Imaging Galway


This is a short experimental film that investigates the moving image and conventions of viewership through the duration and sequencing of still frames. Furthermore the film brings up questions about place, narrative, and representation. The film was created out of found footage using both After Effects and Final Cut Pro.  

Filtration Station

By Natalie Preston

Using projection through a series of curtains, participants are invited to enter this artificial space that act as filters for the projection. The bodies interaction with the space erases their surroundings, further disrupting the already deconstructed text. The text is removed from the curtains and reproduced on their bodies, implicating the body in the space. The text has already been put through a series of processes. It’s collected and partially written by me, then re-written and reconstructed in a new arrangement of illegible text in the video. It is then filtered even further through the projection, and through the curtains acting as additional filters. The goal of the project is to present a completely phenomenological and fluid experience of language.  

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