Carnivalesque Documentary


Documentary film making is one of my passions. I’ve always been drawn to “real things” and the non-fictional spectrum of storytelling. I think that’s where authentic moments come to life. Although I have this urge to go out document the world around me, I’ve encountered roadblocks in regards to obtaining necessary gear at Ohio University. Because of the Create_Space I was able to heighten the production on my documentary on Carnivalesque 2015, a DIY music festival that took place the last weekend of March. My goal for shooting the fest included shooting from a bunch of different perspectives. We accomplished this by utilizing the GoPro HERO 3 in interesting places, such as the microphone stand. We also needed decent audio to capture the sound of the bands and the crowds in cramped spaces. We were able to do so with the audio gear that we check out. All in all, our experience with the documentary and with Create_Space was very positive. We plan to interview the festival’s founder Mitch Rossiter a few more times and compile something interesting to put out in the near future....

An Act


I am conducting a creative research with the goal of writing a neo-neo realist feature screenplay hybrid of documentary and fiction: An Act is a feature-length narrative film exploring the aftermath of unsubstantiated accusations of sexual harassment that damaged a career of a young student actor. The fictionalized story is inspired by real life’s events that tore apart an idealistic theatre community and broke the dreams and lives of those involved. The real persons in the incident will work with me closely to help capture the nuances and complexities of the issues surrounding it. I will be utilizing the neo-neo realist model in my writing and directing the film to deliver an authentic portrayal of the characters and events. Stylistically, the film will blend narrative fiction and documentary. I’ve already received the CoFA Creative Research Award (October 2014) for the purpose of conducting personal interviews with the main subjects as part of my screenwriting process. I have assembled a crew of talented and committed artists and professionals, with whom I have worked in the past making my previous films. I intend to utilize my past experience and all resources available to deliver this story to the screen with the impact it deserves. It is a vital social commentary and a key project in my career.  ...

“Cool Beans” – Observational Documentary


In a world with so many demands on time and resources, I was lucky enough to find an individual that used his time and resources to live off of…literally. “Cool beans” is an observational documentary that sees the world through the eyes of Caleb Brown, a small entrepreneur that lives off of his artisan talents. From roasting imported coffee to social activism on social media, Caleb is a man of many hats that has chosen to use his talents to put food on his table and pay the bills through his “simple living”. At 27 years old, Caleb has no steady flow of income and practically lives the artists’ dream by living off the sweat of his brow comfortably. Not only has he found a way to live fully, but he’s also tapped into using and sharing his gifts to challenge those around him to do the same and to be less stressed by the keeping up with the trends of the world. His only source of income is the money he makes from selling coffee and playing his guitar at hired gigs. He eats and supports organic farmers, being an organic former himself, and promotes healthy living and eating habits to ensure we leave a sustainable earth for the future generation to live in. If the world had more Caleb’s imagine how much more relaxed and purposeful we’d be in this world.  ...

My Home(land) Video


Almost a year ago I headed back to Kiev, Ukraine to figure out what was happening in my homeland. Dazed and confused, just like many other Ukrainians back in February and March 2014, I found myself looking for the answers on Maidan, the main city square where a such called Revolution of Dignity changed the entire country and its future. I befriended a few activists who’d seen it all and survived numerous violent clashes with the police. I’d experienced an ecstatic feeling of being a part of something larger than I myself. Just like 16-year-old Vovka who’s proudly marching with the Ukrainian flag in his hands (see the video I uploaded). I let the camera to be my eyes and ears so I took it everywhere I went. I ended up filming my friend’s mom’s art gallery where John Lenon’s photograph sat on the same shelf with a menorah, as well as the food I ate and all those mundane things that somehow made me feel like home. On the day I was leaving for Athens sitting on the airport shuttle bus I heard a radio announcement about the very first military draft. Turned out, while we all were trying to come to our senses after the obscenity of the recent revolution, it grew into the Russian military intervention. But this is another story…      ...

