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The resource for creative research exploring Arts, technology, and entrepreneurship.

The CREATE_space is an interdisciplinary resource for Ohio University students, faculty and staff, for creative research exploring Arts, technology, and entrepreneurship. The space is offered to student entrepreneurs, honor tutorial college students, graduates, doctoral students, faculty and staff, providing various resources, including consultations, training, select services, and equipment.

Our goal is to encourage and support a center of diverse artistic process and products, with an emphasis on the contemporary and collaborative. Processes and projects which explore our cores [Arts, technology, & entrepreneurship] as an integral component in the creative research process, create a transformation of the expected into the exceptional. Participation embracing interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary collaboration and experimentation push the bounds of tradition, and move culture forward. Come participate.

Creative Engagement, Critical Discourse, & Contemporary Experimentation

Tools of technology allow for new creative opportunities, connections, collaborations and discoveries. The CREATE_space is committed to enabling artists as they explore these new tools and advance their own works through this engagement. The role of technology in the arts poses new critical considerations related to power hierarchies, politics and economics. The CREATE_space is committed to advancing discourses that recognize the ways in which new forms impact both audiences and makers. We strive to be a center for both creative activity as well as a resource for responsible analysis related to practice and presentation.

We provide an environment where creatives should feel free to participate, be provocative, ask questions, reflect, grow, succeed or fail. The space is a place where the creative spirit is celebrated and encouraged and where learning happens in the active process of making work. Creativity is entrepreneurial by nature and is not constrained by tradition or discipline, but rather informed by it, so that entrepreneurship is an exploration of ideas, put to practice and tested across disciplinary domains. We strive to keep cumbersome procedures to a minimum, and let you focus on whats important: Your creative research.

Facilities are made available for access after hours for patrons upon request, and those whom have scheduled space for academic classes or special events. Access beyond normal hours are limited to entry before 10pm; Putnam Hall doors are locked at 10pm -no acceptation. Unless otherwise scheduled, Summer Hours are TBD. Contact the Operations Coordinator, or refer to facilities schedules. Undergraduate students must be endorsed by familiar CREATE_space instructors, faculty, or administration for access.

Aaron Butler

Aaron Butler

Julian Stapleton

Julian Stapleton

Andre Bell

Andre Bell


The CREATE_space is supported by, and has strong participation from, the College of Fine Arts, its faculty and student body. An official Advisory-Board, representing all schools within the College, has been established to act as the voting body for project proposals, and as shared visionaries for building a center of excellence and innovation. The charge of the board to the CREATE_space to ground this new facility theoretically, conceptually, and artistically, and in doing so,  provide a model for the ways in which artistic method and process are intellectually vital across all disciplines of the university. As such, the panel is charged:

Our History

The CREATE_space has a rich history spanning from conception in 2002, to founding in 2004, and its continued transformation in 2010, and 2013. We have graduated hundreds of MFAs, engaged with numerous national and international artists, and inspired countless others. Learn more about our history.

Contact Us:

Weekdays, regular hours (9am – 5pm), by phone at (740) 593-0695 or by email at nathaniel@finearts.ohio.edu

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