Strictly Casual


I’m John Kerfoot, 2nd year MFA in film, and I was Director of Photography for Josh Hanesack’s short film “Strictly Casual.” For me, the film is kind of an anti-romantic comedy. It’s a junior May/December romance that lasts all of a couple of days. A couple that in the moment get to know each other over a weekend, but years down the line will be living happily/unhappily ever after with somebody else. This is not a love story or a bitter-about-love story; this is strictly casual. The film was shot over 3 days during Spring Break. Mostly indoors in a duplex but also on the go around Athens. Josh has been influenced by the Mumblecore style – low-budget but naturalistic in production value and style. Hey, we’re student filmmakers damn it, why pretend it’s not low-budget?! But we also want it to look nice. Not pretty, but nice. And even have a...

The History of Football: An Odyssey


“The History of Football: An Odyssey” is one man’s journey to find the roots of the game he loves so very much. Written and created by Media Student/Stand-up Comedian Michael Robenalt and produced and directed by myself (Film student Luke Porst), The History of Football is a five part web series. The series is something of a parody of the “Cosmos” programs of Carl Sagan and Neil deGrasse Tyson, but of course, it’s about football rather than the universe. This series is at its roots a parody, a genre that hasn’t had the audience that it used to. By bringing it to a shorter form and made for the web, we hope to find a way to bring this genre to a new audience.      

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