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Over the past two weekends, I directed the short film “Anna”. The film follows Greg, an older brother who is trying to help his younger sister through her ongoing depression. With a crew of graduate students with varying ages and nationalities, we shot 16 pages in four and half days. Actors cast in the film came from as far as Logan, OH, and others from the Ohio University Theatre Department and Athens High School.

We shot the film on the 5D Mark II using the 24-105mm, 70-300mm, and 21mm lenses, and sound recording was done with the Sennhieser 8070. The 2000W generator was also utilized for our exterior night shoot. Extensive shot listing and pre-production was done for this project. Producer Vince O’Connel and Director of Photography Jorge Samson Blaires utilized the equipment from Create_Space to help me reach the desired look for the film.

The final cut of the film will be screened at the Athena Cinema on Court St. at the School of Film’s Second Year Screening in October.

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