Haffa’s Records


Haffa’s is an ongoing short documentary film project about Haffa’s Records in Athens. I have been filming the store on various days since November and the project is nearly finished. My process was originally to go into the store and record anything that I could, intending to shape the film in the edit. As I began to edit each day’s footage, I began to notice patterns in the types of images I was interested in recording. These first few days in the store yielded little in terms of interesting footage, but contributed a blueprint for how I wanted to shape the rest of the project. The project focuses on the specific aspects of the store that define the space, from the building’s structural idiosyncrasies to the store’s customers and employees. Through postproduction, the aim of the finished film will be to shape individual details of the record store into a single merged concept, both a fixture of the Athens community and a relic of a bygone...

ITS Documentary for Scripps Innovation Challenge 2014

By Stephen Hicken

Throughout the months of January, February, March and April I will be documenting a group representing the school of Information of Telecommunication Studies and their project for the 2014 Scripps Innovation Challenge. The Scripps Innovation Challenge is a competition in which any student attending Ohio University can participate. The contest challenges students to tackle challenges in the media industry. This group of students I am documenting are representing the ITS school in this challenge, and are building an idea to help a news organization with close to 190,000 Twitter followers monetize a loyal and growing audience. The group, lead by senior Anthony Aerni, meets twice a week and organizes their business model, continually building and shaping this plan before the formal registration on February 28th. After that, their written entry, along with a video pitch, is due on March 18th to be judged for a final presentation on April 21st. I have been attending every meeting focusing on specific topics of discussion and keeping a log of progress with Anthony. After the formal entry and subsequent meetings, I plan on interviewing each team member in order to get their story on the progress of their idea and how they’ve felt about the contest. As a Video Production major, this documentary has given me the opportunity to showcase a team in one of the biggest competitions the Scripps College has to offer, as well as build my resumé and participate in this great...

Documentary Research


A fellow film MFA classmate and I attended the F*ckrapeculture rally on Fri., Nov. 1st. The group calls on students and university administration to actively change the social culture surrounding sexual violence in Athens. We documented this rally in hopes of understanding the student collective and leadership of F*ckrapeculture with the potential to create a documentary about it.

The Artist.The City


For my project I am doing a short documentary on the art coordinator of the Art Corner Toledo Rachel Richardson. I am exploring this avenue of who she is and how she not only impacts the city of city -specifically the uptown and downtown Toledo – and how the city impacts her. While there are more “mainstream” artist that may capture the attention of the audience that I could have interviewed I choose to do someone more low-key specifically Rachel Richardson is because this project is just as much about the city as it is the artist. So I needed an artist who is local and connected to the city whereas you couldn’t get from a celebrity artist who all live in NYC and where not born or raised there. While Rachel does not produce art works her role in the art community is just as significant I my desire is to highlight that role.  

Up Down Go

By Corey Poindexter (Producer, Up Down Go)

Up, Down, Go is a documentary on the sport, art and history of juggling. The common perception of juggling is the street and circus performing styles; eating the apple, juggling chainsaws, et al. However, Up, Down, Go hopes to show you that there is much, much more to juggling. It is a look at the philosophical differences between the two main views on juggling; Some say it is a sport. It is an acrobatic array of skills based on years of training. Others say juggling is an art. It is a unique experience between the juggler and his or her audience, the same way a painter expresses on a canvass. Up, Down, Go explores this craft -as well as the colorful people who passionately perform- in a journey led by producer and amateur juggler Nico Alfonso to jugglers’ streets, conventions, competitions and homes. Join Nico as he ventures his way across the country in search of the answer to the question, “What is juggling?”...

Sherwood Tree – A Personal Documentary


I am changing my last name to Bania and spend this film exploring my family’s heritage in relation to Michigan and the car industry. More so, I examine how my family reacts to my decision to change my name and reveal how identity is linked to name in marriage, siblings, immigrants and ultimately the shared American melting pot.    

Salvia Divinorum Documentary


Artist: Ben Powers Abstract: N/A   See more videos by the artist: Venus – Ben Powers brownhairguy’s YouTube page

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