Light Art


My research project was about light art. I used a ten second exposure time on my camera to capture light art made by my group. It was a required project for my art class that we performed outside in a dark open field. Our main light source that we used was simply a cell phone flashlight. We also used a laser pointer for a few shots and a colored light source for a few shots also.              

Beta Theta Pi


This was my first ever experience checking any equipment our from the Create Space offices. I rented out a 5D mark II and I was extremely happy with the material it produced. I was hired to shoot an event for my own fraternity, Beta Theta Pi. The ceremony was a celebration of the “Re-installation” of Beta Theta Pi which means that the national fraternity recognizes the Ohio University chapter of Beta. I covered this event November 28th. The event took place in two different locations so the lighting conditions changed drastically. The 5D Mark II had incredible low light abilities that saved me from digital noise. The two locations I shot in were the College Green Chapel and the Baker Center Ballroom. I loved this camera. Many of the pictures turned out extremely well even though the first setting was dimly lit church. I shot this event because it was a special night for a...

Using Flying Camera and Genie Syrp

By Hà Kin

For my second year movie project. I have this idea of having the movie title coming out from a shot which is filmed from the flying camera. The story is taken in the late winter. Jack, the main character has a very depressing job. He starts his day by driving his car on a road where everything looks cold and dead. I wanted a wide image of the whole winter scenery with his lonely car winding through. The best way to shoot this scene would be from a flying camera. Since I have no license to fly the camera, I had Nathan from the Create Space to help out. The day was so windy and it was cold. We were worried earlier about the weather, if it is too cold, the battery may die out quickly and if it is too windy it will be very difficult and even dangerous for the camera to fly. Also, in order to perform the flying camera (besides the licenses, we must ask for permission from the city to shoot...

Dark Matter Cubes


How is dark matter transformed into energy? John Sabraw’s Description class explored this question experimenting with three dimensional cubes. The class began with an ideation process, thinking up ideas for how a cube could contain the power to harness dark matter. Some students interpreted the assignment with plants processing the dark matter, others thought up cubes filled with coffee machines and mechanical arms. Students then drew their ideas in orthographic and isometric projections. Capturing the details and communicating them was a challenge and continued to be one in the next step of making 3D models. Using wood, clay, cardboard, foam and string, the isometric and orthographic projections were modeled. The next step involved translating the wooden sculptural cubes through 3D rendering software with the intent of 3D printing them. The rendering software blender, constituted a...

Energy Flow


For my structure art class the students were asked to pick from a list of contemporary artists that use structure, and eventually make a piece based off of that artist, either in material or meaning. I picked Nobuhiro Shimura, a projection artist whose work explores how the audience and surroundings can be invited into a relationship with his projections. I had never worked with projectors before, and my knowledge was more based in illustration, so I created a series of figures to project as part of an installation that I exhibited Wednesday, November 4 for a total of about 30 minutes. I rented two projectors but ended up using a super short range one to project my figures onto the back of a hanging piece of paper. There were slits in the paper between each of the figures that allowed the paper to swing freely and react to the breath and movement of those viewing it. I animated two of...

The Still Lives


As I create traditional 2d work, it is necessary that I keep quality documentation of what I make and how I made it. What I have been creating recently are pieces for two bodies of work. While I explore different approaches to making conceptually successful work, I am also working toward honing my technical skill. I am also photographing works in preparation for a small exhibition of drawings which will be held in Cube 4 Gallery on January 15th and 16th 2016.      

Dramatic Production: Concept to Completion


The Student Organization of Undergraduate Playwrights’ “Trick-or-Treat: A Night of Short Plays” was a huge success, however, it was no simple task. The membership had a study of how a dramatic production is put on, from the initial concept to the actual manifestation of our goal. With the CREATE_space in mind as our performing venue, our creative research began a month before the time in the space. Through brainstorming we hatched the idea of a Halloween themed show and then through workshopping we perfected our pieces. We also researched promotional materials and strategies to get the word out about the show. We used social media as our main platform for this and utilized analytics for the optimum posting time. As time until the show dwindled, the planning got more intense. We started thinking about fundraising, finalizing actors, scripts and completing our...



Baggage is the first step in the development of my thesis exhibition scheduled for late Spring. For the last two years, I have been exploring the idea of the existence of an “authentic” black male experience. That is to say, what truly makes an African-American male, a man under today’s social codes. Through my research and study of the topic, I have found evidence to suggest that the criminalization and “othering” of African Americans, specifically young boys, can start as early as age 5-7. This coincides with the time that children begin to regularly attend school (kindergarten, first grade); coupled with other evidence that suggest the existence of the School-to-Prison Pipeline, the work seeks to plainly show the struggles of African American male youth in a system that not only cripples them, but also blames them for their second class status. As part...

