What May Come From Observation


I am currently documenting my body of work entitled: What May Come From Observation. This work explores birds’ nest as a subject within an emblematic sense, but upon investigation yields a poetic language in rhythmic harmony to humans and the objects we adorn and occupy. I am fascinated by how forms in nature occur and interrelate with the human experience. I believe the lack of unmediated experiences with the natural environment is the cause for much of the world’s psychological, social, and environmental ills. My desire is to bring back the lost connection with nature and the environment by mixing and merging the co-existences that parallel between the wonders of the wild and humanistic tendencies. Through this I reconsider with wonderment the value of finding interest in the ordinary things of nature, the value of rediscovery, and the contemplation of possibilities that could...

Architecture Embodies – The Meet and Greet


The environment around us shapes us, just as we shape it. We are not given a blank slate on which to build our houses, cities, and communities. Much is beyond our control. Often our own needs and desires conflict with those of other people and compete with one another. This constitutes an imperfect landscape on which to build, a foundation to which we adapt in order to build off of. When I first arrived in Athens, I was struck by the cobbled together aesthetic of much of its architecture. These structures and the necessities that shaped them express a kind of poetry, for if you take the time to read them, buildings tell stories. I am particularly interested in the ways in which the built environment reflects those moments where needs, resources, and circumstances merge into tactics. The traces left by these moments are inscribed on the physical landscape as well as our individual and...

eastern sky


“eastern sky” is an in progress piece that I am currently working on for my thesis show. These images are documentation of multiple videos I have been projecting on a gel medium surface. This will serve as my projection screen for the final installation.



“re-membering” is a short film in which I used After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and Soundtrack Pro to construct a composite film out of found footage, imagery, and audio. The found materials were then put in dialogue with a short personal narrative in order to question the porous state of memory in relation to the digital age of globalization. Specifically this short film focuses on the the absence and potential to address humanitarian crises that have occurred or are occurring in other parts of the world. This film is directly pointed toward Africa’s Great Lake region which includes the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda, but opens up many different questions concerning the political and social boundaries which hold the personal and the global.

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