Forms & Procedures

After Hours Access

To ensure that our facilities and resources are properly accessed and maintained, we require the submission of a one-time Lab Facilities Form. For PIN access to our facilities, you must have provide a printed and signed Lab Facilities form.* PIN access will allow 24-7 lab access for select spaces.

Note: Putnam Hall doors lock daily at 10pm with no exceptions; you must follow Ohio University Student Handbook regulations; you may not facilitate building access beyond 10pm.

Resource Reservation & Checkout

To ensure that our resources are properly accessed, maintained, and distributed, we require the submission of a Equipment Loan Form* on a per-loan basis. For more information on equipment checkout (i.e. pickups and returns) read ‘Accessing our Resources‘ page. For consumable resources, or resources of specialty, charges may apply: Large-Format Printing.

*Also available in print on site.
Note: It saves us all time if you have it prepared ahead of time.

Process Reports

To ensure that our patrons and  mission are properly aligned and supported, we require the submission of Process Reports, better known as Happenings. For continued access to our resources please do the following for every week in which you utilize them; I.e. one day’s use = one report, one week’s use = one report, two week’s use = two reports, etc.

Project Guidelines

For Processes that extend beyond one month, we require the submission of Project Guideline materials to ensure that our facilities and resources are properly utilized and supported. For continued access to our facilities and resources please do the following:

  1. Review the following Project Guidelines form.*
  2. Write about your project in a digital format, i.e. doc, docx, pdf, etc..
  3. Submit all relevant information from [1] to our online submission page.

Alt. Project Proposal Procedures

For Projects that push the frontier of a discipline, pedagogy, or process beyond traditional means and resources, The CREATE_space’s Operations Coordinator guides those interested via the following procedure:


The CREATE_space is also honored to have strong participation and support from the College of Fine Arts faculty and student body. An official Advisory-Board, representing all schools within the College, has been established to act as the voting body for project proposals, and as shared visionaries for building a center of excellence and innovation. The charge of the board to the CREATE_space is broad and encompassing. We seek to ground this new facility theoretically, conceptually, and artistically, and in doing so,  provide a model for the ways in which artistic method and process are intellectually vital across all disciplines of the university. As such, the panel is charged:

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