Prospective Student Video – Ohio University Geography Department

By Dylan Dyer

Geared towards prospective students interested in studying geography at Ohio University, this short web video highlights the strengths of the Geography Department and provides an overview of its programs’ offerings. After working closely with current faculty, staff, and students, I was able to design a video that accurately reflected departmental strengths and interests from a variety of viewpoints. I used @Lab equipment to shoot class sessions, faculty advising, research projects, etc. in the department, which I supplemented with stock footage obtained from the Geography Department and Ohio University Communications and Marketing. The video will be editing using @Lab facilities and will be posted to the Geography website in early fall of this year....

Projections for Assassins

By Chet Miller

Ohio Universities second main stage this season was the show Assassins. Sondheim has the play structured to build up to the killing of Kennedy by Ozwald. Traditionally, the Zapruder film is shown at this moment. Our set was designed to show the fil on the back window of the book depository. I wanted to explore the moment as a frozen moment in time. The zapruder film actually loops in the background, as commentary about the cyclical nature of tragedy. On the floor and the wall, Walter Kronkite announcing that the president has been shot is projected. The floor projection is the primary way that Ozwald is lit in this section. Finally the floor projection and the windo projection shift to be scenes of Ozwald being paraded up and down the halls of the Dallas Police station. The @Lab provided both of the projectors used in this project. The window is a rear projection using one of the wide...



This is a still from a recent stop motion animation that addresses the interplay between nurturing, the handmade and consumption. The drawing was made with pink sand and poppy seeds.

Just Breathe


Here is a still from my recent video, “Just Breathe.” It was inspired by ideas of void, filling up time and space, and the vibrancy of illuminated balloons.

New Genre Piece


Artist: Joe Good Status: Graduate...

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