By Ian Campbell

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This series is part of my ongoing investigation of photographic abstraction. The impetus for this project occurred while I was scanning a bunch of negatives I had shot with a cheap plastic “Instamatic” camera. At the end of each roll of Instamatic 110 film there is a registration hole—a circular punch that serves some function (don’t ask me what) in the development process. The flatbed scanner translates this puncture into a perfectly black circle. This striking formal element contrasts the amorphous, psychedelic color fields created by accidents of light and chemistry on these remnants of film. I chose to treat these “non-images” as found objects of a sort. They certainly resemble something astronomical or cosmological: black holes or black planets, telescopic or microscopic views. These mundane relics may have sublime aspirations which belie their humble origins.

The entire series can be seen here:

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