After Effects Workshop

After Effects Workshop, By: Artist Pascual Sisto The Aesthetic Technologies Lab is pleased to announce a workshop on After Effects CS4 covering topics like Green / Blue Screening, Lighting for Video, Video Effects and Compositing, 3D in After Effects and other complex and useful post-production techniques in Video. Dates: February 25th, Thursday 9:10am – 3pm at the @ Lab. (Putnam Hall 2nd floor) — February 26th, Friday 9:10am – 3pm at the @ Lab (Putnam Hall 2nd floor)...

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We help students create & document their creative research.

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Everted Sanctuaries: Increments of Silence

By Ryan Lewis

Here are some images from my recent MFA Thesis exhibition, which would not have been possible without @Lab support. Thanks also to Nathan for his help. Here’s my abstract from the exhibition: Everted Sanctuaries: Increments of Silence Eversion is a biological term for the ability of an organism to turn itself inside out. For example, a sea cucumber can eject its internal organs to distract attacking predators. The sea cucumber sacrifices these vital functions for the possibility of escape. However, this incurs a cost of the time and energy required to regrow those vital functions. Eversion, though seemingly counterproductive, is deployed at critical moments to allow the sea cucumber to achieve its highest priority—survival. Many introverts have become adept at temporarily everting their personalities to function in extroverted contexts within U.S. culture. This masquerade often...

Imaging Galway


This is a short experimental film that investigates the moving image and conventions of viewership through the duration and sequencing of still frames. Furthermore the film brings up questions about place, narrative, and representation. The film was created out of found footage using both After Effects and Final Cut Pro.  

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