The priest

By Matt Herbertz

In a world where organized religion has become violently persecuted, an aged priest, Father McNalley, searches for a safe place to start a new church. After a long journey, the priest collapses on the doorstep of a family farm. The family takes the priest in for the night without knowing his true identity. Father McNalley must decide whether or not he should trust the family enough to let them know who he really is. Will the family help the old man continue his ministry or will they hold his faith against him? The Priest is a second year MFA film by Matthew Herbertz and after a successful shoot is now in post production set to be released fall 2015. Through the intense collaboration with fellow peers and faculty The Priest was able to succeed in a Kickstarter campaign helping fund the project. As Matthew moves forward in post production he hopes the story he feels so passionately about...

OU Film Web Team: Summer Interviews

By Natalie Hulla

The Web team for Ohio University Film recently sat down with a handful of graduate and HTC film students to interview them on their summer activities. While some students traveled abroad to teach or work professionally, others gained internship experience and worked on professional TV/film sets. One of our students connected with an Emmy-nominated cinematographer and OU Film alum, George Mooradian, while freelancing in Los Angeles. The Web team, which is a small group of graduate students who manage the program’s website and social media outlets, wanted to showcase these accomplishments and experiences in order to create a highlight reel that will accompany a feature post on our website blog. We used a Canon 5D Mark II from The CREATE_Space to hold formal, sit-down interviews.        

The History of Football: An Odyssey


“The History of Football: An Odyssey” is one man’s journey to find the roots of the game he loves so very much. Written and created by Media Student/Stand-up Comedian Michael Robenalt and produced and directed by myself (Film student Luke Porst), The History of Football is a five part web series. The series is something of a parody of the “Cosmos” programs of Carl Sagan and Neil deGrasse Tyson, but of course, it’s about football rather than the universe. This series is at its roots a parody, a genre that hasn’t had the audience that it used to. By bringing it to a shorter form and made for the web, we hope to find a way to bring this genre to a new audience.      

Haffa’s Records


Haffa’s is an ongoing short documentary film project about Haffa’s Records in Athens. I have been filming the store on various days since November and the project is nearly finished. My process was originally to go into the store and record anything that I could, intending to shape the film in the edit. As I began to edit each day’s footage, I began to notice patterns in the types of images I was interested in recording. These first few days in the store yielded little in terms of interesting footage, but contributed a blueprint for how I wanted to shape the rest of the project. The project focuses on the specific aspects of the store that define the space, from the building’s structural idiosyncrasies to the store’s customers and employees. Through postproduction, the aim of the finished film will be to shape individual details of the record store into a...

The Water Skater

By Ian Campbell

The Water Skater is a short film inspired by Howard Mallison, my grandma’s uncle. The original footage was shot on Super 8, transferred to digital video, and then edited at the Create Space. It will be playing at the Athens International Film and Video Festival on Sunday, April 13, 3pm (in “Memory Games”). A sneak peek is available here, and on vimeo:     All I had to go on when reconstructing the life of Uncle Howard were the biographical fragments passed on by my grandma (in her inimitably elliptical storytelling style), a few photographs, and a bayonet Howard brought back from World War 1. This bayonet, which weaves its way through the film, is a relic: an object dislocated from its original traumatic context. In The Water Skater history is inaccessible but ever present. As the film slowly wraps itself around the take-up reel of the projector, there is the sense that...


By Stephen Blahut

Set in WWII Ukraine under the Nazi occupation, Mother recounts a widowed woman’s struggle for survival with her two children while remaining hidden within the confines of an old barn. Iryna Zhygalyuk (MFA Film) thoughtfully directs this harrowing tale which draws influence from the Soviet works of director Larisa Shepitko’s The Ascent (1977) and Andrei Tarkovsky’s Ivan’s Childhood (1962) The film stars New York based actors Yelena Shmulenson, Stella Stark, and Zenon...



A fantasy take on the end of the world. The film starts with Watson (Alex Nicosia) and his best friend Jack (Casey Costello) as children discovering the Talisman that has the power to save the world. Fast forward 10 years and the apocalypse is happening and Jack has abandoned Watson in pursuit of a burger. Watson is left to track down Jack before the world ends. Written and directed by Eleanor Crews and shot by Stephen Blahut Sidekick draws inspiration from Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the cult film The Warriors.


By Mladan Jurkovic

Set above the city streets of New York, Lightwalker’s follows Demi, a young woman, that wakes up at the edge of a rooftop. How did she get there? The mystery begins… Mladan Jurkovic directs the whimsical tale of romance with imagery influenced by the illustrations within Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s Little Prince and the specificity to color of Paul Thomas Anderson’s Punch Drunk Love.

When Skies Are Gray

By Cory Pratt

Inspired by the social-realist cinema of contemporary Europe (including the works of Andrea Arnold and the Dardenne brothers) my new film “When Skies Are Gray” is a stark portrait of Modern Appalachia. Having been born and raised in East Tennessee, I always saw a marked difference between the picturesque Smoky Mountains on the cover of tourists’ brochures, and the way things really were in the mountain communities where I grew up. Appalachia IS a place of great beauty, but it’s also a place of isolation where mountain folk suffer in the throes of unemployment, hunger, and prescription drug abuse. The film tells the story of Travis, an Appalachian youth who lives in a remote mountain community. Hidden away in a mobile home on the fringe of civilization, he has picked up the slack of his mostly absent mother. With both children being the product of her promiscuous...

The Waiting Room


This project was a collaboration of Theater and Film students, part of the interdepartmental directing class being taught this semester. As a film student in the class, I was assigned two actors I had never worked with before and we were asked to create and shoot a short scene from a piece of open text. We worked out the characters’ backstories and given circumstances together through several rehearsals. The scene we shot was about a Dorito-loving guy who uses his sock puppet to approach his secret crush. As expected, the resulting scene has some absurd and funny moments, but there is something human underneath it all.



Mladan Jurkovich (M.F.A. Film) began casting his thesis project, tentatively titled “Lightwalkers”, at Shetler Studios in Manhattan. Two Hundred actors and actresses applied to be a part of the five person ensemble which will continue casting through mid-January. Principle photography is set to begin March 5th – 10th in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The urban fairy tale will be the third in a series of short films exploring the conditions of love, loss, and sleeping on the rooftops of New York City.

Truth in Pursuit

By Zack Eisenfeld

I’m excited to announce that “Truth in Pursuit” is finished with filming! Post production has begun and will be finished within a month, meaning more updates along the way! Expect a trailer and other news. Thanks for the support and here is a Behind The Scenes video of the all of the days of shooting. Enjoy

Truth in Pursuit

By Zack Eisenfeld

We are wrapping up the shooting of Peculiar Pictures’ first short film “Truth in Pursuit”, the story a young man who finds himself and his sketchy pass catching up to him at a motel in the middle of rural Pennsylvania. We will be wrapping up shooting and hope to have a finished product early in January. Check out our brand new official website for updates on this project and all of our upcoming projects!  

Dancing with Fire


This is an ongoing project collaborating with photographers and dancers and involving myself as the painter. The video link below is one step in the process of creating a performance that will lead to painting on a 12 ft x 8 ft canvas. The process consists of initially collaborating with the dancers by having them improv performance that is to be filmed by myself. They are dancing to music I have composed. Ultimately the footage with be projected onto the canvas and I will paint as a 4th performer as the other 3 performers dance through the...



Bridges tells the story of Julia, a shut incapable of dealing with the outside world following her husband’s death. Directed by Jon Coy and written by Angelique Gibson of the film school, “Bridges” subtly deals with the idea of loss the process of moving forward with one’s life.  

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