Strictly Casual


I’m John Kerfoot, 2nd year MFA in film, and I was Director of Photography for Josh Hanesack’s short film “Strictly Casual.” For me, the film is kind of an anti-romantic comedy. It’s a junior May/December romance that lasts all of a couple of days. A couple that in the moment get to know each other over a weekend, but years down the line will be living happily/unhappily ever after with somebody else. This is not a love story or a bitter-about-love story; this is strictly casual. The film was shot over 3 days during Spring Break. Mostly indoors in a duplex but also on the go around Athens. Josh has been influenced by the Mumblecore style – low-budget but naturalistic in production value and style. Hey, we’re student filmmakers damn it, why pretend it’s not low-budget?! But we also want it to look nice. Not pretty, but nice. And even have a couple rare stylized moments. This story is not glossy, pretty and stylish. It wants to be at times, but it’s just not. The look should match that. The film was shot with my Sony FS7, the newest camera from Sony that has a Super 35 sized sensor and is also made for the documentary style shooter. It shoots 4k, the look is yummy, and it does high-frame rate shooting (smooth slow mo)…but also it’s made for quick, run & gun style. I have to say – I get off on shooting high frame rate video. Got to do this a few times for those rare moments of style. Looks coolio. The camera has the ability to use various lenses (with the metabones adapter for canon lenses that was kindly thrown in when purchased). This allowed us to use some nice Canon Zeiss lenses, and my main man Nate from the At-Lab hooked us up with 35mm and 50mm primes. Great in low light, with some good bokeh. A couple stills have been included. One, in the kitchen and another with the actor in bed. Both were lit with daylight balanced LED’s by lighting stud Kyle Kruse. Quick and easy, and natural looking. Dig it. The rest of the crew that Josh assembled were stellar: Vinay Choudary, Sam Stewart, Natalie Hulla, Luke Porst. Overall, the film shoot went quite well. I’m looking forward to what Josh puts together. And, a thank you to the CREATE_space¬†for lenses. I know I will be hitting them up in the future because there is a lot of great equipment over there that can do amazing things. Oh, and yeah, it’s free. Dig it.  ...

The History of Football: An Odyssey


“The History of Football: An Odyssey” is one man’s journey to find the roots of the game he loves so very much. Written and created by Media Student/Stand-up Comedian Michael Robenalt and produced and directed by myself (Film student Luke Porst), The History of Football is a five part web series. The series is something of a parody of the “Cosmos” programs of Carl Sagan and Neil deGrasse Tyson, but of course, it’s about football rather than the universe. This series is at its roots a parody, a genre that hasn’t had the audience that it used to. By bringing it to a shorter form and made for the web, we hope to find a way to bring this genre to a new audience.      

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