A body to build on


I borrowed a camera and tripod to take a series of photographs of myself. These were then turned into silhouettes and are being used as stencils in a drawing and a series of etchings. The images you are seeing are details from this drawing; it plays with scale, perspective, and notions of how our bodies relate to the built environment.

In Process- Investigations of Futiltiy and Possibility #2


This work displays my endeavors to construct a cocoon-like structure out of plastic wrap that eventually sustains my body weight. Functioning as a metaphor for the ways we continuously construct and deconstruct barriers in our everyday lives, this work communicates struggle, the difficulty of change, and also reveals that potential and possibility may emerge in unexpected ways.    

In Process- Material Investigations


An important component of my research stems from my material investigations with gelatin, a substance that mimics qualities of the human body. Literally made up of body, gelatin consists of collagen extracted from animal skins,connective tissues, organs, and crushed bones. Processed into a powdered form, gelatin, when mixed with water becomes a translucent, homogenous solution. Resembling the ways that skin, fat, and bone fluctuate in response to what surrounds our bodies, the gelatin responds to fluctuations in moisture and heat yielding various state changes; dehydrating, rehydrating, rupturing, fusing, sagging, and shrinking over time.    ...

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