Documentation of Student Images


These images document process work conducted in the senior graphic design studio during Fall of 2013, under the direction of Molly Schoenhoff. Included are sketches, concept maps and exploratory writing. Students worked in teams to create a strategic identity system for the West State Street Research Gardens. Plant Biology Professor Art Trese and graduate student Sarah Minkin consulted students on the project. The project is affiliated with the Common Experience on Sustainability.    


By Justin Cattran

On April 16, this project will be featured in the 2013 Undergraduate Graphic Design thesis exhibition, “Out of Line.” The aim of this thesis project is to reveal the commonalities found when a graphic designer creates an identity for a client and a tattoo artist creates a body image (identity) for an individual. To better support this theory being developed, I am currently documenting the process of a case study.  



Binary (tentative title) is an in progress photographic project that discusses issues of identity in an increasingly digital world. Through a technique known as databending, descriptors, such as the name, race, and gender of the individuals in the photographs have been integrated into the very code that underlies and actualizes the digital image. In effect, the physical representation of each subject has infiltrated his or her respective digital representation. As a result of this infiltration, the code, a sort of digital DNA, becomes corrupted and the combined representative self, distorted  

Sherwood Tree – A Personal Documentary


I am changing my last name to Bania and spend this film exploring my family’s heritage in relation to Michigan and the car industry. More so, I examine how my family reacts to my decision to change my name and reveal how identity is linked to name in marriage, siblings, immigrants and ultimately the shared American melting pot.    

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