Last Call


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As a third-year Film MFA here at Ohio University, I knew that my thesis project had to be something I was extremely passionate about. In a way, it’s sort of my last chance to make a film on the cheap, so finding the right story and the right production elements proved crucial.

As my team and I entered production, I found a great pleasure in knowing that we were about to tell a fairly universal story about acceptance and forgiveness but with a more current spin.

The story follows a young high-school counselor named Olivia Allen as she tracks down her traveling jazz musician father. Her mother succumbs to a long battle with lung cancer, and, feeling adrift, Olivia sets out to reintroduce herself to her father. The last time they saw each other, Olivia was five-years old–and a boy.

While I myself cannot identify as transgender, I do identify with the LGBTQ community, so this story felt right at home for me. And as I move into scheduling my pick-ups for the final shooting, I’m filled with a sense of creative satisfaction that I haven’t felt in a very long time.

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