My Home(land) Video


Almost a year ago I headed back to Kiev, Ukraine to figure out what was happening in my homeland. Dazed and confused, just like many other Ukrainians back in February and March 2014, I found myself looking for the answers on Maidan, the main city square where a such called Revolution of Dignity changed the entire country and its future. I befriended a few activists who’d seen it all and survived numerous violent clashes with the police. I’d experienced an ecstatic feeling of being a part of something larger than I myself. Just like 16-year-old Vovka who’s proudly marching with the Ukrainian flag in his hands (see the video I uploaded). I let the camera to be my eyes and ears so I took it everywhere I went. I ended up filming my friend’s mom’s art gallery where John Lenon’s photograph sat on the same shelf with a menorah, as well as the food I ate and...

New Work

By Amy DeSitter

I am currently in my first year at Ohio University in their 3 year MFA program with a focus in painting. My most recent body of work is a series of large 9’x7′ paintings. My imaginative landscapes are both surreal as well as pastoral. I am activating these spaces through pattern and perspective. I have an interest in play between color, shape and complex systems. I feel like it is important to highlight these relationships, drawing attention to shared biological qualities across species and land formations, so they do not go unnoticed. There is an element of seduction through the use of color or noncolor which indicates whimsy, but does not indicate the pieces are less serious. These pieces give me permission to be human while creating passageways of play. There is a two-fold viewing experience. The viewer’s eye is drawn in while standing back and taking in the entirety of...

If you see something…


“If you see something…” is a group of paintings in which the viewer is placed in the role of witness through the mediation of a first-hand experience. Rather than existing as a passive voyeuristic consumer of the images of violence routinely displayed in popular media, the viewer who occupies the role of witness in the public space of the gallery has both something at stake through their proximity to others, and an opportunity to action through an engagement in a dialogue.    

The Sailing Cart


This work is based on the idea of childhood memories and a sense of forgotten nostalgia. A child’s mind is an expansive, limitless field of play which can compose the most fantastical ideas. Often times, children seem to have overlapping memories and past times. My goal of this work is to spark these memories in adult viewers so that they are brought back to a childlike state as they view the art. By creating playful scenarios from childhood, the viewer is revisited with the whimsical world of their own childhood and allows them to reminisce about their past. So much of a child’s play in society today is derived from technology. Imagination does not play as much of a role as it did in the past. This exploration into my past memories also allows for a comparison of child’s play today versus child’s play 15-20 years ago.    

The priest

By Matt Herbertz

In a world where organized religion has become violently persecuted, an aged priest, Father McNalley, searches for a safe place to start a new church. After a long journey, the priest collapses on the doorstep of a family farm. The family takes the priest in for the night without knowing his true identity. Father McNalley must decide whether or not he should trust the family enough to let them know who he really is. Will the family help the old man continue his ministry or will they hold his faith against him? The Priest is a second year MFA film by Matthew Herbertz and after a successful shoot is now in post production set to be released fall 2015. Through the intense collaboration with fellow peers and faculty The Priest was able to succeed in a Kickstarter campaign helping fund the project. As Matthew moves forward in post production he hopes the story he feels so passionately about...

Kaleidoscope (I Believe In Us)


This creative project was a music video for a local band out of Cleveland, Ohio for their original song “I Believe In Us” This was a one day shoot that took place in a local church and on the lake front in Mentor Headlands. We were immediately presented with a problem: How do you shoot inside a church without it looking like the inside of a church as it would send mixed messages about the song. To deal with this issue, we decided to frame most of the shots within one portion of the church’s stage and to focus primarily on tight framings, a lot of medium close-ups and close-ups to frame out as much of the church as possible. We also experimented with strong backlighting and placing film lights as practicals within the frame. This created lens flares and slightly washed out the background, leading the eye away from the less desirable aspects of the frame. Since the...

Performance / Perpetual Drift


Perpetual Drift is an in progress, original creative writing, sound and performance work which explores a futuristic dystopian environment. In this work, I’m interested in exploring environmental issues through fantasy and narrative. The sound was created in a home studio using electro-acoustic recordings and digital synths. Perpetual Drift was performed at the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, NY as part of the 2014/15 Performing Media Exhibition.  

evolution of cookware


In the process of evolution. We strive for perfection and in that pursuit we try to discard flaws but sometimes there still benefits and beauty in those flaws. The reason I have been focusing on the pot is that as a form of technology, boiling is far away from obvious. It transformed the possibilities of cooking with a big step up from fire alone. Recoding this whole processing as a documents and therefore appreciate how many dishes we owe to this basic form of equipment.      

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