Psychological Topographies

By Amy DeSitter

My most recent work maps the spirit of psychological topography in the form of abstract landscapes rendered in varying washes of inks over microscope imagery, creating lush textures. I am utilize an intuitive process that alternates between digital and analog as a method of examining my relationships with self and the spaces I occupy. I document microscopic features of my body and my surroundings through a microscopic attachment of my iPhone. After altering the photographs in Photoshop, I print the compositions onto Yupo and begin to manipulate them using alcohol and ink. This results in abstract visual metaphors that resemble aerial landscapes or topographical images. I use this process as a way to both explore and complicate my relationship to and understanding of my surroundings.          

Polyvocal Mixtape: Projection 3

By Ryan Davis

This projection is a major process in a continuation of paintings towards my thesis exhibition titled Polyvocal Mixtape: Positionality. These paintings incorporate context of abstract expressionism by use of Ad Reinhardts Black Painting series. The grid in my paintings references those paintings. Over top I paint a figure in an ambiguous position. This part of the process is a projection of a photograph I took onto canvas in preparation for the painting. The projection process took place at the Ridges Studio in December.        

The interpretation of my dream


The concept of my work has not been changed and is still exploring and elaborating dreams. According to my previous research, the psychologist Cain (2013) mentioned that there is no clear boundary between dreams and reality. However, at the end of the term, when I looked back to the work, I made constant changes to the artistic performance practices and details. Though the creation of my work, I did several experiments on how to present my dreams. I started with simple illustration using software combination and then I started to explore some materials and media,which might bring new inspiration of grain such as, I tried to explore different textures brought by some new materials as well as enriched and strengthened the connotation of the work itself. I tried to carve pictures on cardboard, both positive and negative sides, and draw with paint spraying instead of paintings using this...



I start with painting the background on a canvas or a piece of wood. After applying paint in a way I feel is aesthetically pleasing I continue working with my intuition to let the forms and shapes come from a place within. I tend to go into detail using cell resembling structures. The “cells” coming together relates to my idea of evolution and creation. I believe there is a tie between the two. I rollick the notion that one does not have to choose one but they can conjoin. To give my work a look of completion I pour resin on the finished piece that adds a vitreous look.        

White Noize


“White Noize” is a music video for local Athens band, Water Witches. White Noize takes the viewer through the experience of the birth of Water Witches, leading up to the formation of their fictitious cult following.   The video begins with a witch summoning Avian Goddesses, who cast a spell and tend to a giant egg. Most of the visuals chosen for the video have an occult theme. The snakes represent the temporal experience. Birds and eggs are used to represent birth, change, and feminine creative force that drives artist and magical energies. Feathers are used to represent freedom, and pay tribute to the bands’ new album titled “Feathers”.   Water Witches hatch from the giant egg, and the Avian Goddesses nurse them to health. Their story takes a dark twist when the cult followers rock out as the music becomes chaotic. A rabbit mask is worn by a...



On November 21st I collectively interviewed 3 people as part of my project Polyvocal Mixtape. In this interview that is treated more like a discussion, we talk about personal stories to reveal various illustrations unique to each individual. This interview is part of a series of interviews that will be exhibited in my thesis exhibition on March 25th. In the interviews of the 3 people they opened about stories ranging from being raised Catholic and it’s rarity being a Black women to even how their hair is a prominent part of their identity. These interviews are just as much for the interviewees. I’ve discovered that even though most often the people being collectively interviewed know each other, they learn new things that may not have come up in conversation otherwise. This reinforces bonds deeper then surface level connections. The three images are the three people I...

Being Bound Forces Non-Action


Being Bound Forces Non-Action | 2015 | Animal fat, poplar | 45″X 6″X7″ Being Bound Forces Non-Action is a biographical psychological exploration, dissection, and allegory of the traumatized body. How mental bondage creates ailments in the physical body is depicted through the repetition of five single hip bones, which attach themselves to each other creating a type of chain. Through this chain, I attempt to organize experiences of physical and mental trauma by means of linear pattern. The use of fat references a literal as well as figurative cushion which suggests a type defense mechanism. While wrapping ourselves in this chain we create a knot which only becomes tighter the more we struggle. Through non-action we are able to reach a point of meditative and contemplative thought, ultimately leading us toward state of acceptance.

