Babel III

By Ryan

The working title for my most recent project is Babel II. It is the second rendition of my Babel Series project. The project addresses the discussion of post-blackness within contemporary society. In this rendition I interviewed 3 women on November 23rd at The Ridges graduate studio about issues if race and ultimately what blackness means today. The initial dialogue is formal and informative in regards to who these people are and as it progresses we learn more about the individuals opinions on the issue of race today. The objective in this is to gauge the shift in Black identity and whether or not it actually has. For this particular rendition I interviewed three Black females. All are students of Ohio University. This made for a unique investigation because it naturally became a critique of not just culture widespread but directly about Ohio University.      ...

Elliptical Interactions


In my recent work I have been interested in the systems and structures occurring in nature that control and create function as well as beauty within it. The physical laws or rules repeating throughout nature often go unnoticed in lieu of the aesthetic appeal of an object or phenomenon, despite that many of our conceptions of beauty are based in these rules or systems. By exploring areas of intersection between the systems within our own existence and the systems or laws that control the universe at a cosmic level, I am able to fulfill my own longing for connection to the universe as a whole and to make those ideas of extreme scale and unknown closer to our own conceivable reality. My inspiration for Elliptical Interactions comes from the similarity in the shape of orbits of planets and of electrons around a nucleus, making a connection between the cosmos and the physics of our own...

Composition Thesis

By Jake Schlaerth

I am attempting to traverse the fields of both music and visual art via the realm of computer programming. I have always been interested in alternative midi controllers, and with my recent interest in Max and OpenGL, I have begun to work with the Haken Continuum Fingerboard. Our school’s fingerboard is an older model, meaning that it has no on-board synthesizer. I have had to work with raw midi data in max in order to design my own working translation of the numbers from the fingerboard into a system of digital signal processing, and then use that signal processing to control OpenGL rendering software (through Jitter). The culmination of this work will be my Composition Thesis Recital in late April. A preview of the work :      ...

focus grid, Jung

By Michael Jung

In its most basic form, the grid is a network of components that cross each other to form a series of shapes and patterns. When used as system to create footing instead of order the grid connotes a specific attitude in which ideas are fluid, uninhibited, and able to exist in any orientation. This is an active process, dependent upon learning by doing, in which the designer uses sensory input and constructs meaning out of it. Thus the grid acts as a vehicle for expansion in exploration. One of the ways we as designers are able to understand complex conditions within the practice of professional graphic design is by placing restrictions on our visual research. The research presented here requires a simple condition—that of taking away. In practice this method allows the designer to develop diverse results while maintain a harmonic intellectual and visual relationship This process,...

My Home(land) Video


Almost a year ago I headed back to Kiev, Ukraine to figure out what was happening in my homeland. Dazed and confused, just like many other Ukrainians back in February and March 2014, I found myself looking for the answers on Maidan, the main city square where a such called Revolution of Dignity changed the entire country and its future. I befriended a few activists who’d seen it all and survived numerous violent clashes with the police. I’d experienced an ecstatic feeling of being a part of something larger than I myself. Just like 16-year-old Vovka who’s proudly marching with the Ukrainian flag in his hands (see the video I uploaded). I let the camera to be my eyes and ears so I took it everywhere I went. I ended up filming my friend’s mom’s art gallery where John Lenon’s photograph sat on the same shelf with a menorah, as well as the food I ate and...

New Work

By Amy DeSitter

I am currently in my first year at Ohio University in their 3 year MFA program with a focus in painting. My most recent body of work is a series of large 9’x7′ paintings. My imaginative landscapes are both surreal as well as pastoral. I am activating these spaces through pattern and perspective. I have an interest in play between color, shape and complex systems. I feel like it is important to highlight these relationships, drawing attention to shared biological qualities across species and land formations, so they do not go unnoticed. There is an element of seduction through the use of color or noncolor which indicates whimsy, but does not indicate the pieces are less serious. These pieces give me permission to be human while creating passageways of play. There is a two-fold viewing experience. The viewer’s eye is drawn in while standing back and taking in the entirety of...

If you see something…


“If you see something…” is a group of paintings in which the viewer is placed in the role of witness through the mediation of a first-hand experience. Rather than existing as a passive voyeuristic consumer of the images of violence routinely displayed in popular media, the viewer who occupies the role of witness in the public space of the gallery has both something at stake through their proximity to others, and an opportunity to action through an engagement in a dialogue.    

