Thesis show research


I used a Jambox speaker and media player to research and troubleshoot how to best present two videos and one audio file during my thesis exhibition March 8-12th, 2016 in the 5th Floor Seigfred Gallery. I am attempting to display a video on an old Sanyo tube television, presumably from the early 2000s. As evidenced by the attached video footage, I am having some trouble with the formatting between the media player and the television- something I need to work out in the next few weeks. The Jambox will play a file of a mourning dove call in the part of my exhibition (titled Belonging of Objects) that represents a backyard scene from my childhood, particularly my grandparents’ backyard on the south side of Chicago. Through this trial, I know I need to do quite a bit of work still with the display of these audio and video pieces. Until next time…    ...

The day I watched my Dad pull his gun


During my second year as an MFA candidate in the ceramics department here at OU, I am exploring childhood recollections through recreation and adaptation. My hope with this work is not only to recall memories that are significant to my development, but also to revisit times in my life when important people (such as my father, grandparents, etc.) were still living and, in turn, still a source of comfort and safety. On to the project… For this iteration of the piece I’ve titled “The day I watched my Dad pull his gun”, I moved my studio into the installation space up at the Ridges for 2 days. During this time, I built loosely constructed wooden supports out of 2x4s that would eventually hold raw clay constructions of the human hand. I enjoyed working with raw clay in this manner because it allowed me to construct these pieces free of the anxieties most often...

Now We’re Sharing the Same Dream

By Andy Sloan Jackson

“Now We’re Sharing the Same Dream” is the thesis exhibit for my MFA in Ceramics at Ohio University. This six-channel piece includes large and small scale sculpture, video loops, and fiber sculptures. It would never have been possible without the resources of the @Lab and the incredible help of Nathaniel Berger. Thank you. I explore how objects function on multiple, simultaneous, and contradictory levels. We engage the world of objects with every action, taking comfort in those that surround and adore our homes. These objects include plates commemorating a special event, souvenirs from vacations long ago, or figurines linked to an emotion or rite of passage. How do these objects navigate a tenuous boundary between meaning and obscurity? What power do they still hold as a souvenir not only of a vacation, but of a memory, of an event. In my work I create tableaus that...


By Nathan Prouty

I was invited to submit work to an anthology of artist’s interpretations of the Sandwich, to be published in 2013 by StarGods Press, an independent publisher based out of Toronto, Canada. My medium of choice is ceramics, but I have also been working in digital printmaking and screenprinting. For this project, I wanted to use the aesthetics of traditional 2-D cell animation. After creating a sandwich form out of clay, I photographed it with a model. The final print will be two layers – the photograph of the model holding the sandwich that has been desaturated of all color, laying underneath an acetate layer of just the sandwich and cord. This acetate layer will be printed in color. I am exploring many ideas in the studio, but for this project I am interested in the idea of ‘overlaying’ vibrant, lively information over a base layer of blandness. This project will...

MTV, Give Me Back My Life!

By Andy Sloan Jackson

HEY Y’ALL! “MTV, Give Me Back My Life!” is a sculpture from 2012 utilizing ceramics, mixed media, and video. The piece is a response to the extreme loneliness and queer isolation I was feeling at the time. In the video, I play a fictional gay teenager who is the host of a talk/variety show. This character recounts his days to the audiences and his stories weave a tale of his own tragicomic experiences as a gay teenager as well as touch upon a larger esoteric cosmology present in my work. This project could never have been created without the awesome resources of the @Lab, most notably the blue screen shooting studio and Adobe After Effects. Here is a trailer for the video, episodes 1 – 3 of my continuing high school saga.    ...

2011 Summer in Hungary Blog: Ceramics, Drawing, and Art History

By Rachel Clark

Purpose: The Ohio University Ceramics, Art, and Art History Study Abroad Blog is a supplemental component of students’ coursework that facilitates the recording of (daily/weekly) experiential learning and will provide a venue for the collection of visual research. Stimuli: Students’ will have an extensive range of (experience/stimuli) including but not limited to: the International Ceramic Studio and The Hungarian Museum of Photography, Kecskemet, Applied Art Museum, Budapest, Herend Porcelain, Tihany/Balaton Lake, Szolnay Ceramics Museum, Pecs, as well as access to many other areas of cultural importance within the region. Courses: Ceramics, Drawing and Art History.

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