Dump Bucket Aquarium

By Sarah Dahlinger

Dump Bucket Aquarium is a multi-media work in progress that immerses the viewer into the interior of a bar’s drink dump bucket as it fills to the brim. The splashing landscape of fruit garnishes, straws and ice cubes transforms into an underwater oceanic oasis. The video is projected on a shaped projection screen that references an aquarium tunnel. Such architectural innovations enable the magical experience of walking underwater–surrounded by whale bellies and bottom feeders. The attraction and repulsion of the video underscores the duality of indulgence itself as the playful, tranquil, landscape becomes progressively indecipherable and ominous.  


By Brad Stimson

Our outcome in life is death. It’s what we do and overcome in between the beginning and end that makes us who we’re. Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system that affects millions off people around the world of all ages. Symptoms are slow when first diagnosed and progress over time. There is no cure or known cause for it yet, though there is a lot being done through organizations and research. This disease doesnt end life, it just takes life away. I watched my grandmother struggle with Parkinson’s for the majority of my life until she passed of pancreatic cancer in 2008. Widowed she did everything on her own for years including painting, golfing, and being the best grandmother she could. This strange tremor of my grandmothers arms and uncontrollable nodding was normal in my eyes, but as I got older I noticed how others viewed it. Physically present...

Tracing thoughts: Capturing processes of (anti)academic artistic research 

By Astrid Kaemmerling

Thought to speech to text to action, ideas spilled out upon surfaces, extended conversation, writing about speaking, recording language, stopping time, finding sound, taping voices, between art and research, research and art; technically speaking, poetically writing, breaking ground; reflecting, collecting, creating, materials exchanging; stimulation, simulation, extending experience, wished-for- collaborations, unpredictable structures, systems without rules, spirit appreciated, exile, nostalgia, history, tradition, fascination, education, experimentation, emotion, united, ratio; art-based research behavior; participation, pinning papers to snakes, inheriting spaces, sonic waves of interference, thought exchange, performative action, exploration, sound cognition, artistic scholarship; writers, musicians; seeking art adventure; space reshaped, audio-visual, propulsive sonic movement,...

Spatial Topologies

By Astrid Kaemmerling

Our show at The Majestic Galleries Spatial Topologies, was a collaborative exhibition bringing together four multi-disciplinary artists. Brian Harnetty, a sound artist from Ohio, Astrid Kaemmerling, a painter and installation artist from North Rhine Westfalia, Germany, Josh Ottum, a musician from California, and Jena Seiler, a video artist from New Mexico. What brought us together is our particular interest in collaborative interdisciplinary activity. With emphases on process and site-specific renderings, we aimed to explore (de)generative characteristics of spatial experience(s). Viewers were invited to immerse themselves in our production and exploration of place. The experiments manifested themselves in visual depictions of urban intersections, aural documentation of the area, and physical transformations of the gallery space itself.

8080 – BFA Thesis Exhibition

By Drew Michael

“The first video games consisted of a joystick and one or two buttons. They created a competitive frenzy to achieve the highest score, and immersed the player in a virtual world filled with colored pixels. The games emerged from huge machines in local arcades and had no 3-Dimensional graphics. Now these games that are more complex and colorful, can fit into our pockets traveling wherever we go.” This piece was created to show the evolution in technology. I reanimated old video games and projected them over wood burnings of abstract circuit boards. These burnings were cut to match the screen sizes of modern portable devices, i.e. phones, tablets, and laptops. The video games were animated so they seem like they are playing by themselves and do not make mistakes. I feel that this gives the viewer a strange feeling because they might want to be able to control them and make different...



For Binge, my goal was to bring attention to the rise in alcoholism among Hispanic Americans in the United States over the last two decades. I implemented the use of projection to alter the appearance of a small space and over stimulate the view with statistical data and, in contrast, video of actual inebriated Hispanic people. This juxtaposition of concrete statistics and personal experiences elevated the sense of over stimulation and put the information into a digestible context. My goals are to continue expanding on these ideas and present my work on a national level and bring this issue to the forefront of mainstream America.


By Carlos Pacheco

Carlos Pacheco, graduate student in Photography + Integrated Media at Ohio University, will exhibit his work titled Collective at the Ohio University. The exhibition is a new media installation that invites the viewer to witness the formation of a single, collective memory. Pacheco makes books and videos using images made from live webcams overlooking culturally significant locations around the world, like Times Square, Dealey Plaza, and Abbey Road. This narrative investigates our use of photography in an increasingly digital and interconnected world, at the same time bridging the gap between the seemingly unrelated events that unfold at these sites. The show opens Tuesday March 11th and closes March 14th with a reception Friday March 14th from 6pm – 8pm. Can’t be there in-person? View the live stream at carlosrenepacheco.com Carlos Pacheco is an artist and photographer from...