The Sailing Cart


This work is based on the idea of childhood memories and a sense of forgotten nostalgia. A child’s mind is an expansive, limitless field of play which can compose the most fantastical ideas. Often times, children seem to have overlapping memories and past times. My goal of this work is to spark these memories in adult viewers so that they are brought back to a childlike state as they view the art. By creating playful scenarios from childhood, the viewer is revisited with the whimsical world of their own childhood and allows them to reminisce about their past. So much of a child’s play in society today is derived from technology. Imagination does not play as much of a role as it did in the past. This exploration into my past memories also allows for a comparison of child’s play today versus child’s play 15-20 years ago.    

The priest

By Matt Herbertz

In a world where organized religion has become violently persecuted, an aged priest, Father McNalley, searches for a safe place to start a new church. After a long journey, the priest collapses on the doorstep of a family farm. The family takes the priest in for the night without knowing his true identity. Father McNalley must decide whether or not he should trust the family enough to let them know who he really is. Will the family help the old man continue his ministry or will they hold his faith against him? The Priest is a second year MFA film by Matthew Herbertz and after a successful shoot is now in post production set to be released fall 2015. Through the intense collaboration with fellow peers and faculty The Priest was able to succeed in a Kickstarter campaign helping fund the project. As Matthew moves forward in post production he hopes the story he feels so passionately about...

Kaleidoscope (I Believe In Us)


This creative project was a music video for a local band out of Cleveland, Ohio for their original song “I Believe In Us” This was a one day shoot that took place in a local church and on the lake front in Mentor Headlands. We were immediately presented with a problem: How do you shoot inside a church without it looking like the inside of a church as it would send mixed messages about the song. To deal with this issue, we decided to frame most of the shots within one portion of the church’s stage and to focus primarily on tight framings, a lot of medium close-ups and close-ups to frame out as much of the church as possible. We also experimented with strong backlighting and placing film lights as practicals within the frame. This created lens flares and slightly washed out the background, leading the eye away from the less desirable aspects of the frame. Since the...

Performance / Perpetual Drift


Perpetual Drift is an in progress, original creative writing, sound and performance work which explores a futuristic dystopian environment. In this work, I’m interested in exploring environmental issues through fantasy and narrative. The sound was created in a home studio using electro-acoustic recordings and digital synths. Perpetual Drift was performed at the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, NY as part of the 2014/15 Performing Media Exhibition.  

evolution of cookware


In the process of evolution. We strive for perfection and in that pursuit we try to discard flaws but sometimes there still benefits and beauty in those flaws. The reason I have been focusing on the pot is that as a form of technology, boiling is far away from obvious. It transformed the possibilities of cooking with a big step up from fire alone. Recoding this whole processing as a documents and therefore appreciate how many dishes we owe to this basic form of equipment.      

A Soft Surplus and Soft Surplus+


A Soft Surplus was the first collaborative installation by Collective Springboard (Micah Snyder, Stephanie Wadman, Danny Crump, Siavash Tohidi, Todd Irwin, Barry O’Keefe and Sarah Dahlinger). Held at the School of Art+Design’s Ridges graduate studios, the handmade bouncy castle constructed from recycled and found materials imagined the possibility of an inclusive playland. The interactive art installation invited the public to jump inside the soft sculpture and explore their relationship with fun. In conjunction with Athens’ Nuit Blanche Festival, Collective Springboard bounced back with Soft Surplus+. Installed at the busy intersection by Howard park, the sculpture attracted a diverse range of jumpers from families and children to undergrad bar-goers and professional dancers. Soft Surplus+ created a venue where participants embraced their high flying spirit and bounced to...

The Use of Outdoor Lighting


I created this project because I have been thinking about changing my major to photography and integrated media. I have quite a bit of experience with photography and I know that outdoor lighting was one of the things I wanted to improve on. Therefore, I asked a couple of my friends if they would be interested in modeling for me and they said they’d love to. First, my friend Becca and I walked around campus one day and I took individual pictures of her. I chose places that would be perfect to work with outdoor lighting. We stayed on East Green and took photos on the stairs behind Lincoln Hall, on the road towards Shively and outside of Putnam. The second time I used outdoor lighting, I was with my friends Becca, Chrissy, and Barrett. We took a trip to the Ridges on a sunny day; I took them into the woods to a few spots where the sun was shining through the trees. I decided to paint...

Our Breath is What Propels Us


This past Semester in my Junior composition class as a BFA Dance student I choreographed a duet. For the project I used a sound recorder from the CREATE_space to record the music for the piece. The sounds I recorded were of myself and my dancers speaking a quote that inspired me while making the piece. The quote is “Our breath is what propels us, breath is life sustaining”. I also recorded various breathing patterns of myself and dancers. My choreography was inspired by breath and the air around us. http://www.aesthetictechnologies.org/atlab/wp-content/uploads/tdomf/11169/JuniorComp.mp3      ...

