Kathy Guest Interview

By Laura Dobrota

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Kathy Guest has exhibited her work including solo, group, and national exhibitions in Athens, Nelsonville, and Columbus Ohio, Nashville, TN, Poland, France, South Korea, Bulgaria, and Italy. Kathy is an artist who works with paper, creating dimensional works in large and small format. Kathy writes on the many possibilities of paper for expression – “it is translucent or opaque, soft or stiff, rough or smooth and more! It is always malleable. It can be embossed, pleated, rolled, shredded, ruffled or otherwise manipulated. Printmaking was my first love as an artist. Through my experiences with linoleum embossing and deep intaglio plates, I developed a great appreciation for texture. I love paper and the
possibilities it holds for expression. In addition to surface texture I appreciate the spatial possibilities of paper. My Innocence Series came arose after I did a life cast of my then 7 year old granddaughter’s face. Whenever I see that face I am flooded with emotions and have enjoyed incorporating it into my work.” http://www.kathyguestpaperworks.com

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