3D Taxidermy Teeth Exploration


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I view this project as being largely incomplete, this is just the vaguest of beginnings… to start I was thinking about taxidermy and its paraphernalia as being related to the commodity art object. I wished to further explore this idea by taking a product or implement of taxidermy and more closely relating it to a commodity object. I began to think specifically about taxidermy teeth, relating them aesthetically to a bear trap in mousetrap scale, which I believe is an interesting play on the power dynamics that can exist in certain objects due to scale, or quantity. So the final project will reflect these commodity objects use values in an installation piece that will also play with ideas on power. I plan on continuing to use the 3D printer to produce taxidermy teeth, which I will then use in combination with other mass production processes such as ceramic molds and casting processes to create the finalized installation.

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