Nihilistic Voices

By Ian Frederick

Swiss conductor conductor Baldur Brönnimann with the National Symphony Orchestra of Colombia in a Sept. 1st, 2011 recording in Bogotá, Colombia. Composed in 2007, originally five movements but cut down to three. Bartókian elements play an important role as well as symmetrical structures including the Fibonacci sequence. The second movement features a dramatic passacaglia in F# Aeolian. The last movement finale where a fugue takes placed was revised and edited in 2011.  

“Hollow Threads”

By Ian Frederick

Chamber composition commissioned by the OU School of Music New Ensemble. Composed entirely on a small KORG keyboard at the @lab. Features an AbA form. Harmonies are minimalist, pandiatonic, pentatonic, quartal, and complex chromatic as well. Rock music, minimalist, Avant Garde, and Expressionist composition techniques are major influences throughout the piece.  

Hollow Threads

By Ian Frederick

This is my new composition, titiled “Hollow Threads” for the New Music Ensemble at the OU Music School. The instrumentation is for 2 flutes, oboe, Bb clarinet, bassoon, percussion, horn, trumpet, electric guitar, and electric bass guitar. The title refers to the prominent use of open 5th and 8ve sonorities, hence the term hollow, while threads refers to the various interweaving of voices in a polyphonic and imitative texture which is used throughout the piece. It features elements of minimalism, rock music, and 20th century Avant-Garde composition techniques. The midi file is available to hear for now. The ensemble is rehearsing the piece and will perform April 7th premiere at the Ridgdes at 19:30. A recording will be posted once available. Hollow threads audio...

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