Documentary Interview


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Using the Elation TV2000 LED lights in conjunction with a 4″ Bank KinoFlo and Desiti HMI fresnel pepper our crew set up for a single interview at a business conference center in Pittsburgh. For our backdrop we utilized a window which overlooked an expansive lobby displaying the curvature of the building’s unique architecture and its use of natural light. We eliminated reflections in the glass behind our interviewee by implementing flags and duvetyne. By setting our focal length and aperture to achieve a certain DoF we were able to get the background where it retained its architectural definition, but soft enough so it did not detract from the interview. We shot on a Red Epic in full 5k resolution and framed wide for the interview knowing that we would be able to scale up in post for close ups.  Using the Red freeware RedCineX Pro I did initial color grading and transcoded to ProRes 1080p for FCP workflow..

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