Entourage Commercial


Mix marketing with video cameras and all-around goofiness and you’ll get a fun YouTube commercial. Our class assignment was to create a video to promote a fictitious business, “Entourage,” which would provide services to international college students relocating to the U.S. We chose to use a simple story that shows a young Chinese man in his first interactions at college. It illustrates the communication barrier commonly experienced. We also decided to throw in a bit of humor with a “Jimmy Entourage” character, who represents how the company can help students as he magically takes care of the items on the student’s “to do” list. It was a great experience working on this project with the Canon XL2 and Manfrotto tripod.            ...


By Carlos Pacheco

Transmission, is an installation that employs the viewers own curiosity in an exploration of self-awareness and the viral transfer of information via the act of sending information from one location to another by means of a wireless broadcast, but also through the control of information, a transference of power, in the form of sight, through a simple, hand-to-hand transaction. Currently on display in the Ohio Univeristy Art Gallery, on the 5th floor of Seigfred Hall, in Athens, Ohio as part of the second year graduate exhibition, Merges and Dissolves.  



A girl leaves a loving relationship because of memory and strange warning signs from nature. She embraces solitude to understand a magic inside.

Up Down Go

By Corey Poindexter (Producer, Up Down Go)

Up, Down, Go is a documentary on the sport, art and history of juggling. The common perception of juggling is the street and circus performing styles; eating the apple, juggling chainsaws, et al. However, Up, Down, Go hopes to show you that there is much, much more to juggling. It is a look at the philosophical differences between the two main views on juggling; Some say it is a sport. It is an acrobatic array of skills based on years of training. Others say juggling is an art. It is a unique experience between the juggler and his or her audience, the same way a painter expresses on a canvass. Up, Down, Go explores this craft -as well as the colorful people who passionately perform- in a journey led by producer and amateur juggler Nico Alfonso to jugglers’ streets, conventions, competitions and homes. Join Nico as he ventures his way across the country in search of the answer to...

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