Witness (dwelling)

By Mateo Galvano

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Conceptually occupied with a sustained inquiry into issues of absence, damage, translation and memory, I embrace a range of modalities in my practice.

The Winding Sheet is a photographic sculptural installation that continues to develop through various iterations, effected by the circumstances of the space in which it is installed. Pictured here, it is part of the Ohio Border Biennial, OH+5, which opens October 4th and runs through November 26th, 2013 at The Dairy Barn Arts Center in Athens, Ohio. The work is composed of multiple series of digital photographic prints that are draped over or pinned to sheets of silk, vellum, and other surfaces, employed in the creation of membranous barriers that serve to alternately display and conceal the images.

With the generous guidance of Nathan Berger, I have used the printing services at the Create_Space to produce the abundance of large digital photographic prints for this piece.

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