Babel II

By Ryan Davis

The working title for my most recent project is Babel II. It is the second rendition of my Babel Series project. The project addresses the discussion of post-blackness within contemporary society. In this rendition I interviewed 3 women on November 23rd at The Ridges graduate studio about issues if race and ultimately what blackness means today. The initial dialogue is formal and informative in regards to who these people are and as it progresses we learn more about the individuals opinions on the issue of race today. The objective in this is to gauge the shift in Black identity and whether or not it actually has. The project is developing into a form of its own given the nature of its relationship to the most recent events of the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. This in effect has the most dramatic shift in how my piece will be interpreted. While this piece is interactive...

Maybe That’s the Point


As part of Eric LeMay’s Creative Nonfiction Workshop, I had the privilege and challenge of creating a video essay, which is essentially an artistic multimedia project. I filmed myself walking around campus at night, added a bizarre ambient song, and inserted little blips of thought into the audio. The result is a lightly whimsical and slightly disorienting critique of consumer culture, which leaves the viewer wondering about questions like: Who is this Stevie, and why does he like cheeseburgers so much? Will Michael ever have enough stuff?  ...

Design, Materiality & Sustainability – Screen design: Material/ Fabrication/space


This class focuses on the understanding and use of materials in interior environments. It is an introduction to the essential properties of a wide range of materials and their dynamic engagement with the corporeal and non-physical qualities of space. The students will analyze spatial properties, interior systems and develop an interpretive vocabulary enabling an innovative discourse of spatial and material experiences. Students delve into how spaces, materials, human factors, social events and cultural rituals intertwine to form an enriched and informed dialogue. The class acquires the fundamental skills associated with material exploration, model-making and representing spatial ideas with study models. The course also highlights the evolving breadth of sustainable “green” building design through methods of representation, life cycle of spatial systems, research, and issues...

Culture Filter 2


My research is about the Yao people ceremonial collections in Alden Library. I am thinking it is important to let others understand the difference and similarity between the Yao and their own culture. So I made this installation and try to discuss how the culture shapes us. I think all the cultures functionally are the same. The holes on the box represent the physical forces which structure our lives. The projected images on the wall represented the Yao culture. The projected images are composed by the sacred symbols in the Yao people ceremonial collections. The viewers which are my classmates they could learn the ideas through discussing this work.        

Experimental Sound and Dance Composition


There is much to be explored in the relationship between dance and sound. For this project I employed the layering of washing machine recordings in order to create a duet, capturing the relationship between humans and the machines that surround us. This piece was performed as a work in progress in the Ohio University Division of Dance compositional lab.  


By Elizabeth Boch

In my installation, I was interested in borrowing an aspect of the body. However, rather than giving it life as a part of the body, I sought to personify the wall by plastering the piece onto it. It acts as a blemish on the wall, behind which a private discussion festers. It speaks to the viewer in inaudible whispers, white noises, and other sounds which are muffled plagiarisms of a potential discussion on the other side. I hope that the viewer would be enticed by the audio streaming through the central mouth, enough to approach it out of curiosity. The wall is a barrier for the viewer of this piece, and the mouth acts as a tool to transcend it. It is my intention that through the repeating audio, the loud clang part way through startles the listener similarly to how unpleasant gossip and devastating news might shock and distress them through eavesdropping. The wall, in this case, acts...



‘Afterlife’ is a floor piece consisting of two 7’x4′ ft. low-relief sculptural works that lie side-by-side in a diagonal formation on the gallery floor. One panel consists of a collection of cast plaster and white cement organic leaf forms that resemble bleached bones or perhaps seashells. The companion panel is made of a collage of large and small images, translucent vellum, and paper pressed beneath several pieces of half-inch thick, tempered glass. Around the edges of the glass, scrolls of vellum depicting gestural painted images curl around the edges of the glass. The images visible beneath the glass include several 2″ inch vintage portraits of a 1950s American woman, large photographic inkjet prints of rural landscapes, and various non-representational drawings, monotypes, and paintings on plastic vellum. The work is a mysterious visual discussion...

Achromotrichia Pt. 2

By Tina Vu

Achromotrichia, the loss of pigmentation, results in grey hairs. Fingers look through a thick forest of dark hairs, finding and plucking strands of grey hair. These recordings play with an accompanying soundtrack of a female singing a bittersweet Vietnamese song about being twenty. She sounds like she is singing alone in a small room as I try to contain how I feel about change in my artwork. The video can stand alone as a piece, but an artwork responding to the video is currently under development. At the moment, I am working with images of the hair that was plucked and kept....

