After Effects Workshop

After Effects Workshop, By: Artist Pascual Sisto The Aesthetic Technologies Lab is pleased to announce a workshop on After Effects CS4 covering topics like Green / Blue Screening, Lighting for Video, Video Effects and Compositing, 3D in After Effects and other complex and useful post-production techniques in Video. Dates: February 25th, Thursday 9:10am – 3pm at the @ Lab. (Putnam Hall 2nd floor) — February 26th, Friday 9:10am – 3pm at the @ Lab (Putnam Hall 2nd floor)...

We help students create & document their creative research. Explore their work:

We help students create & document their creative research.

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By Carlos Pacheco

Transmission, is an installation that employs the viewers own curiosity in an exploration of self-awareness and the viral transfer of information via the act of sending information from one location to another by means of a wireless broadcast, but also through the control of information, a transference of power, in the form of sight, through a simple, hand-to-hand transaction. Currently on display in the Ohio Univeristy Art Gallery, on the 5th floor of Seigfred Hall, in Athens, Ohio as part of the second year graduate exhibition, Merges and Dissolves.  

3D Scanning Tutuorial

By Nathaniel Berger

Just finished up a tutorial on 3D scanning for the WIRED grant. We had approximately 15 1st year students interested in 3D modeling & animation, so scanning was one of their interests.

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