By Amanda Morris

“Taxidermy is a way to measure and characterize the relationship between humans and animals, a relationship that extends back to the beginning of time.” Dave Madden This project is the beginning of a large-scale project in which the 3D prints that I have generated and going to be used to make slip cast molds in ceramics. This project is a continuation of my last 3D printing project were I was printing smaller versions of the teeth as a test, and I stated that “I was thinking about taxidermy and its paraphernalia as being related to the commodity art object. I wished to further explore this idea by taking a product or implement of taxidermy and more closely relating it to a commodity object. I began to think specifically about taxidermy teeth, relating them aesthetically to a bear trap in mousetrap scale, which I believe is an interesting play on the power dynamics that can exist in...

Candy Apple, Give Me Something More and The Temptations

By Sarah Dahlinger

Candy Apple, Give Me Something More is a multi-media piece that considers the allure of light and surface and raises questions about temptation, futility and gender. In the video the individuals attempt to bite to the apple core of the candy apple only to find that its interior is solid candy to the core. The process is visceral and, at times, brutal, but the search continues until nothing is left. “The Temptations”, are cast resin and spit out caramel, candy and chocolate from the video performance....

3D Taxidermy Teeth Exploration


I view this project as being largely incomplete, this is just the vaguest of beginnings… to start I was thinking about taxidermy and its paraphernalia as being related to the commodity art object. I wished to further explore this idea by taking a product or implement of taxidermy and more closely relating it to a commodity object. I began to think specifically about taxidermy teeth, relating them aesthetically to a bear trap in mousetrap scale, which I believe is an interesting play on the power dynamics that can exist in certain objects due to scale, or quantity. So the final project will reflect these commodity objects use values in an installation piece that will also play with ideas on power. I plan on continuing to use the 3D printer to produce taxidermy teeth, which I will then use in combination with other mass production processes such as ceramic molds and casting processes to...

Beasts of the Mind


In this project I experimented with directional speakers (which I have never used before) in order to simulate the auditory hallucinations of schizophrenics. The sound was confined to a space closed off by plastic sheeting and containing a painting with imagery of depression. I wanted to explore how I could use this technology to portray the experience of mental illness. The video file is too large to upload, but it can be seen here:    

Heads and Tales


My installation is a womb-like tent in which people are seduced into due to the projected imagery and colored lights. However, once inside, one is trapped by the hanging cloth and thread.


By Mateo Galvano

As part of my research and studio practice that is in turn informed by my participation in gallery exhibitions, I’m working on a series of large mixed media collages that are comprised of digital photographs layered with drawings and paintings on translucent plastic vellum. Some of the works are displayed on the gallery wall, while some are pressed under stacks of glass on the floor, and others employ a combination of these strategies in one work. Silk, hair, and three dimensional objects are sometimes included. The abstract, gestural, painterly and drawn marks partially obscure and merge with the landscape photographs to create a hybrid combination of painting and photography. I’m also experimenting with projections of still and moving landscape images upon the collages to create multi-media assemblages. Entitled Sanctum, the series refers to the idea of the inner life,...



Hello! I am an OU senior studying sculpture. Currently, I am working on stop motion animation & performance video art. My thesis show is in the spring, so I am in much need of technological guidance. I am grateful to Nathan Berger, for lending me camera equipment and a projector. I have started to explore a sort of personal narrative style of filming, one I hope to refine for my thesis show. In Bravery/Hero, my most recent piece, I am breaking down formal associations within Western culture by montaging together stop motion animation, found footage, and personal footage. In my work, a frequent theme is the exploring the female experience. The installation, Bravery/Hero, was located in Seigfred Hall, room 123. Objects that appeared in the video were featured alongside the projection,casting shadow onto the moving image. Thus oscillating between the virtual in the real and the real...

Yoidles! Productions American Since 1980

By Broooks WEnzel

Yoidles! Productions American Since 1980 consisted of a multimedia retailvironment-ish. Yoidles! Productions was my MFA Thesis exhibition which was made possible by the equipment and facilities of the @lab. I used the blue room to create the images for my show cards. The large format printer allowed me to create photo quality banners to logo-up the gallery, as well as print brilliant photos for the wall. Nathan, personally, assisted in the development of an Android application to accompany the show (see my other post). I furnished my crayon sales representative with the Xoom tablet from the @lab (loaded with Square Register) so that actual transactions would be possible. The Jambox and ipod with bluetooth allowed me to indiscreetly play a repetitive sound track to my show. I was able to hide the Jambox above the lighting grid because it was small and created plenty of sound, while i...

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