As part of The Game Show, which ran from February 26th to April 9th, at EASE gallery in Columbus, Ohio, writers Kristin Distel and Wendy McVicker, visual artist Melissa Neiderhiser, and myself created a multimedia installation. The piece entitled “weathered-world” was a collaborative exploration into the division between air and ground. Bringing together video, writing, and textile we sought to explore a layered sense of being in the world.        

Cooling Tower

By Jena Seiler

On March 16th, 2016 our Sensory Ethnography class visited the Gavin Power Plant in Southeast Ohio. The plant was shut down due to low demand, this provided a rare opportunity to go into the cooling tower. The following tiny film was created in collaboration with Tijah Bumgarner. The footage was captured using Tijah iPhone and a phone lens, that we borrowed from the CREATE_space.        

Rhythm & Rehab

I’m kick-starting a new research project wherein the outcome is 1.) helping people, 2.) involves connecting music output, to physical well-being, and 3.) utilizes mobile technologies. It just so happens to be a multidisciplinary, collaborative project, involving Ohio’s own School of Physical Therapy, School of Music, and The Aesthetic Technologies Lab. It’s just starting… should be fun.    As still in Anne bike from Petra Williams on Vimeo.

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