By Elizabeth Held

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This was my first time using film in a commercial sense. The majority of my experience is in photography and documentary style short videos. In this piece, I worked in a studio, used lighting set ups, and directed a model. These things were very new to me.

I wanted to do something that challenged my skill level. Never focusing on commercial before, I decided I wanted to simulate a fragrance commercial. I created a brand and character and wanted something high energy. The idea of breaking the cologne bottle and mirroring that with a model violently jumping and editing techniques came to me pretty quickly. It seemed doable as well as providing unknown territory which was an appealing mix.

I shot with my personal Nikon D800 with my 24mm-70mm and 70mm-200mm lenses. The light for the majority of the film is a single Broncolor LED. During the sequences with the model on seamless paper, two harsh studio lights were being used. I edited the entire thing in Final Cut Pro X in the Create_Space. I used transitions and effects to my advantage and ended up with the final product.

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