Meadow Bridge


Meadow Bridge is a small town located in Fayette County, West Virginia. A population of 379 was recorded for the 2010 census. At the heart of this small town is Meadow Bridge High School. Because of the small population that continues to decrease, the threat of consolidation constantly looms over the school. If consolidation were to transpire the school would not be the only loss…the small town would go with it. On June 13th, 2015 Fayette County will vote on a bond that will decide the fate of the school and in doing so, the fate of the town. This short film documents the struggle of a community that is fighting to keep their children, students, friends, etc. in their local school. The debates are heated as opponents and proponents to the bond battle out opinions on social media, community meetings, and political stages. With this short documentary I hope to capture the commitment of a small town that fights for what they believe in. What does it mean to be a small town school? What is the role of community for a small town school? The questions are explored as I interview students, teachers, community members and capture footage of how the town functions in relation to the school. This relation is seen as church members makes hundreds of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for students that have after school practice for extracurricular activities. Capturing these intimate moments will weave into the interviews as a portrait of small town life on the brink of consolidation and closure.      ...

Hints of Her


Hints of Her is a short film that looks into the life of a widower that lost his wife during the birth of their first child. On the brink of his 3rd birthday, Derek’s son has started to ask the question “where is mommy?”. Derek is pressured by his wife’s parents, friends and family in how to handle the sensitive situation. Derek and his son have a strong bond. This bond is structured through father/son interactions of learning and play while Derek deals with situations that arise such as which preschool and the decision to date. This film sets out to explore the emotions of becoming a father and widower in the same day. Can a birthday be a celebration when it is the anniversary of a death? Exploring the life of a single father is complicated in the reliance Derek has on his wife’s family for financial and emotional support. By complicating the notion of a father/son relationship with the loss of the mother, Hints of Her seeks to wander with Derek as he cautiously attempts to explain the memories of his wife to his son.      ...

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