By Anh Ta

The projecting video was taken during my bus ride on Christmas Eve to see loved ones in Iowa. There is something about sitting next to a body of strangers and bus drivers not getting to be with their families on the night of Christmas to serve an individual like me that is quite humble to me. The bed framed structure, sewn blanket and pillows, and flower vase symbolize a thought, a response, or a prayer that have for my parents. Based on the idea of connection and disconnection with my biological home, the piece expands to the idea of distance and time between spaces and places, there and here, domestic and foreign. This piece was installed at the Ridges in January, 2016.        ...

The interpretation of my dream


The concept of my work has not been changed and is still exploring and elaborating dreams. According to my previous research, the psychologist Cain (2013) mentioned that there is no clear boundary between dreams and reality. However, at the end of the term, when I looked back to the work, I made constant changes to the artistic performance practices and details. Though the creation of my work, I did several experiments on how to present my dreams. I started with simple illustration using software combination and then I started to explore some materials and media,which might bring new inspiration of grain such as, I tried to explore different textures brought by some new materials as well as enriched and strengthened the connotation of the work itself. I tried to carve pictures on cardboard, both positive and negative sides, and draw with paint spraying instead of paintings using this...

Voluntary Involuntary Intimacy


How do you communicate aliveness? Presence? Medically and metaphorically, a heartbeat is a measure of life. How do we connect to each other through our bodies across physical, psychological, linguistic, or emotional distance? This installation depends on participation. A stethoscope head hangs on a wall next to a cell phone, a wire connecting the two. Across the room, on a pedestal, is a box wrapped with felt like an envelope. When participant A puts the stethoscope head against their heart, their heartbeat can be heard coming from the envelope box across the room. When participant B picks up the envelope box they can feel the lub-dub of Participant A’s heart beating from the speaker they hold in their hands. It is the shared body, disembodied. It is the involuntary intimacy of the heart pumping, volunteered. The first iteration of this installation was shown on December 3, 2015...

Before dawn

By Anh Ta

I silk-screen my father’s emails sent to me over the past few years on fabric, pour 80 pounds of rice on the floor, and project window blind silhouettes all together to compose this installation, which I address as an examination of my biological home. The act of repetitive silk-screening reintroduces a clearer view into old things and old days that I overlooked and perhaps forgot. Fabric became significant in my life since the earliest memory of watching my mother hand-sewing clothes for the family. Hence, these fabric sheets, cut out in letter shape and hung together in space by cotton thread, form a dialogue between geographical, emotional distance, and family ties. The element of rice emerges as a momentous perception. From personal viewpoint, a circle of rice suggests the need to be fed, to be supported, to be whole. While aiming to use this element as part of the...

Design, Materiality, & Sustainability: Final Wall Project

By Charlotte Klimovich

The final project of Mona Ghandi’s Design, Materiality, and Sustainability class was to design and fabricate a section of a wall. This should be done both using 3D printing technology and a more traditional method of fabrication (i.e. molding and casting), to illustrate the benefits and drawbacks of both methods. I used the CREATE_space Replicator 2 3D printer to fabricate four 4″x4″ tiles to satisfy the 3D printing requirement of the project. The wall section we created had to stand on its own, be able to be viewed from both sides, and have some kind of porosity. My overarching concepts to explore were depth and movement. I had explored in other ways how natural objects (such as hair or water) exemplified these concepts, and so in the program Rhinoceros, I created a tile with a shape reminiscent of a leaf. I also liked how the spaces between the tiles could create...

Thinking Through

By Jena Seiler

On November 21st, I had a show at Louise O’Rourke’s gallery Kitchen Table in Philadelphia. The show title was “Thinking Through” and was compilation of artworks. To differing degrees all of the works dealt with our engagement with media, media conceptualized broadly, and the limits of media in capturing a place, a moment, or a process. With the help of the CREATE_space I was able to print one of the largest pieces of the show. I also borrowed crucial video and audio equipment from the CREATE_space, without which I would not have been able to realized specific artworks. The following images are documentations of the show and were taking by gallery owner Louise O’Rourke.            

Thread for Filth

By Rachel Bender

As a consumer of drag culture, I see the potential of using drag as a means of reeducation and assertion that falling on either end of the spectrum, or anywhere between the binaries, is okay. We can have fun and play and laugh and sing while we deconstruct gender’s rigid parameters. That is how children are educated in the first place after all, with songs and rhymes and toys.   Dolls are used to model the behavior that will one day be expected from children, especially girls, as they grow up and take on more active roles in society. The concept of dolls as role models stretches from the Venus of Willendorf modeling nourishment and fertility to Barbie modeling her various careers. I hope to spark a dialogue through my exhibition of dolls about what is deemed appropriate for children’s consumption and what effect that has on the acceptance of the maligned gender presentations and...

