Global Leadership


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I had planned on shooting two interviews as well as practicing a form of slow motion shooting in 60fps. I had to return the camera I received, which was a Cannon 5D mark II, and I replaced it with a black magic pocket camera. Unfortunately the black magic pocket camera does not shoot in 60fps so I will have to wait to perform that project. I had set up my interview at the Global Leadership Center with just a shotgun mic and a camera to perform a simple interview and the two interviewees never showed. Both of my projects fell through this week, but I didn’t want to have the equipment I reserved sitting around so I thought of a quick project I could work on to better my editing skills. The black magic and black magic pocket shoot desaturated. I took a couple quick shots of simple scenes and threw them into post to mess around with shots that are desaturated. I haven’t be able to finalize all of them but I posted the original and an edited version of some shots below. I realized how important lighting is when it comes to shooting with a black magic pocket. It can add much more to help whatever the main focus was pop. It also helps with the quality of shot when editing in post. For this shoot I did not have any lighting, however I have been on a shoot when lights were involved and it made all the difference.

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