Swimming In The Shallows


Swimming In The Shallows is the most recent production staged by Ohio University’s Division of Theater. This script focuses on love and relationship dynamics in the modern world. A focal point of the production was the use of Projections for many scenes. In the context of the play love even exists between a man and a mako shark. Several scenes take place in an aquarium, which is where the kindling of love between man and shark begins. As the Projection Designer and Director of Photography my biggest challenge was conveying the Aquarium and The Shark character in a realistic way. Using Create Space’s GoPro Hero 3 I was able to capture the footage I needed to convey The Shark (played by actor Alex Nicosia) who is both on screen and on stage. Filming took place in a rock quarry located in Circleville, OH. I chose to film here because the murkiness and visibility of the water...

Enactus OU

By Heather N. Gruda

Announcement: Enactus|OU is a team of students who are dedicated to improving the lives of local and international individuals and communities through social entrepreneurship and innovation. Every year, over 2,000 university Enactus teams from 39 countries gather to compete in the Enactus World Cup Competition. Projects led by these teams are presented to CEOs and senior executives of leading multinational companies; judging is determined on metrics of social impact. These executives utilize this competition to hire members of successful Enactus teams. Anyone affiliated with Ohio University can join in some capacity or another! Some of our current projects include emergency food management, aerospace engineering, financial management, and international foreign aid. We also are continuously pushing new projects through the pipeline and welcome anyone with a project idea. Enactus|OU is...

GoPro and Water Usage

By Elizabeth Held

I am a senior photojournalism student currently in my Capstone course. The current assignment of the class has been a team project focusing on water issues in the Southeast Ohio/Appalachia area. My teams focus has been industrial usage of water and the affects water transportation of minerals such as coal have on the Ohio river, and the connecting water sheds. With visuals in mind, we instantly wanted some way of getting under water. Since it is a piece about water, that perspective of being submerged feels critical to the story. This assignment was my first time using a GoPro is any situation let along underwater usage. The main scene of the story is following an OU biology class that does research by collecting fish in local water sheds around Athens. So my team and I followed the class out to Shade, Ohio, put the GoPro in its waterproof casing, stuck it on the end of a monopod, and...

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