Energy Flow


For my structure art class the students were asked to pick from a list of contemporary artists that use structure, and eventually make a piece based off of that artist, either in material or meaning. I picked Nobuhiro Shimura, a projection artist whose work explores how the audience and surroundings can be invited into a relationship with his projections. I had never worked with projectors before, and my knowledge was more based in illustration, so I created a series of figures to project as part of an installation that I exhibited Wednesday, November 4 for a total of about 30 minutes. I rented two projectors but ended up using a super short range one to project my figures onto the back of a hanging piece of paper. There were slits in the paper between each of the figures that allowed the paper to swing freely and react to the breath and movement of those viewing it. I animated two of...



Baggage is the first step in the development of my thesis exhibition scheduled for late Spring. For the last two years, I have been exploring the idea of the existence of an “authentic” black male experience. That is to say, what truly makes an African-American male, a man under today’s social codes. Through my research and study of the topic, I have found evidence to suggest that the criminalization and “othering” of African Americans, specifically young boys, can start as early as age 5-7. This coincides with the time that children begin to regularly attend school (kindergarten, first grade); coupled with other evidence that suggest the existence of the School-to-Prison Pipeline, the work seeks to plainly show the struggles of African American male youth in a system that not only cripples them, but also blames them for their second class status. As part...

Total Limbo


Collective Springboard (Danny Crump, Sarah Dalhinger, Micah Snyder, and Steph Wadman) bounce back from their day jobs as serious artists. They do so by creating collaborative and improvisational art, with a sharp eye for rando stuff salvaged from the appalachian landscape. In a full scale transformation of the Dairy Barn Art Center, Total Limbo imagines a space between worlds. Participants are immersed in audio, visual and physical dreamscape, including a modernist gridlock maze, a soft environment, a spaceship, and a strobe light fueled infinity room. Alongside the installation was a triple channel video projection, a shifting audio soundscape, and interactive sculptures such as a human slingshot, and a teepee made from plastic shopping bags. Participants choose their own path, level of engagement, and are encouraged to connect with their own liminal space of discovery. In the spirit...

Space Humanities Department


I had the privilege to be TA for Space humanities Department at the International Space University during the summer 2015 in Athens, Ohio. This years the department had to make a short movie about space for their project, something really challenging for people that never work in movie making. The CREATE_space was the best environment with great equipment, infrastructure and staff to help.Without the creative research support, these movies was never be possible. Here are the 3 shorts movies created and showcased at the Athens Cinema:  ...

Transcribing Light & Motion


How do we recognize the reality of physical phenomena that we cannot touch? Light and motion are two such experiences, elusive in our understanding of them. The following project is a twofold creative examination of physical concepts. The first component concerns motion: how does our motion through physical spaces hold continued presence, even after the motion has passed? Why are certain motions repeated by certain people to create unique patterns of action? How do our bodies relate to nature and physical phenomena? To address these questions, I created a video of myself dancing, one of my favorite types of motion, past 3 lines. The lines follow one after the other, related by the golden ratio. This relationship was chosen because of its mysterious connection to repetition in nature. I recorded each part of my body as it passed a line. Obviously the motions of my body differed each...

Home Salty Home


In the spring of 2013, I was standing in line for concessions at the Angola Prison Rodeo in Louisiana. I had received a grant to conduct research on the controversial spectacle of the rodeo. A friendly man next to me suggested I try the fried pig tail and reminisced about his favorite snack. His t-shirt read RODEO WORKER. I recognized the t-shirt as the same worn by men behind booths at the rodeo’s craft fair, where they sold their art. The rodeo was held on the grounds of a maximum security prison. The men behind the booths were inmates. I bought a pig tail, found a seat on the bleachers, and gnawed on the deep-fried cartilage and bone. Dressed in black and white striped costumes, the inmates commenced the theatrical events of the rodeo as hordes of spectators cheered on. I couldn’t figure out how to eat my pigtail. Eventually, I grew tired of the rodeo’s pageantry, left my seat, and...



‘Dodecahedra’ is an installation utilizing sculptural object and projection to transform a space through refracted light. The concept for ‘Dodecahedra’ originated from Plato’s assignment of the five platonic solids to the elements that construct the universe, including fire, water, earth, and air. The dodecahedron, or 12-sided solid, is representative of the cosmos itself. The dodecahedra in my installation have been constructed from cut and folded plastic material, and a projected animation of changing color and light creates moving and changing refractions on the walls and ceiling. I am interested in creating a transformed space for the viewer to enter into and instill a sense of meditative calm similar to what I feel during the repetitious creation of these objects. I hope to evoke in the viewer ideas of creation, existence, and the truth of our perception.    ...

In and Around The Barn – Red Projection


This is a continuation of my previous “Color Experimentation” project. {Leander Edmiston and myself(Dan Manion) have begun to experiment with a series of color-based video projects. Our aim is to explore the many facets of color, including its incorporation into storytelling and its emotional associations. Ambiguous and undulating inks confront the viewer with an escape from reality. Together we have begun creating organic-esque, complex, and abstract “colorscapes” that reference the natural world.}     This first edited video entitled “RED” is an example of my fascination with back and forth submergence into a created dreamlike space. With help from Nathan from the Create_Space, I was able to project this video at the gallery show entitled “In And Around The Barn” held this past month at The Dairy Barn.  ...

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