Art of Bicycle Maintenance


Art of Bicycle Maintenance is a short poetic documentary film that follows a road bicycle on a journey from storage to a bike shop where a full time bike mechanic works on it. The Mechanics relationship with the bike is one of love, compassion, and care. A Bicycle wants to be on the road and on the trail. Without bicycle maintenance a bikes dream of the trail would not be possible. The sounds of a bike shop are not those of a mechanical factory producing for the means to an end, but that of treating a bicycle as an end in itself. Grease squeaking, wheels turning, wrenches cranking are not individual sounds, they are part of the symphony that is the Art of Bicycle Maintenance.

Fun with A Light Field Camera


I recently heard about Light Field technology and being able to manipulate the depth of field in post. I saw that Create Space has the Lytro, so I rented it to play around with how it registers depth. In the photos attached, I set the shutter to 8 seconds, triggered a flash unit, repositioned and triggered it again. And even though the finished product is a composite of two distinct images, the depth of field manipulation still worked. I’m excited by all the possibilities for future photo projects this offers!

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