A Space to Call My Own


My recent work tends to focus on the anxieties and uncomfortability of space with regard to both architecture and to other bodies. “A Space to Call My Own” served as an exploration into the physicality my own personal space. This piece, shown in the second year graduate student exhibition earlier this fall, existed as a video of the sculpture’s creation, and the finished sculpture itself. The hour long video was meant to show myself measuring the structure in comparison to my own body; the physical space surrounding myself that I could actually reach. From there, I began to thread a webbing around the structure, guiding the web around my personal space within that structure; a barrier of the space that other people could contain before I became uncomfortable. The video played alongside the actual completed, webbed structure. Viewers could then walk into the webbing and...

Food For Thought


In order to continue my work of social engagement and conversation through food, I set up a table outside United Campus Ministry and literally offered food for thought. It is an interesting mix of people who walk on that streets, many students but also community members. My question was simple: “What are some words of wisdom we can live our lives by?” Asking for advice this way led to surprising results. Many people were serious and personal, while others offered common truisms. However everyone took the question seriously and gave their best answer. I was glad not only to collect the responses, but also to give them a space to have their voices heard. “Don’t follow leaders, watch your parking meters.” -Pat McGee      


By Sula Medovoy

For my Graphic Design thesis, I am imagining and branding an eatery titled “Goat&Bee” which specializes in fresh appetizers and small plates, including local goat cheeses and honey. As part of the branding effort, I will be creating two high definition abstract food-as-landscape movies, shot in macro, to play in a loop as part of the presentation. I used a Canon EF 100mm Lens to shoot some initial tests.  

3D Spider


Creating a three dimensional spider using resources from the CREATE_space was a lot of fun and a huge challenge. My design process started with drawing different spiders and then choosing the one I would end up printing. I used Blender as my 3D rendering software and watched many tutorials on how to work Blender. I started my model as a cube and after many extrusions and divisions of it I had the basics of a spider. Next was sculpting mode, this was where the bamboo pad from the create space came in handy. I sculpted the model using the stylus and pad and managed to get a lot of details in using these tools. I thought I was all ready print however I was very mistaken. The process to get things ready to print was difficult because I had to deal with the many extra triangles and edges. Working with different programs and finally restarting the model halfway through we got everything...

Thread for Filth

By Rachel Bender

As a consumer of drag culture, I see the potential of using drag as a means of reeducation and assertion that falling on either end of the spectrum, or anywhere between the binaries, is okay. We can have fun and play and laugh and sing while we deconstruct gender’s rigid parameters. That is how children are educated in the first place after all, with songs and rhymes and toys.   Dolls are used to model the behavior that will one day be expected from children, especially girls, as they grow up and take on more active roles in society. The concept of dolls as role models stretches from the Venus of Willendorf modeling nourishment and fertility to Barbie modeling her various careers. I hope to spark a dialogue through my exhibition of dolls about what is deemed appropriate for children’s consumption and what effect that has on the acceptance of the maligned gender presentations and...

Light Art


My research project was about light art. I used a ten second exposure time on my camera to capture light art made by my group. It was a required project for my art class that we performed outside in a dark open field. Our main light source that we used was simply a cell phone flashlight. We also used a laser pointer for a few shots and a colored light source for a few shots also.              

Beta Theta Pi


This was my first ever experience checking any equipment our from the Create Space offices. I rented out a 5D mark II and I was extremely happy with the material it produced. I was hired to shoot an event for my own fraternity, Beta Theta Pi. The ceremony was a celebration of the “Re-installation” of Beta Theta Pi which means that the national fraternity recognizes the Ohio University chapter of Beta. I covered this event November 28th. The event took place in two different locations so the lighting conditions changed drastically. The 5D Mark II had incredible low light abilities that saved me from digital noise. The two locations I shot in were the College Green Chapel and the Baker Center Ballroom. I loved this camera. Many of the pictures turned out extremely well even though the first setting was dimly lit church. I shot this event because it was a special night for a...

Using Flying Camera and Genie Syrp

By Hà Kin

For my second year movie project. I have this idea of having the movie title coming out from a shot which is filmed from the flying camera. The story is taken in the late winter. Jack, the main character has a very depressing job. He starts his day by driving his car on a road where everything looks cold and dead. I wanted a wide image of the whole winter scenery with his lonely car winding through. The best way to shoot this scene would be from a flying camera. Since I have no license to fly the camera, I had Nathan from the Create Space to help out. The day was so windy and it was cold. We were worried earlier about the weather, if it is too cold, the battery may die out quickly and if it is too windy it will be very difficult and even dangerous for the camera to fly. Also, in order to perform the flying camera (besides the licenses, we must ask for permission from the city to shoot...

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