Rotten Apples

By James McGee-Moore

Hi! James here. Let’s start off with a little background on me so you can understand my project. I’m a fifth year, which means I was a senior last year and got de-railed by the change to semesters. I’m a sculpture major and I’m gearing up for my thesis exhibition at the end of next semester (it’s a big deal art show I have to finish to graduate). I’m supposed to be making art that develops my “Body” of work, which just means I need to stop floating around and start making works that all fall under a unified idea or theme. I’ve defined myself as a video artist (you may be thinking “Video’s not sculpture” and who knows, you may be right, but we’re all crazy and jumbled up over here in art world, so sculpture is where I ended up) and I tend to make feminist themed works about personal and human issues. Since...

Film One: Trisha


I’m a first year MFA and currently in pre-production for my first short film project – a psychological horror about a traumatized young woman. I’m currently in the process of creating a photo board i.e. a series of still images that map the shot list of my upcoming short film project. The project will be shot on location at the Adena Bike Pathway on 16 mm black and white reversal stock. I used the Panasonic Lumix to create a photo board i.e. a series of still images that map my shot list. The graffiti in this photograph is a key image in my film.  

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