Stage 2 WIP: Individuals

By Megan Fogelson

In my Art 1230 Structure class our professor had each of us create something that showcases our talent in the first stage. Then for the second stage we switched projects and added to it or based our work on one or more aspect(s) to make it our own. For the second stage I received Brianna Lynch’s photos of costume makeup. I based my pieces after hers in the sense that I did makeup as well but used more symbolism to make it my own with dramatic black and white makeup on my models faces. Then I captured it with a Canon 5D 12.8 Megapixel camera. I used photoshop to adjust the lighting/contrast and make the photos black and white. I wanted to convey the message that people are individuals. The first model has a QR code drawn on her face. I wanted to emphasize that a person is more than a series of numbers. The second model has plastic surgery markings drawn on her face. I wanted to represent that a person is more than their appearance. Last but not least the third model has a barcode drawn on her face. I wanted to convey that a person’s value is priceless. People are individuals that shouldn’t be generalized.      ...

Dear Mr. Essay Writer Guy


This projector and adaptor helped to facilitate an interactive reading featuring author Dinty W. Moore reading from his book “ Dear Mr. Essay Writer Guy, Advice and Confession on Writing, Love, and the coming polar bear apocalypse,” which features pen illustrations drawn on serving napkins. At the event, held at Casa Nueva at 6pm on Sept 10th 2015, audience members were invited to participate and comment by drawing images interpreting the reading on serving napkins. These interpretations were then projected on a wall. Sarah Minor coordinated the event and took photos of the interpretations that were projected and then voted on, and each interpretation was given a literary award in the form of a book or polar-bear related object. This interactive reading was held to encourage a literary community in Athens, to push the genre conventions of what a literary event and reading might look like, and to promote the work of Dinty W. Moore.    ...

ACRN DJ Lessons


In the past few years ACRN (The All Campus Radio Network) has noticed a significant rise in “DJ culture” and, consequently, a rise in students wanting to learn how to DJ, but simply not having the resources at hand. To attend to his need the Mobile DJ arm of ACRN decided to introduce a new weekly event: DJ Sessions. Every Monday at 7, ACRN hosts DJ sessions where DJ’s, new and experienced, from all over Athens can come learn more about the craft and network with other DJ’s. Partnering with Create_Space, ACRN brought in 20 students with varying experience to work on and discuss the fundamentals of DJing. Moving from basic beat matching to live sound troubleshooting, students learned the core skill sets of being a great DJ and were able to work with top tier DJ software used by the professionals. It is extremely important that you provide an abstract of your creative research explaining to others what it is they are viewing, including what your research is, why you are doing it, and how, i.e. the process.    ...

Water Witch music video


Using the GoPro Hero 3, Velbon Tripod, Davis & Stanford Steady Stick, Lumix 14-140 Lens, and Blackmagic Pocket Camera, I am filming a music video to the song ‘White Noise’ by the band Water Witches. The video is the story of how the cult Water Witches was born, starting with the band hatching out of mystical eggs. We begin with a witch in the woods casting a spell. Her spell beckons avian goddess’s, who dance around two giant eggs to psychically hatch them. There, the band hatches from the eggs cover in ectoplasmic goo and yolk. After being cleaned by the avian goddess’s the band begins their spiritual journey into the woods where they gain a cult following. They hypnotize a group of white robe wearing freaks, with their melodic tunes and intense visuals. Below is a few pictures of the beginning of the giant egg, costume ideas, and visual inspiration.    ...

Seeing is not seen


My thesis is an approach of spiritedness rely on visual assessments and physical exploration. It relates to culture, focus on specific object-Tea. I was fascinated by Fluxus movement for blending different artistic media and anti-commercial aesthetics. So in this point stimulated me to think how valuable I can take from random processing and deal with detail capture, In my point of view, a unique stop-motion animation piece that analyses common objects around us and gives us a look at the construction of things to which we normally give little attention.        

Work in Progress


For my project I had to make something that described my talent. The project could be anything. My Professor wanted the project to be up to your interpretation. With that information in mind I thought if I could combine my photography skills with someone else’s it would be a stronger project. I have worked with a fellow student whose talent was costume makeup, with this we were able to pair up with my talent being photography. We picked two models that agreed to have makeup be put on and to be photographed. With this we were able to combine our skills for our project. Both of us thought working together with both of our talents would be stronger than if we were alone.    

Total Limbo


Collective Springboard (Danny Crump, Sarah Dalhinger, Micah Snyder, and Steph Wadman) bounce back from their day jobs as serious artists. They do so by creating collaborative and improvisational art, with a sharp eye for rando stuff salvaged from the appalachian landscape. In a full scale transformation of the Dairy Barn Art Center, Total Limbo imagines a space between worlds. Participants are immersed in audio, visual and physical dreamscape, including a modernist gridlock maze, a soft environment, a spaceship, and a strobe light fueled infinity room. Alongside the installation was a triple channel video projection, a shifting audio soundscape, and interactive sculptures such as a human slingshot, and a teepee made from plastic shopping bags. Participants choose their own path, level of engagement, and are encouraged to connect with their own liminal space of discovery. In the spirit of ephemeral art, everyone must leave Total Limbo and return to their regular life on earth.      ...

NYC Babel

By Ryan Davis

This summer I have began to work on my thesis exhibition upcoming in the spring. Over the past year I have delved into investigating blackness and it’s contemporary meaning. Initially my interest was to identify the evolution of Blackness as it has expanded into a more inclusive definition. However after conducting interviews and understanding myself more clearly my focus has shifted to capturing the varying attitudes of the current generation of Black youth and the poly vocal narratives that have persisted within the Black culture. During the summer I took various photographs of Black people and conducted an interview of those I photographed using the Mark 5D II Canon. I used the zoom recorder to record the interviews. The photographs are preparations for paintings and prints. The questions ranged in attempt to understand there perspective of Blackness and their level of engagement with it’s principles. Even more so I focused on seeing if these “principles” exist. Two of the images I have attached are samples of the kinds of photographs I took to set up for paintings. As well I have attached a clip of the audio that I recorded. To this point neither have been edited as this process will take place over the course of the school year.  ...

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