The CREATE_space offers services to enable and accelerate creative research. Current Services:


Printing – The CREATE_space houses one large-format printer, five 3D printers, one vinyl cutter, and one vacuum former for creative research exploring art, technology, and entrepreneurship. These services are not for marketing or advertising work.

The printers are accessible to any past or present patrons, those who are conducting creative research, or upon special request.* Uses of the printer dictates a financial charge, based upon the quantity of media printed. Charges change annually, so be sure to inquire about them upon printing time. It is solely the patrons’ responsibility as to the quality of the print; no refunds. * Request may be denied. ** Vinyl Cutter & Vacuum forming  services TBA


    • Printers
      • 44″ EPSON 9890 – Matte or Photo Blacks
      • Makerbot Replicator 2 (Single Plastic Extrusion) (PLA & Flexible Plastics)
      • Makerbot Replicator 2X (Single Plastic Extrusion) (ABS & Dissolvable Plastics) (qty 2)
      • Makerbot Mini (Single Plastic Extrusion) (ABS Plastics) (qty 2)
    • Common Media Types
      • HeavyWeight Coated Paper 42″
      • Clear Film 36″
      • Photo Semi-Gloss 42″
      • Photo High-Gloss 42″
      • Photo Satin-Gloss 42″
      • Studio Canvas 36″
      • Tyvek Outdoor Banner Material 36″
      • Scrim 36″
      • Flag Fabric 36″
      • EPSON Photo Premium Luster 44″
      • PLA Filament Plastics (frequent in-stock colors: Natural, Grey, Red, Blue, Yellow, Black)
      • ABS FIlament Plastics (frequent in-stock colors: Black, White, Grey)
      • Flexible Filament Plastic (natural color only)
      • Dissolvable Filament Plastic
      • Please consult if interested in alternative media.
      • 2D File Preparations
        • You must prepare your own files in particular ways to save headaches & money -depending on file dimensions. If your files are significantly smaller than the media size, and you can fit more than 2 across the media’s width, provide each file individually for automatic arrangement. In-stock media varies in size. Minimum printable media size 210 mm x 279 mm / 8.27″ x 11″
        • If you require specific boarders for your images, build them into the file[s].
        • Save images to scale (the size you want them printed as) as either a: PDF, PSD, or TIFF
        • If you require a specific color profile be used, embed the profile in your PDF, or PSD. The printer prints with an SRGB profile using CMYK inks.


    • 3D File Preparations
      • You must prepare your own files in particular ways to save headaches & money -depending on file dimensions.
      • You should download the free Makerbot Desktop software package to prepare your file for print.
      • If your print requires predetermined special needs, we offer access to Simplify 3D for advanced model preparation.
      • Be sure to select the correct printer settings for your print file, paying particular attention to resolution (quality), materials and temperature.
    • Pricing
      • We only accept payment by check or money order.
      • Checks/Money Orders are made out to: Ohio University (notated: Creative Research)
      • Printing with our paper: We charge per linear foot out – $12 per ft. (So a 12″ x 42″ print on HW Coated Paper = $12 & a 12″ x 36″ print on Flag fabric = $12)
      • Printing for faculty on registered sabbatical: A special research assistance pricing of $0.60 per linear ft. may be requested for a limited quantity of printing.
      • Printing with your paper: We charge per square foot of ink – $3.00 per sq.ft.
      • B/W lighting, or electric plots,  we charge per square foot of ink – $0.25 per sq. ft.
      • 3D Printing with our plastics: We charge by weight – 10¢ per gram.
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