Polyvocal Mixtape: Atlanta


On Sept 25 – 27th I traveled to Atlanta, GA to continue my year long project under the working title Polyvocal Mixtape. In Atlanta I conducted a series of interviews of four Black students of Emory University at the Law University Library. While I have called this an interview it is rather a roundtable discussion where all four people are interviewed at once. This ongoing discussion in this interview is asking the question what does Blackness mean in this current culture? As we delve into their stories we see the many layers of Blackness and the varying narratives and experiences unique to each individual. The images as part of this documentation are some of the people I interviewed.      

Polyvocal Mixtape: Painting


If for whatever reason you have kept up with my research entries on the Create Space website then you understand or at least know what I am engaging with. This is no different. For this part of the Polyvocal Mixtape Series (a title constantly changing but I think I’ve settled more or less) I am painting two people from a series of interviews I conducted exploring the contemporary context of Blackness. This interview took place summer of this year however I have not begun painting until two weeks ago. With the item I checked out at the Create Space, the projector, I projected my image onto a 70 x 70 in stretched canvas. The first image attached to this documentation is the drawing and the second is the first layer of paint I place onto the canvas after the drawing has been completed. This process is the most time efficient way I have developed thus far to create my paintings....

Banned Book Project


Banned Books Week is an annual celebration of books that have been banned from libraries in the US. This year the focus is on young adult books. For this project, I chose “To Kill A Mockingbird” from the list of banned books and recreated a cover image for it. The idea behind the image is both literal and abstract. In the book, Dolphus Raymond is known as the town drunk, but in reality he’s only drinking coke from the brown paper bag. The idea that things aren’t always as they seem is a reoccurring theme throughout the book so i felt like it was the perfect image to convey that message.      

Stage 2 WIP: Individuals

By Megan Fogelson

In my Art 1230 Structure class our professor had each of us create something that showcases our talent in the first stage. Then for the second stage we switched projects and added to it or based our work on one or more aspect(s) to make it our own. For the second stage I received Brianna Lynch’s photos of costume makeup. I based my pieces after hers in the sense that I did makeup as well but used more symbolism to make it my own with dramatic black and white makeup on my models faces. Then I captured it with a Canon 5D 12.8 Megapixel camera. I used photoshop to adjust the lighting/contrast and make the photos black and white. I wanted to convey the message that people are individuals. The first model has a QR code drawn on her face. I wanted to emphasize that a person is more than a series of numbers. The second model has plastic surgery markings drawn on her face. I wanted to...

Water Witch music video


Using the GoPro Hero 3, Velbon Tripod, Davis & Stanford Steady Stick, Lumix 14-140 Lens, and Blackmagic Pocket Camera, I am filming a music video to the song ‘White Noise’ by the band Water Witches. The video is the story of how the cult Water Witches was born, starting with the band hatching out of mystical eggs. We begin with a witch in the woods casting a spell. Her spell beckons avian goddess’s, who dance around two giant eggs to psychically hatch them. There, the band hatches from the eggs cover in ectoplasmic goo and yolk. After being cleaned by the avian goddess’s the band begins their spiritual journey into the woods where they gain a cult following. They hypnotize a group of white robe wearing freaks, with their melodic tunes and intense visuals. Below is a few pictures of the beginning of the giant egg, costume ideas, and visual inspiration.  ...

Total Limbo


Collective Springboard (Danny Crump, Sarah Dalhinger, Micah Snyder, and Steph Wadman) bounce back from their day jobs as serious artists. They do so by creating collaborative and improvisational art, with a sharp eye for rando stuff salvaged from the appalachian landscape. In a full scale transformation of the Dairy Barn Art Center, Total Limbo imagines a space between worlds. Participants are immersed in audio, visual and physical dreamscape, including a modernist gridlock maze, a soft environment, a spaceship, and a strobe light fueled infinity room. Alongside the installation was a triple channel video projection, a shifting audio soundscape, and interactive sculptures such as a human slingshot, and a teepee made from plastic shopping bags. Participants choose their own path, level of engagement, and are encouraged to connect with their own liminal space of discovery. In the spirit...

NYC Babel

By Ryan Davis

This summer I have began to work on my thesis exhibition upcoming in the spring. Over the past year I have delved into investigating blackness and it’s contemporary meaning. Initially my interest was to identify the evolution of Blackness as it has expanded into a more inclusive definition. However after conducting interviews and understanding myself more clearly my focus has shifted to capturing the varying attitudes of the current generation of Black youth and the poly vocal narratives that have persisted within the Black culture. During the summer I took various photographs of Black people and conducted an interview of those I photographed using the Mark 5D II Canon. I used the zoom recorder to record the interviews. The photographs are preparations for paintings and prints. The questions ranged in attempt to understand there perspective of Blackness and their level of engagement...

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