, capturing the style of the music in its natural environment is key. Classical orchestras are best suited to the sound of a concert hall, while a punk rock band is most at home in a small, stuffy dive bar. I’ve always been fascinated by the natural echo found in traditionally designed churches, and as a player of a brass instrument myself, I knew that a quartet of tubas and euphoniums would sound amazing played in that space. So I tried to capture that sound. The recording of the Ohio University Tuba-Euphonium Quartet took place at St. Paul’s Church. The players sat in a close semicircle facing the altar of the church, with euphoniums on one side and tubas on the other. The sound that came out of the instruments was projected up, so I placed one pair of microphones at close range above the instruments, while another pair was placed about ten...

Masters Recital/Elliot Cole Performances

By on Feb 13, 2014

In January I had a series of performances; my masters recital and two dates with composer/performer Elliot Cole.   My masters recital consisted of repertoire that I have commissioned (Brian Harnetty – “Could I tell you a little story about that?”/Nick Zammuto – “Green Yellow Green Red”), a new-ish work (Matthew Burtner – “cloudprints”), a percussion standard (Minoru Miki – “Time for Marimba”), and two rare, early pieces of electroacoustic music from John Cage. It’s important for me to acknowledge the history of my field, but also to keep pushing it forward – I felt that this collection of pieces displayed that desire. The two pieces by John Cage fit both bills simultaneously. “Imaginary Landscape No. 1″ for piano, percussion and two turntables is a rarely performed work due to the...

Song Recital Recordings

By on Dec 2, 2013

I have teamed up with Ohio University Professor Emerita of piano, Gail Berenson, to present my M.M. voice recital on December 7th. We used an audio recorder from the createspace to make videos of repertoire from that recital to post online and give potential attendees a taste of what the performance will contain. Here’s a youtube link to one of those videos.

Elevator Music

By on Sep 20, 2012

In attempt to explore ideas of comfort and annoyance, this piece looks at how our personal actions affect others in public spaces. From 10am to 11am I rode the elevator in Seigfred Hall, singing to songs from my own collection as I listened to them on my mp3 player. I wore non-prescription sunglasses, thus not allowing me to see who was getting on or off the elevator with any clarity. The music was at a level I was unable to hear most conversations. I was exploring my own comfort level and also the idea of being oblivious to the events around me. I do fear retribution for my actions, wished to perform something that will also push my personal boundaries. Frame.jpg (218 KB)

‘Squirrel and Owl Karaoke’

By on Apr 9, 2012

This piece was crafted from ideas of narration and knowledge. The story itself came to me in a dream I had where I was doing stand-up comedy on a stage in front of the whole world. I was told I had 4 minutes and 57 seconds to say whatever I wanted to say. I was told that I had to make people laugh. I can’t even remember what else I was told because the people loved me… I killed it. Feel free to practice singing along.

“Hollow Threads”

By Ian Frederick on May 26, 2011

Chamber composition commissioned by the OU School of Music New Ensemble. Composed entirely on a small KORG keyboard at the @lab. Features an AbA form. Harmonies are minimalist, pandiatonic, pentatonic, quartal, and complex chromatic as well. Rock music, minimalist, Avant Garde, and Expressionist composition techniques are major influences throughout the piece.  

Hollow Threads

By Ian Frederick on Mar 2, 2011

This is my new composition, titiled “Hollow Threads” for the New Music Ensemble at the OU Music School. The instrumentation is for 2 flutes, oboe, Bb clarinet, bassoon, percussion, horn, trumpet, electric guitar, and electric bass guitar. The title refers to the prominent use of open 5th and 8ve sonorities, hence the term hollow, while threads refers to the various interweaving of voices in a polyphonic and imitative texture which is used throughout the piece. It features elements of minimalism, rock music, and 20th century Avant-Garde composition techniques. The midi file is available to hear for now. The ensemble is rehearsing the piece and will perform April 7th premiere at the Ridgdes at 19:30. A recording will be posted once available. Hollow threads audio...


By on Feb 28, 2011

OUTSIDE INSIDE  is a short autoethnographic documentary film I am working on, now in the stage of final editing. The work is about my ethnographic fieldwork in China with sound artists and experimental musicians and their communities; it’s also about the city of Beijing, sound, art and ethnographic experience. This is my experiment with sensory ethnography through film. Note: I look forward to any kind of creative, critical and curious input!  


By on Feb 18, 2011

Wiggah just won five nominations / awards for the month of January at the American International Film Festival which means they advance to the finals in December for the Big Karate Kid Tournament! Awards: Best Comedy, Best Soundtrack, Best Director, Best Cinematography & Best Editor. ‘WIGGAH’ is a one-of-a-kind cinematic event about a pimp who becomes a prostitute, one that is filled with unrivaled comeuppance and unexpected redemption. From acclaimed filmmaker Brian Zahm and legendary electronic musician Jacoti Sommes, comes ‘The Biggest, Blackest Whitesploitation Comedy Musical You’ve Ever Seen Sucka!!!’ Film Synopsis: ‘WIGGAH’ begins on inner-city streets where we meet a nasty, white street hustler, ‘T,’ who pimps to fuel his crack habit. One day while he’s pimp-slappin’ his low-rent tricks on the street corner, a smooth...

Akron/Family – Silly Bears – OU

SPIN.com is featuring a music video created by our (College of Fine Arts) students! >>

Rhythm & Rehab

I’m kick-starting a new research project wherein the outcome is 1.) helping people, 2.) involves connecting music output, to physical well-being, and 3.) utilizes mobile technologies. It just so happens to be a multidisciplinary, collaborative project, involving Ohio’s own School of Physical Therapy, School of Music, and The Aesthetic Technologies Lab. It’s just starting… should be fun.    As still in Anne bike from Petra Williams on Vimeo.