Fly on the Wall


So my name is John Kerfoot and I’m a 3rd year grad student in film working on my thesis project – a short titled “Fly on the Wall” and, yes, it is about a fly. This fly, like many flies I would imagine, hates all creatures because so many want to either kill it or eat it. So this dude is pretty pissed off, and it especially doesn’t like humans. All save one, Anna, a girl he sees on the street as she is meeting her Tinder-date who accused her of Catfishing. So the Fly follows them on their date into a restaurant, cockblocking the guy at every chance. Now, a couple fun factoids about flies: they see the world 10x slower than we do (which is why it’s hard to swat a fly). Also, they have a wide but very limited focal range of view – so unless an object is very close to a fly, it’s out focus. So from a filmmaking standpoint I get to do two...

Elliptical Interactions


In my recent work I have been interested in the systems and structures occurring in nature that control and create function as well as beauty within it. The physical laws or rules repeating throughout nature often go unnoticed in lieu of the aesthetic appeal of an object or phenomenon, despite that many of our conceptions of beauty are based in these rules or systems. By exploring areas of intersection between the systems within our own existence and the systems or laws that control the universe at a cosmic level, I am able to fulfill my own longing for connection to the universe as a whole and to make those ideas of extreme scale and unknown closer to our own conceivable reality. My inspiration for Elliptical Interactions comes from the similarity in the shape of orbits of planets and of electrons around a nucleus, making a connection between the cosmos and the physics of our own...

Film One: “Up Here”


As an MFA student in the Film Production program, I needed to take still photos of my short film location. Part of the pre-production process that was most important to me for this project was taking the screenplay into a visual format before filming, so I checked out the Canon E0S to make sure I could get better quality photos for storyboarding. I took over a hundred at the location, and then met with dancers I had cast for my film and walked through stage directions so I could see how they moved within the space. My film is entitled “Up Here,” and it primarily takes place on the highest level of the Athens City Parking Garage, which serves as a dance stage in the movie. The story is of a young dancer who finds solace in the solitude of the open air and quietness of this space as she recovers from a violent memory.  


By Carlos Pacheco

Corrupted, is a series of distorted photo albums. With the advent of digital technology came a de-materialization not only of ourselves but of the photographic medium. The photo album, which in the past was exclusively a physical object shared among friends and family, has been mostly replaced by virtual means of sharing through social media and online photo-streams. The physical albums in this series, all specifically purchased through online auction sites are relics of a pre-virtual era filtered through this digital realm. Obtaining these memories no longer requires physical human interaction; they are obtained anonymously under the guise of a screen name. There is no physical transaction, no physical monies traded for these objects. A few clicks of a mouse and these objects are sent and received not unlike digital files via the internet. . In their final state, these new...

Yoidles! Productions American Since 1980

By Broooks WEnzel

Yoidles! Productions American Since 1980 consisted of a multimedia retailvironment-ish. Yoidles! Productions was my MFA Thesis exhibition which was made possible by the equipment and facilities of the @lab. I used the blue room to create the images for my show cards. The large format printer allowed me to create photo quality banners to logo-up the gallery, as well as print brilliant photos for the wall. Nathan, personally, assisted in the development of an Android application to accompany the show (see my other post). I furnished my crayon sales representative with the Xoom tablet from the @lab (loaded with Square Register) so that actual transactions would be possible. The Jambox and ipod with bluetooth allowed me to indiscreetly play a repetitive sound track to my show. I was able to hide the Jambox above the lighting grid because it was small and created plenty of sound, while i...

Everted Sanctuaries: Increments of Silence

By Ryan Lewis

Here are some images from my recent MFA Thesis exhibition, which would not have been possible without @Lab support. Thanks also to Nathan for his help. Here’s my abstract from the exhibition: Everted Sanctuaries: Increments of Silence Eversion is a biological term for the ability of an organism to turn itself inside out. For example, a sea cucumber can eject its internal organs to distract attacking predators. The sea cucumber sacrifices these vital functions for the possibility of escape. However, this incurs a cost of the time and energy required to regrow those vital functions. Eversion, though seemingly counterproductive, is deployed at critical moments to allow the sea cucumber to achieve its highest priority‚ÄĒsurvival. Many introverts have become adept at temporarily everting their personalities to function in extroverted contexts within U.S. culture. This masquerade often...


By Carlos Pacheco

Transmission, is an installation that employs the viewers own curiosity in an exploration of self-awareness and the viral transfer of information via the act of sending information from one location to another by means of a wireless broadcast, but also through the control of information, a transference of power, in the form of sight, through a simple, hand-to-hand transaction. Currently on display in the Ohio Univeristy Art Gallery, on the 5th floor of Seigfred Hall, in Athens, Ohio as part of the second year graduate exhibition, Merges and Dissolves.  

Salvia Divinorum Documentary


Artist: Ben Powers Abstract: N/A   See more videos by the artist: Venus – Ben Powers brownhairguy’s YouTube page

New Genre Piece


Artist: Joe Good Status: Graduate...

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