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This performance calls attention to gender inequalities. I am advocating the right for women to choose to be topless and still be seen in a non-sexual way, without fear of detainment or judgment, and given the same rights and respect as men. In preparation for this social experiment, I spoke with an attorney about state law, and the Associate Director, Office of Student Conduct, who had to speak with a hierarchy of faculty to ensure I was not violating the school code. I executed the performance for nearly two hours on South Green on a nice April day when I knew there would be lots of people out, especially topless males, as there usually are. I tried to act the same as I would have been if I was not topless, to show that female toplessness should be seen no differently than male. At first, I felt scared of what people would say or think, but after I started, I felt confident and happy to be the person to spread this message. Some people thought I was breaking the law, but this made performance an educating experience for others. That was the biggest success.  After the day was over, I looked on twitter to find many tweets about me, not in a mean way, but more just telling. People were confused and intrigued, but it was clear that I had them thinking, which was my main goal. 


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