Being Bound Forces Non-Action


Being Bound Forces Non-Action | 2015 | Animal fat, poplar | 45″X 6″X7″ Being Bound Forces Non-Action is a biographical psychological exploration, dissection, and allegory of the traumatized body. How mental bondage creates ailments in the physical body is depicted through the repetition of five single hip bones, which attach themselves to each other creating a type of chain. Through this chain, I attempt to organize experiences of physical and mental trauma by means of linear pattern. The use of fat references a literal as well as figurative cushion which suggests a type defense mechanism. While wrapping ourselves in this chain we create a knot which only becomes tighter the more we struggle. Through non-action we are able to reach a point of meditative and contemplative thought, ultimately leading us toward state of acceptance.

Urban Body


This project interrogates the interchangeability of space and place. It tries to play with the fluid relationship that we have with the built environment. The strategy I have chosen is to claim spaces in the built environment that seem to exist as non-places as they usually stay undisturbed or underutilized. Here I employ temporary constructions possessing international forms (i.e. the curvature of a curb rounding a corner) adaptable to local conditions. The Locations are limited to downtown areas in various cities across the United States and, hopefully, will be expanded to other countries. The hidden motif behind the work is the issue of displacement and creation of strategies to transform space into place. In placing my body in a piece of foam with my 3D scanned body carved into it using a mechanical process, CNC, and, then, placing both into a curvature that almost perfectly fits...

A body to build on


I borrowed a camera and tripod to take a series of photographs of myself. These were then turned into silhouettes and are being used as stencils in a drawing and a series of etchings. The images you are seeing are details from this drawing; it plays with scale, perspective, and notions of how our bodies relate to the built environment.

In Process- Investigations of Futiltiy and Possibility #2


This work displays my endeavors to construct a cocoon-like structure out of plastic wrap that eventually sustains my body weight. Functioning as a metaphor for the ways we continuously construct and deconstruct barriers in our everyday lives, this work communicates struggle, the difficulty of change, and also reveals that potential and possibility may emerge in unexpected ways.    

In Process- Material Investigations


An important component of my research stems from my material investigations with gelatin, a substance that mimics qualities of the human body. Literally made up of body, gelatin consists of collagen extracted from animal skins,connective tissues, organs, and crushed bones. Processed into a powdered form, gelatin, when mixed with water becomes a translucent, homogenous solution. Resembling the ways that skin, fat, and bone fluctuate in response to what surrounds our bodies, the gelatin responds to fluctuations in moisture and heat yielding various state changes; dehydrating, rehydrating, rupturing, fusing, sagging, and shrinking over time.    ...

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