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Process space

The CREATE_space is first and foremost a process centered environment here to serve our faculty and students* with a facility equipped and staffed to enable their artistic process and outcome. It is a working lab where a variety of projects are brought from the outside-in, rather than operation and project design being directed from the inside-out. Our stance towards project orientation as primarily a function of faculty and student initiative, and our commitment to service through the offering of supplemental learning programs (workshops, residencies) are just a couple of the fundamental and enormous differences that distinguishes our lab from others.

Those seeking specific assistance, and our support may be in a variety of enabling forms, from technical, to financial, to connective, to logistical, and more. We frequently host residencies and produce on-going workshops on “how to” get started with a broad spectrum of tools and technologies. We differ significantly in production resources from others, as we support and service to those working in aesthetic technologies, rather than being contracted as work for hire.

The CREATE_space is flexible and responsive to the needs of both our college and the Ohio University community in a singular, unique way. The primary focus of the CREATE_space is in enabling a college-based audience and their collaborators. In response to the diverse nature of our constituency, the CREATE_space also has a broader range of equipment available for use in production or exhibition, and a need for procurement of equipment that serves more than digital projects.

See our Forms & Procedures page for further information.

*Primarily Graduate, Honors Tutorial College, & PhD Students

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