The Egg


The Egg is an installation I created to alter Ohio University’s studio spaces. As art students we have a very chaotic and creative studio space to work in, but the creative process also calls for a time of reflection. Unfortunately, we do not have a space to go to be by ourselves and clear our heads. The Egg gives easy accesses to any art student in a studio classroom to get away from the noise and chaos that each room creates. The process of creating the Egg took two weeks. I first started to work on the chair. I rounded off the sides of a piece of plywood and attached a shell of chicken wire that resembles the egg shape. I then went through a long processes of paper maching. Once I got through the structure of the chair the rest of the process was pretty simple. I finished the chair by adding four swivel wheels, sewing a cushion, painting the inside blue, and the outside white. I...

Thesis: Camp Out!


My work primarily looks at queer identity and personal identity and their connection to a rural or blue collar setting. For my thesis I am looking at different manifestations of queer performance, from the mundane, to the campy, and to the private. It is all set around the idea of a wooded area and summer camp. For this section of the installation I am creating video pieces as the persona of the Queer. This persona/creature is constructed faux folk legend that personifies many of the campier or effeminate mannerism stereotypical attributed to gay men. The work is hoping to show how all levels of performance are a coping and survival method that are born from natural tendencies and the culture we live in.      

Destination: Hungary!


This past summer I had the pleasure to participate at the Crescendo Summer Institute in Tokaj, Hungary. The Crescendo Summer Institute was a two-week master-course summer program from July 28 – August 11, 2014 where musicians from across the globe were offered private opera scenes and concert performances, lessons, coachings, and courses in acting, dance, diction, and sacred song. Before I was able to attend I held a benefit voice recital to raise travel funds. Create_Space helped me to stream my recital live so that patrons outside of Athens would be able to see the recital.  

Creative Relationship Series


My goal of this series is to order the 8 images so that they may tell a story. But when the order is changed it may tell a different story using the same characters. This series depicts a relationship between a man and women at the point when their relationship takes a turn for the worse. The images can be reordered to change the story for better or worse. With eight individual images, multiple story lines may unfold. This was without a doubt the most difficult project I have ever completed. Being in charge of not only the conceptual aspect but the technical execution as well became a logistical nightmare for a two-week project. But I was very passionate about this project as it is the largest scale production I have ever directed. One valuable lesson that I learned from this project is that if I want to organize a large scale production like this again I will either need a team of at...

Do You Know How It Feels To Be Human?


This piece explores the physical aspect of humanity and how it feels to live inside and as a human body. The video is meant to regard the body as an object to be experienced, both from an internal and an external perspective. It shows closeup views of myself performing bodily tasks such as swallowing, breathing, or squeezing my skin and is meant to call attention to each component of the body and how it functions as a piece of the whole, as well as how it is experienced by the individual to which it belongs. This piece was inspired by the numbness that one can fall into in today’s world. It is meant to be a reminder that we still exist as physical beings despite the disconnect that comes with technology and thought based society. It is my hope that in watching the video, viewers are brought to an awareness of their own physical self. The video was filmed in November 2014 in a...

Hardworking Hackers: Social Storm 4

By Kate Clausen

The CREATE_space was proud to host this year’s Social Storm Global Hackathon on November 21st & 22nd, coordinated & presented regionally by Ohio University’s Center for Entrepreneurship. International University teams were tasked with a social problem and given 24 hours to create a worthwhile solution. With six participants and four mentors, OU’s team put blood, sweat, and tears into creating a worthwhile solution to this high intensity project surrounding early access education. Competing with teams across the world, our students were described as “heroic” in their efforts. Working into the early morning, this team designed and produced a video, business canvas, and research deliverables within this very short time-span. As we await the results, we can commend these students for their hard work and dedication to this event that connects students across the...

What May Come From Observation


I am currently documenting my body of work entitled: What May Come From Observation. This work explores birds’ nest as a subject within an emblematic sense, but upon investigation yields a poetic language in rhythmic harmony to humans and the objects we adorn and occupy. I am fascinated by how forms in nature occur and interrelate with the human experience. I believe the lack of unmediated experiences with the natural environment is the cause for much of the world’s psychological, social, and environmental ills. My desire is to bring back the lost connection with nature and the environment by mixing and merging the co-existences that parallel between the wonders of the wild and humanistic tendencies. Through this I reconsider with wonderment the value of finding interest in the ordinary things of nature, the value of rediscovery, and the contemplation of possibilities that could...

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