Aesthetic Technologies

A center for interdisciplinary research and collaboration at the frontiers of art practice.

What is The CREATE_space?

The CREATE_space is engaged in the work of defining a new discipline. We join like-minded facilities that are unbound by classic disciplinary constructs and are rooted in the culture of creative practice. Our work values the ways in which cross-disciplinary practice strengthens, and specialized knowledge broadens the foundation of a collaborative team and can lead to brilliant invention and innovation.  The CREATE_space is where artists and scholars meet to migrate ideas from concept to pedagogy, project, process, or product, and to transform the expected into the innovative. It is a diversely-equipped facility where artists and others find assistance, community and access to unique tools in order to experiment, create, examine, refine, and share works to impact new audiences, colleagues and culture. The CREATE_space is among a community of university facilities related by a working process in clarifying and defining an emerging discipline where creative practice, technology, and collaboration converge to reveal a nexus for new forms of expression, new modes of production and new ways to impact our audiences, both locally and globally.


The Mission

The mission of the CREATE_space is to provide the tools and resources to promote creative inquiry at the intersection of technology development and fine arts practice. To this end, our focus is to support processes, and projects that integrate high-end and low-end technologies, as an integral component in the art-making process, as well as those that include cross-disciplinary collaboration and experimentation. Our goal is to develop and nourish a center of local, regional and international prominence both in its intellectual and its artistic/aesthetic contributions. The CREATE_space at Ohio University is committed to supporting processes projects in which technology is used to serve artistic merit.

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