Hack [the Arts] Night

When programming meets Art..?   Last year the extremely awesome crew from Athens Works lead an event geared towards getting coders and artists together. This year we’re doing it again! Hack [The Arts] Night is starting point for creative minds in any discipline to communicate and involve oneself with hacking, i.e. computer programming, electronic hardware work, and or designing something functional sloppily. Come join in on the fun! All you need is yourself, & a simple idea. We’ll provide others with various skill sets, hardware, software, & a space to work in. We’ll choose the most approachable idea for the night, and work on it as a team. Come ready to experiment, learn, work, & play. For more information, see AthensWorks Facebook Page & Our Facebook Event Signup We take this seriously… See this year’s event fun   Check out last...

Linger Longer


This project uses the lobby of 31 S. Court St to explore the aesthetics of waiting. The nondescript furniture of waiting rooms, extreme volumes of doorways being slammed shut, and the comforting tones of background music will be used as tools to explore what it means to purposefully linger in these transitional zones. This theme is investigated through a quilting of musical pieces playing with and against each other, a free six-page pamphlet exploring the benefits of background music and its history (with special sections dedicated to listening and exercises to further one’s sense of well-being), and two exotic light sculptures to stir the imagination. Participants are invited to attend to the aesthetics of waiting through active mind/body immersion. The crystallized participatory experience opens room to ask questions like: What can be learned from staring at mass-produced,...

Photos for Thesis Reference


“If You See Something…” is foremost a project about domestic violence, but it is also a project about the ways that we process and respond to the mediated images of violence and inhumanity that we routinely experience. This project takes the form of a collision between genre painting and theater, where a single narrative is broken up into 8 separate “scenes”, to exist in its final form as 8 large format paintings and prints exhibited in a single space. The stage set and actors depicted in it are myself and my home as I seek to represent the ways that we internalize our role as witness to violence of all kinds, the ways that we attempt to impose order and control over these and other internalized experiences, and the ways in which this same need for control is embedded in the cycle of abuse. It is my belief that the distance between abused and abuser is...

BobRauschenbergAmericana Theater-Video Art


This figure with the strange and unusual face refers to a part of the play that ALLEN express his love to CARL and he says: “I look at you and I think you’re good-natured! CARL: Oh, good-natured!” When I read this play, I immediately noticed the strong connection between the play and Bob Rauschenberg’s work. The accent of the writer in the play is so sharp and choppy, just like many of Rauschenberg’s collages. Also, the frankness of the dialogue reminds me of the bitterness and sadness in his work when he criticizes contemporary society. I decided to create a theatric atmosphere for this piece, and the result became the animated illustration you are witnessing. The elements are symbolic of the complexity of our modern world. When they are in motion, it suggests that our world is a challenging and unpredictable place. So many conversations about the future bring up fear and...

Totem pole


Standing in the view of food religion and track back history of graphic design letting me realised design was born by industry revolution that satisfied with people demand. So this piece of work kindly likes attempt that relies on traditional religious form with contemporary food evolution. Plus I was trying to convert the idea that food circle system which is human being, ground, plants as well.    

FILM 1 – F5


When researching the best way to shoot my first film at my MFA in Film making, we encounter a problem. We needed several handheld camera movements. Me and my DP tried a few options, but they didn’t give us the right natural movement we were looking for. We got in contact with students that used the Redrock Micro Shoulder Rig. We got the equipment tested and had a great result. We shot with the Arri-S, a 16mm camera, and we were able to shoot several handheld scenes. We were able to shot the scenes the way we imagined on the script.    

Advertisement Exploration


How society views and stereotypes women, grasps my attention and leads to critical thinking and demonstration through art form. I am using these photographs to manifest the visual representation society has actuated to women. I find we are directly affected by the images that surround us on a daily basis. The way women are presented in advertising is strongly opposite then in men ads. I found a fashion ad for Kohls that was in Elle magazine and I tried to recreate it using a male model. In the original ad the girl is in a very vulnerable pose, which is common in fashion ads. When men are put in these same poses they come off as awkward. Men are always shown in strong assertive poses while women are are portrayed as vulnerable and child like. This project explores how gender stereotypes are portrayed in advertisement.        

Blackness and Postmodernism


What I am exploring in my creative research is the image of what represents Blackness. What you see in the image is step one of this process – not including the reading and writing research. The next step is to paint these images. The background in the painting will be altered from the photograph to appear black. I will be using a range of colors to create dark color that looks black but will not actually be black. My intent in doing this is to portray the idea that Black is not Black but a range of colors representing diversity, that is embodied in Black.      

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